Middle Grove Directory 1860

Missouri State Gazetteer and Business Directory of 1860 

A post village of Monroe County, on the Elk Fork of Salt River, 150 miles from St. Louis, 75 miles from Jefferson City and 18 miles from Paris, the county seat.  The town was first settled by John C. Milligan and Jacob Whittenburg. 

The chief productions are wheat, corn, oats, rye and tobacco.  The Country abounds in plenty of good timber, such as oak, walnut, hickory, ash, and elm.  The average price of uncultivated land is $10.00 per acre, of cultivated $15.00 per acre.  It contains 3 blacksmiths, 2 shoemakers, 1 butcher, 1 cabinet maker, 1 carding machine, 2 carpenters & builders, 1 carriage & wagon maker, 1 cooper, 1 druggist, 1 saddler, 1 hotel, 1 saw & grist mill, 2 physicians, 1 tailor, 1 cigar dealer, 1 Masonic lodge (Middle Grove #42), 2 churches 1 Christian & 1 Cumberland Presbyterian and 1 Seminary.  Population 300. 


Board of Trustees John E. Victor, J.D. Lipscomb, John McNutt, Wm. H. Noel, T.M. Brown.

Constables George Redings, James Ownly.

Assessor John R. Branham.

Treasurer Wm. Rowman.

Justices of the Peace Wm. R. Stephens, Wm. Bowman, Thos. B. Raglan, John M. Brooks. 

Profession, Trades & Etc. 

ARNOLD Jos. Planter
ASMUTH Fred Cabinet Maker
BAGLON T.B. Planter
BALL Wm. Planter
BARRUS P.M. Planter
BASSETT G.H. Planter
BEATBY Joseph Stock Dealer
BERRY Rev. A. James School Teacher, Christian Pastor
BOWMAN Wm. Justice of the Peace
BOWMAN & BRANHAM   General Store
BROOKS M. John Justice of the Peace
BROWN F.M. Harness & Saddler
COOK G.L. Boot & Shoe Mtg.
COOK O. Jas. Tailor
DAVIS Frank Planter
DAVIS John Planter
DENT Baley Planter
DISERT Rev. James Presbyterian Pastor
EMBRU M.J. Planter
ENGLE Jacob Planter
GIDDING B. Wm. Planter
GIVENS Wm. Planter
HALL S.T. & Bros. Blacksmith
HAWS W.W. Carpenter & Builder
HARIS O.M. Stock Dealer
HULEN N.C. Planter
HALL Thos. F. Butcher
HERSMAN G.S. Planter
HUNTER J.J. Planter
LIPSCOMB & SCOTT   Blacksmith
MCNUTT John Phys & Surgeon
MCNUTT & MCGEE   Druggists
MCCAINE J.D. Stock Dealer
MAXWELL John Steam Saw & Grist Mill
MCGEE John Phys & Surgeon
NOEL Joel Proprietor M.G. Hotel
ORMBY P.S. Planter
OWNLY James Constable
OAK Wm. Carding Machine
PORTER B. Planter
RAGLON B. Ths. Justice of the Peace
REDINGS Geo Carpenter
RILEY Wm. Planter
RILEY Briant Planter
SEDELL S. Boot & Shoe Mfg.
STEPHENS Thos. N. Planter
SHAFER P. Planter
SNELL John A. Planter
STEWART John Planter
SWINNEY F. Planter
SWARTZ P. Planter
SWINNEY H. Postmaster
STEPHENS Wm. R. Justice of the Peace
SETTLE E.M. Planter
SNELL Willis Planter
THOMAS & EVAN   Planter
TUCKER E.T. & Co. Gen. Store
VANARSDAL Wm. C. Wagon Maker
VICTOR John E. Shipper of Tobacco
WOLFE H. Planter
WRIGHT John Planter
WRIGHT Samuel Planter