We Now Have Roads

We Now Have Roads and Road Overseers

A hundred years ago Monroe county was practically a trackless wilderness, with only a few aimless trails leading to scattered settlements. Today there is a road past every farm and there are over sixty road districts. Directing all road and bridged building is a county highway engineer, Marcus W. Caldwell. Overseers in the various districts are:

1 Ron Heckart 21 E.N. Garrison 41 Tom Mallory
2 H.W. Ponkes 22 Baxter Divers 42 Ray Young
3 L.W.S. Walton 23 M H. Sudsberry 43 A. C. Forysthe
4 Phill Tewell 24 R. F. Burton 44 (None listed)
5 Harry Baker 25 C. M. Pierce 45 Nova Miller
6 (None listed) 26 Enos Wood 46 Clyde Sharp
7 Lee Hale 27 M. H.Heathman 47 J. O. Robbins
8 E.W. Nichols 28 Perry Key 48 Henry Kendrick
9 Walker W. Carter  29 (None Listed) 49 Ben Shumard
10 Frank Turner 30 (None Listed) 50 Forrest Menefee
11 C. H. Peak 31 J. S. Wright 51 Lee Tewell
12 Ray Murphy 32 J. R. Wright 52 Ottis Meals
13 Pearl Styles 33 Vance Tyner 53 Willis Hill
14 J. L. Armstrong 34 Tom Farrell 54 G. T. Hayden
15 (None listed) 35 Robert Meals 55 L. D. Patterson
16 L.A. Darnell 36 E. A. Bodkins 56 E. S. Barrow
17 N. Donaldson 37 G. W. Hendren 57 Allen Church
18 J. W. Infield 38 Geo. Coe Madison N1/2 H. T. Farrell
19 W. H. Wilt 39 R. R. Pollard Madison S1/2 S. S. Smith
20 Irvin Olbert 40 W. L. Bencom    

Four Special Districts.

Four special road districts, each about 8 miles square, are building better highways under the direction of the following citizens, all of whom serve without pay:

Paris C. R. Noel, L. W. Pelsue and J. W. Lewellen.

Monroe City J. S. Conway, Geo. Yates and Chester Finnegan.

Stoutsville L. B. Searcy, J. L. Pike and Lamber Buchannan.

Spencer Chapel I. N. Bourne, Major Brown and E. N. Garrison.

Source: The Monroe County Appeal Centennial Edition dated August 13, 1931; submitted by MaryBeth Kirtlink.