Minutes of the Paris Gun Club

Minutes of the Gun Club of Paris 1891 
Records of Old Gun Club 

Judge Carroll Blackwell, in sorting out papers in the probate and magistrate court at Paris, found a secretary’s book that recorded the organization of the “Paris Gun Club” Jan. 9, 1893. G.W. Hayden was elected president, T. Guy Mitchell the vice-president, G.E. Grimes the secretary and E.G. McGee the treasurer.  

The latter reported receipts the first year of $427.88, from memberships and sale of such items as live birds, dead birds, Blue Fox, trap repair work for the Granville Gun Club, etc. The minutes of the first meeting says that a group of “Paris Sports” met and formed the organization, set membership for charter members at $1, annual dues of 50¢, and $2 for membership after charter members had joined. It originally set the total membership at 30, but this was later raised to 40, and then possibly more, judging from the minutes. The first shoot was held Friday, January 16, men and boys charged 10¢ each, ladies free.

Early members listed included: G. W. Hayden, T. G. Mitchell, H. P. Long, G. M. Bower, John W. Smith, J. Fred Davis, D. L. Cooper, R. O. Osborn, E. L. Major, T. G. Bassett, F. B. Bassett, W. S. Shelton, J. R. Phillips, H. F. Meier, J. H. Rodes, E.G. McGee, T. W. Pinkerton (honorary), G. E. Grimes, C. G. Goetz, W. H. Bassett, L. R. Porter, M. R. Bower, John S. Pool, S. M. Reily, C. L. Blanton, Joe Burnett, T. P. Hales, C. H. Rose, Dr. W. L. Faulk (honorary), J. T. Noel, Jos. S. McGee, T. W. McCrary, T. A. Caplinger, Jno. H. Curtright, Jno. Kirsch, C.R. Buerk.  

This list was dated in 1891 even through the organization notes were dated 1893, so there evidently was a previous organization.