History of Monroe County-Index

History of Monroe County, 1884



1 IntroductoryWhat Time has Done - Importance of Early Beginnings - First Settlements -made in the Timber-Parts of the County first Settled - Names of Pioneers - Postal and Mill Facilities - County Organized and Named - The Name - James Monroe. 87
2 Pioneer LifeThe Pioneers' Peculiarities -- Conveniences and Inconveniences - The Historical Log-Cabin-Agricultural Implements - Household Furniture - Pioneer Corn-bread -Hand Mills and Hominy Blocks- Going to Mill - Trading Points - Hunting - Bee Trees - Shooting Matches and Quiltings. 98
3 Early Records And Public Buildings: Early Records and Public Buildings- First County Court - Its Proceedings- First Circuit Court- First, Second and Third Grand Juries - First Deed Recorded-Early Marriages-Public Buildings- First Court House and Jail-Second Court House and Jail. 110
4 Township System & Government Surveys: County and Township Systems- Government Surveys -Organization of Townships -Physical Features. 121
5 Jackson Township: Physical Features - Old Settlers -William Goodlow - A Sad Incident - Caldwell Opens a Store -Paris - When Laid Out - Names of Commissioners - Florida a  Candidate - Paris named by Mrs. J. C. Fox- Donations for County Seat - Sale  of Town Lots - Names of Some of the Purchasers - Parties Associated in Laying  Out the town - Spotted Fawn - Pioneer Business Men- Old Race Track - Secret  Orders - Banks and Bankers - Woolen Mills and Carding Machines - Flouring  Mills -Paris Band -Dedicatory Services of the New Christian Church - Public  Schools of Paris- Business Directory.  129
6 Jefferson And Indian Creek TownshipsJefferson and Indian Creek Townships -Physical Features -Old Settlers -Florida-Its History-Mills-Mark Twain-Early Business Men -Professional Men Sketch of Mark Twain -The Town Incorporated -Secret Orders-Picnics-Stoutsville-Its History--Business Houses-Pottery Manufactory--Shipments -Indian Creek Township -Physical Features -Elizabethtown -Clapper
7 Monroe TownshipPhysical Features -Railroads -More Northern People in This Township Than in Any
Other-Large Farmers-Old Settlers-Monroe City-Its History-Advancement-Surrounding Country-Pioneer Business and Business Men-Manufacturing-
Establishments -Monroe Institute Its History-Names of Stockholders-Success of the Institute -Teachers and Officers -Public Schools -Secret Societies -Monroe City Bank-Churches -Laying of Corner Stone of New Baptist
Church -Catholic Church-Hereford Association -Shipments.
8 Marion And Union Townships: Orders- Marion Township-- Physical Features-Old Settlers- Madison -Secret Holliday - Union Township - Old Settlers - Primitive Justice - Middle Grove- Secret Orders. 173
9 South Fork Township: Its Physical Features - Farmers - Cemetery - Pioneers - Santa Fe - Its History-Secret Orders- Strother- Strother Institute-Its History-Extracts From Catalogue -Long Branch Post-office 180
10 Washington Clay And Woodlawn Townships: Washington Township- Physical Features- Early Settlers - Clinton- Jonesburg- Churches - Farmers - Clay Township - Physical Features - Farmers - Old Settlers - Granville - Woodlawn Township - Physical Features -Early Settlers- Woodlawn -Duncan's Bridge  185
11 Political History And Official Record 188
12 The Press And Public Schools 197
13 Bench And Bar-Crimes And Accidents: Introductory Remarks-Priestly H. McBride-David Todd-Austin A. King- Ezra Hunt - A. B. Chambers - Albert G. Harrison - John Anderson- James R. Abernathy- Present Members of the Bar -Crimes and Accidents -Miss Jennie Searcy Killed by a Train of Cars - W. T. Johnson -Jeptha Heathman - George Stayton - Robert Cummings - William Rouse- W. 0. Creason 205
14 Mexican WarMexican War Call for Volunteers -Monroe County Men- California Emigrants- The Scenes in '49 and '50- Emigrants From Monroe County -Incident-Death of Emigrants - The Civil War of 1861- Number of Men Entering Southern Army from the County-The Battle at Monroe City-Capture of Paris-Grant's Expedition v. Harris--Mercury Suspended--Skirmish Near Elliott's Mills-Florida Fight- Bott's Bluff Fight-Lieutenant Killed by One of His Men. 222
15 Railroads 240
16 Miscellaneous Matters: Old Landmarks - Maj. William N. Penn -- Fielding Combs - James C. Fox - Major James M. Bean -Death Rates- Births - Hurricane -Agricultural Societies - Monroe County Immigration Society - Monroe City Immigration Society -Patrons of Husbandry - Census of Monroe County in 1848- 1860- Population by Townships in 1880 - Beef Cattle - Bridges, Their Location and Cost 266
17 Ecclesiastical History 278
18 Monroe County In 1884 292
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29 AddendaNotwithstanding the efforts made to secure the history of the following churches that they might be inserted in their proper place, our endeavors proved unsuccessful. Hence we give them here. The reader is referred to the chapter on Ecclesiastical History, pp. 278-291, for other church history. 620