Special Order to John H. Holdsworth


Special Order to John H. Holdsworth

Warrenton, Mo., December 13, 1862.

The following notice, left upon the premises of Mr. John H. Holdsworth, a loyal citizen of Monroe County, Missouri, has been brought to the notice of the general commanding:


SIR: You are hereby informed that the Monroe Country Avengers have determined that you must this county before January 1, 1863, if you would save your property from the flames.

Your open approval of Lincoln's hell-born proclamation, and voting for those that were in favor of it, have determined us to make you quit the county. If but one of us is left, it will be carried out.


Such threats as this can only be executed by the connivance and with the consent of the disloyal of Monroe County. These disloyal persons are warned that if they again bring about insurrection, violence, and bloodshed in Monroe County, now quiet, that none of them will be spared. If they remain quietly attending to their legitimate business, they will be protected in their persons and property.

The time has passed when such acts as here threatened can be even palliated by disloyal sentiments, and any repetition of them will be punished with the utmost rigor of a severe code.

The following neighbors of John Holdsworth will be held in person and property responsible that no harm comes to him or his property: John Forsyth, David Wooldridge, John Vaughan, Gilmore, Gonell, Beauchamp, Hiram Powell, Jacob Cox, William Bridgeford, and Charles Browning .

If, therefore, these men desire to live in the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of their property, let them see to it that the said John H. Holdsworth is permitted to do the same.

By order of Brigadier-General Merrill:

Major and Aide-de-Camp.

Organization of troops in the District of Eastern Arkansas, Brigadier General Willis A. Gorman commanding, December 13, 1862.*


Brigadier General FREDERICK STEELE.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General P. J. OSTERHAUS.

3rd Missouri.

12th Missouri.

17th Missouri.

58th Ohio.

76th Ohio.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General J. M. THAYER.

26th Iowa.

28th Iowa.

30th Iowa.

34th Iowa.

Third Brigade.

Colonel - -.

9th Iowa.

24th Iowa.

25th Iowa.

31st Iowa.


* As announced in General Orders, Nos. 11 and 13, District Headquarters, December 12 and 13. The assignment of batteries not

indicated by these orders.