Letters of Administration  


Monroe County, Missouri, Letters Of Administrations Book A, 1832-1839. 

(1)        Benjamin Mathershead, dec.: (E) Lucy Mathershead, wife. Property includes land located on Cole Co., Mo. (WD) January 21, 1832, (P) November 5, 1832, (w)        William H. Proctor, Richard D. Powers, and Presley Wilkerson.

(2)        William Adams, dec.: Died intestate. (PR) Jerry Jackson, (5) Charles S. Clay and Stephen Hightower, (RD) December 1, 1832.

(3)        Indenture dated November 8, 1832 for William R. Humphries by and between the County Judges and John Carloton.

(4)        James Dryden, dec.: (PR) Robert Donaldson,(S) Caleb Ward and Gabriel Jones, (RD) September 2, 1833, Heirs are wife, America Dryden and his children, Margaret Jane Dryden and William Jefferson Dryden.

(5)        Milford Moberly, dec.: (5) Robert Donaldson and Vincent Yates, (PR) Joab Moberly, (RD) Septemer 23, 1833.

(6)        Benjamin Young: (S) William Bybee, (PR) Mary Young and Renry Kinote, (RD) November 5, 1833.

(7)        William Horn (will): (E) Polly Horn, wife, (W) John W. Boven, Samuel Brown, and Payton N, Mahan, (WD) October 8, 1833, (ED) November 7, 1833.

(8)        Joseph J. Summer, dec.; Died intestate. (PR) Levi F. Hall, (s) Thomas Pogue and Richard Cave, (RD) August 9, 1834. 

(9)    John R. Price, of Fayette County, Kentucky: Will. (B) Andrew F. Price, (B) Robert Price, (w) Thomas B. Allen and R. Higgins. Heirs are his children, Andrew F. Price, of LexingtoD, Kentucky; Robert Price, America Price and his brother Andrew P. Price. (No date on listing on page 17)

(10) John R. price, dec.: (PR) Samuel Crow, (S) Marshel Kelly, Joseph Hagan, Edmund Shropshire,Wesley Hill, George White and James C. Fox,(RD) December 2, 1833. (See Listing Number 9, page 18 in Book A)

(11) John McKamey: Will. Nov age 65 y. (W) P. Williams, G. M. Bower, and W. K. Vanasadall, (B) James H. Smith and William K. Vanasadall, (ED) December 3, 1833, (WD) August 1, 1833, Heirs are his wife, Margaret McKamey, and children David, Thomas, Robert, James, Joseph, Nancy Recumbaugh, Elizabeth (wife of William Runkle), Rosannah Smith, and Mary.

(12) Bartholamew Grogan, dec.: Died leaving four children, William, Nelson, Lucinda and Narcissa Grogan. Report given by Nelson Grogan. (ED) December 6, 1833.

(13)        Charles Buckner: Will. (WD) March 7, 1834, (W) John W. Mason, Samuel Bryan, Marshall Kelly, and Frances T. Buckner, (RU) May 9, 1834, Heirs are wife (no name given), daughter Mary Mildred Powers, and his brother George M. Buckner.

(14)        William Keenan, dec.: (PR) John L. Grisby, (S)James M. White and George W. White, (ED) August 9, 1834.

(15) Samuel Harrison, dec.: (S) John Hoard and David M. Magor. (Rn) August 15, 1834. Gabriel Jones is applies for letters of Admn.

(16)        Solomon Tanner: (ADM) John Kippers, (ED) August 25, 1834, (F) Reuben Tanner.

(17)        Thomas Threlkild, dec.: (E) Permelia Threlkild and Geo. Williamson, (S) Caleb Wood and Joseph Ragsdale, (ED) September 2, 1834.

(18)        Elisha Carter, dec.: (PR) James Vaughn, (5) George W. White and John H. Curry, (RU) September 2, 1834.

(19)       David East: Will. (WD) August 17, 1834, (E) Urban East, (ED) September 17, 1834, (S)Samuel Harper and Pleasant Ford, Heirs are (B) Urban East, (N) Eliz. Jett,and the cildren of Polly Harper, Ulysees Mills, Martha Jett, and Nancy Davis. (PR) Urban East, Win. McLane and Archibald Palison.

(20)       Nicholas Williamson: (PR) William Shoot and Mary Shoot, (5) John Powers and Joseph Foreman, (ED) November 6, 1834.

(21)        Jubal Welch, dec.: (PR) William Williams, (S) John W. Bowen and Phillip Williams. (RD) November 6, 1834.

(22)        James Welch, dec.: (PR) William Williams, (S) Win. Armstrong and Phillip Williams. (ED) October 29, 1834. Heirs are the heirs of Jubal Welch, dec., heirs of Isiah Welch, dec., James Williams, Thomas Welch, and Davis Welch.

(23)        Nicholas Williamson: Will. (WD) June 27, 1834, (RU) November 6, 1834, (WY Sophia Ragedale, John Nisbet, Charles Crutcher and James Bush,(B) Win. Williamson, (B) Franklin Williamson, (B) George Williamson, (B) Jesse William, (B) James Williamson, (SS) Martha Williamson.

(24)        Lemuel Creed, dec.: (ADM) and (8) Augustine Creed, Joseph Hagan, Daniel McSwain. (RD)Noveinber 8, 1834.

(25)        George Buchanan: Will. (B) Margaret Buchanan, wife, and Robert Hannah, (WD) January 19, 1835, (W) John Sailing and Andrew Rogers, (RD) March 19, 1835.

(26)        William Willis, dec.: (PR) Lee Willis, (5) Phillip Williams and Thomas Pool, (RU) May 6, 1835.

(27)        Robert Donaldson, dec.: (PR) Jane Donaldson, Milton Wilkerson, and James Donaldson, (S) Win. N. Payne, James R. Payne and John Dike. (RU) May 6, 1835.

(28)        James Dryden, dec.; (R2D) May 8, 1835, (PR) Charles Yeakey, (s) Milton Wilkerson and John Dickey.

(29)        Benjamin WeatJierford: Will. (WD) May 10, 1835, (ED) June 3, 1835, (W) Martin Vivion and William V. Rippey, Heirs are (B) David Weatherford (leaving land in Overton County, Tennessee), (ss) Sudith Weatherford, and the sons of David Weatherford. His Sons are Benj. Weatherford and Joseph Weatherford.

(30)       John M. Simpson, dec.: (PR) Robert Simpson, (5) James Mappin and Robert McGee, (RD) August 20, 1835.

(31)        Foster Harris: Will. (WD) March 30, 1835, (W) Urban East and John Hendericks. Heirs are his vife,Sarah, and his children Jeremiah, Stewart and John.

(32)        Nathaniel L. Rice, dec.: (WD) August 21, 1835, (S) Reuben Burton and Robert Quinn, (PR) Win. Krnold,sr.

(33)        James Morrison, dec.: (ED) September 26, 1835, (5) Thomas S. Miller and John A. Snell, (PR) Elizabeth Morrison and Samuel Cartwright.

(34)        Andrew Forbus: (Rn) November 5, 1835, (ADM) Robert Magruder, (S)Ebenezer W. McBride and Pleasant Ford.

(35)  Levis Wolf, dec.: (RU) November 14, 1835, (S) John H. Pason and James C. Fose, (ADM) George Heasman.

(36)        Jourdan Sigemor, dec.: (RU) December 30, 1835, (S) William B. Grant and Samuel Crow, (ADM) Jamee C. Fox.

(37)        Wm. Sanders, dec.: (ED) November 16, 1836, (PR) Wm. B. Ransdall,(S)Wm. Armstrong and Richard U. Austin.

(38)        Andrew Baker: Will. (RU) January 12, 1836, (B) Geo. Buckhart, (WD) 9, 1935, Heirs are wife Phebe, daughters Nancy Snell, Polly Hayden, Elizabeth, and Phebe, sons Isaac, Andrew, William and Moses, and stepson Elisha Baker of Shelby County. (w) Reese Davis and C. F. Buckhart.

(39)       John T. Grigsby, dec.; (RD) January 20, 1836, (8) Hugh A. Hickman and Joseph White, (PR) John White and Sarah Grigsby.

(40)        Jeremiah Upton, dec.: (ED) March 28, 1836, (S) B. C. Polard and Hugh A. Hickman, (ADM) Elijah Fitzpatrick.

(41)        Joseph Ragan, public administrator: (8) Silvester Hagan, Joseph Hagan Thomas Pool and Abraham Mason, (ED) June 8, 1836.

(42)        James West, dec.: (ED) July 6, 1836, (5) William B. Grant and Hugh Withers, (PR) Robert W. West and John W. West.

(43)        Isaac Burns: Will. (WD) August 23, 1836, (E) John Foreman, (RU) August 24, 1836, (ii) Thomas Pool, James C. Pox and John B. Heirs are wife, Eliza.

(44)        William Horn, dec.: (RU) September 23, 1836, (S) John Wright and Samuel Pool, (PR) Hutchins Barnett.

(45)        Samuel C. Scott, dec.: (ED) September 24, 1836, (S) Robert Simpson and John Wright, (PR)John McGee.

(46)        Silvester Gore, dec.: (RD) November 7, 1836, (S) James A. Abernathy, P. Ford, John Foreman, Joseph S. Hoskins, Jefferson Wilcoxson and John A. Snell, (PR) Jonathan Gore and Joseph Hagen.

(47)        Z. 0. Smith, dec.: (ED) November 7, 1836, (8) Win. Armstrong and Edward Sharpstin, (PR) John Sidener and Robert T. Smith.

(48)        Richard Bryant, sr., dec.: (ED) November 12, 1836, (S) James C. Fox and Charles Bales, (PR) Nathan Bryant and John Newsom.

(49)  John Johnston, dec.: (ED) November 15, 1836, (S) John S. Dickey and Robert Stout, (PR) Francis Johnston and Tandy Stribling.

(50)        William Sanders, dec.: (ED) November 16, 1836, (S) William Armstrong and Richard D. Austin, (PR) Wm. B. Ransdall.

(51)        James Bryan: Will. (WD) February 7, 1834, (W) John S. McGee and James Noonan, (ED) April 15, 1837, (ADM) Polly Bryan, (5) Ezekiel Bryan, Jefferson E. Powers and Isaac Coppedge, Heirs are my wife, Polly and children Nancy Collins,Win. Thomas,David Long, Harriet Eliz. Lucinda Coppedge, Gee. Boone, Joe. Henderson, Mary Ann, Jas. Alien and Sarah Francis.

(52)        Robert Berry (of Marion Co., Mo); will. (W) Alfred Orr, Samuel Pool and R. 3. Burton, Heirs are my wife, Rebecca and my children, Charles, James M. S. and Rebecca Kennean, Mary C. McPheeters, Isabella A. Berry and Sarah E. Berry, (WD) February 18, 1837, (RU) February 18, 1837.

(53)       John Greening, dec.: (ED) May 18, 1837, (8) Robert Greening and Linzy Greening, (PR) Thomas W. Tull.

(54)      David Williams, dec.: (ED) October 21, 1836, (S) JOhn W. Eagsdale and Enoch Truit,(PR)Eobert George.

(55)      Molly McGee, dec.: (RU) August 9, 1837, (S) Joseph Helm, John H. Curry, James H. Smith and James L. McGee, (PR) John S. McGee.

(56)        George Shotridge, dec.: (PR) Judith Shotridge and Levi Shotnidge, (8) James Poage and Win. Armstrong, (RU) November 11, 1837.

(57)        Jacob Whittenburg, dec.: (PR) George Buckhart, (S) Stone, Thomas S. Miller, and Alexander Thompson, (ED) December 2, 1837, Heirs are my wife Sally.

(58)        Sarah Marr, dec.: (PR) Jefferson T. Mann, (S) Wesley Hill and Richard U. Austin, (RU) February 9, 1838.

(59)        Francis Mann, dec.: (ED) February 9, 1838, (8) John Wright, Thomas Pool, and James R. Abernathy, (PR) Jefferson T. Mann.

(60)        Simon Duckworth, dec.; (PR) Preston Duckworth, (5) Andrew G. Duckworth, John H. Duckvorth, Archibald Patterson, George Saling and George Duckworth. (RU) March 15, 1838.

(61)        James Campbell, dec.: (PR) William Pernin, (S) Eson Hannon, Joseph R. Mallory and Win. Bybee, (RU) July 17, 1838.

(62)  John Upton; Will; (B) Elizabeth, wife, (W) Basil Crowe, Henry Johnston, and John Nevsom, (ND) July 17, 1838, (ED) August 8, 1838, Heirs are my wife, Elizabeth, my daughter Rebbecca, my Sons, William, John, James Madison and Michael, my grandódaughter, Maryann McPherson and Johns half-sisters, Martha Ann and Elizabeth.

(63)        Sylvester Reid, dec.: (MD) August 24, 1838,(S)John B. May and William Reid, (PR) Anderson W, Reid.

(64)  John Greening, dec.: (ED) October 2, 1838, (S) Enoch Grain and Robert Greening, (PR) Mildred Greening and William G. Cram.

(65)        Joseph M. C. Pascton, dec.: (RU) October 21, 1838, (PR) Henry Thomas, (5) Alfred Orr and Win. Shoot.

(66)  John Howard, dec.: (RU) December 11, 1838, (8) Win. Denning and Alexander Colvin, (PR) Reuben Tanner and Rhoda Howard.

(67)        William Little: Will. (MD) September 25, 1838, (E) Caleb Wood, Fielding Wood, and Thomas Wood, (W) Win. Patrick and Samuel Prather, (RU) November 19, 1838, Heirs are my wife, Nancy, my children, Margaret, Harvey, Cheatuin, Bnightwell, Andrew Jackson, Jacob, and John L., my grandson William B. Little, and my grandódaughter, Nancy L. Little (Daughter of John L. Little).

(68)        Sandford P. Smith, dec.: (PR) James H. Smith, (5) Jesse H. Pavey and Pleasant Ford, (RU) March 26, 1839.

(69)        Thomas Morton, dec.: (RU) May 23, 1839,(PR)Benj. H. Morton, (S) Samuel Cartwright and Franklin Bowles.

(70)  John N. Burton, dec.: (PR) James McCord, (S) Francis McCord and Nathaniel Riggs, (ED) June 4, 1839.

(71)  John Davis: Will: (ED) May 9, 1839, (MD) January 24, 1839, (W) Joseph Helm, John Rocker, and Win. M. Vaughn, Heirs are my wife, Katherine, my brother, Joseph, and my son William.

(72)        Sanford Wilson, Montgomery County, Kentucky: Will. (E) John Bradshaw, Jas. Montgomery and Henry Wilson, (WD) August 9, 1827, (N) Daniel Wood and Armstead Wilson, Heirs are wife and children.

(73)        William Hickman: (ND) January 10, 1839, (N) Richard Sharp and John S. Robison, Heirs are my wife, Rachel and my children Joseph, John, Williain,Jesse, James, David, Polly CaldwelL, and Louisa Jane Hickman.

(74)        Reuben Tanner: Will. (ND) August 19, 1839, (W) John Dryden, (RU) September 4, 1839, Heirs are Roady, my daughter, and her children by John Howard.

(75)        Benjamin G. China, dec.: (PR) Christopher C. China, (S)        William Arnold, sr., and Walton Shropshire, (ED) September 16, 1839.

(76)        Alexander W. Smith: (ND) June Ii, 1839, (W)Jaines C. Fox and Samuel H. Smith, Heirs are my wife, Susan, and my children, James Alexander, Elizabeth Ann, and Mary Jane. (E) My brother, Joseph H. Smith and my wife.

(77)  John Croft, dec.: (PR) William Shavner, (S) G. G. Rice and Alexander Shawner, (RU) October 8, 1839.

(78)        Alexander China: (ND) September 19, 1838, (W) B. H. Weatherford, (ED) October 8, 1839, Heirs are my wife and children. C. C. Chinn and Samuel Kippers should advise my wife on mattters ~he does not understand.

(79)  John Dungin, dec.: (PR) James Dungin, (S) William Goe and David Susk, (RD) October 31, 1839.  

(80) John Herndon: (MD) September 23, 1839, (W) William H. King and Edward King, (E) James W. Henrdon and M. White, Heirs are my wife, and my children, Jas. W., Curtis and my Eliza. I want my sonóin-law, Edinond Daniel, to care for my daughter Eliza after her motherís death.

(81)        William Arterberry, dec.: (PR) Mary Arterbberry and Adin Arterberry, (5) James Porter and Thomas Noel, (ED) October 30, 1839.

(82)        Nancy Bozarth (formerly, Nancy Smith) dec.: (5) Thomas Wood and 0. P. Gentry, (PR) John Sidner and Robert T. Smith, (RU) November 14, 1839.

(83)        James W. Holmes, dec.: (ED) December 9, 1839, (5) James Case and James Ragsdale, (PR) Geo. Williamson.

(84)        William Talley: Will.: (WD) September 19, 1839, (N) Calvin M. Mccarty, George Talley, and William K. Vanasdall, (ED) Decemner 20, 1839, (B) Wiley and Berry, Heirs are my wife, India, and my children, Daniel W., Wiley, Berry, William B., Aleathia, and Calvin Harrison, the husband of my deceased daugh≠ter, Elizabeth.

(86)        William Major: Will.: (MD) January 5, 1838, (W) U. M. Major and Jonathan Gore, Heirs are my son, Win.

(87)        Silver Hagan, dec.: (S) Samuel Crow and Hiram McMahan, (PR) William G. Moore.

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