Landmarks of Monroe County  


The Mexico Covered Bridge

The Mexico covered was constructed in 1858-1859 at the cost of $4,000. This bridge was located three and one half miles southeast of Paris across Elk Fork of Salt River. The Mexico bridge was reached by a winding gravel road going of Highway 154 east of Paris. The bridge was built of native lumber. William T. Coppadge was the bridge commissioner.

Later the bridge was a part of County Highway System until July 9, 1967, when the flood waters of Elk Fork of Salt River carried the bridge down stream.

There was one fond recollection of the old bridge expressed in the Monroe County Appeal, May 5, 1922.

Jim Morehead near Oak Ridge, recalls that on the first day of May 1865, a neighborhood gathering was held at the bridge, the same structure that is still in use. The floor was swept and utilized by the young folks for all sorts of games. Late in the afternoon the man who carried the mail between Paris and Mexico came along. Two saddle bags held the entire bunch of letters and papers. The mail man traveled on horseback, coming over the bridge one day and going back the next.

 Graphics courtesy of Rhiossampler