Middle Grove Directory 1883-84


Missouri State Gazetteer and Business Directory of 1883-84

A village in Union township, Monroe  County, 18 miles southwestern of Paris, the County seat, 10 east of Moberly, its most convenient shipping point and 5 miles south of Evansville on the K.&T. division M.P. railway.  Shipments of cattle, hogs, corn & tobacco.  Land average $10 to $25 per acre.  Pop 350. Mail tri-weekly.

John V. Eustace               Postmaster

Ball, Robert                    Painter

Bassett, Martin                Groc.

Eustace, John V.               Justice of Peace

Forrest, I.F.                     Physician

Hull, S.T.                         Blacksmith

Hunter, Mrs.                     Hotel Propr.

McNutt, John                    Physician

Magee, John W.                Physician

Nave, S.L.                       Notary Public

Nave & Stephens              Drugs & Groc.

Philpot, H.                      Plasterer

Quisenberry, J.B.              Physician

Quisenberry, R.X.              Carpenter

Snell, Mamie                     Millinery

Stephens & Noll                 Dry Goods

Swinney, J.H.                     Drugs & Groc.

Thompson, John                 Carpenter

Van Arsdale, W.C.             Wagon Maker

Evansville, Formerly called Mill Grove, stage to Middle Grove 4 miles south.  Tri-weekly fare 25˘. Pop. 20.


J. M. Peoples                       Postmaster

Beardsley & Ramsdell            Drugs

Hill, J. A.                             Coalminer 

Middle Grove was a “real little town” in those days.  Most of the people were “well-to-do” and every business in the town thrived.  Aunt Jennie confessed.  “In fact, the very bread and butter that I’m living (on) now was made in our Middle Grove store.”  But business graduates deserted the little town when the railroad and railroad shops (in) Moberly drew the business.  They retired in Moberly a short time before her husband died.  (Excerpt from the History of Monroe County Families (Aunt Jennie was (Temple) Stephens wife).