Guardianship Bonds 1831-1842 & 1848-1854  


Monroe County Guardianship Bonds
  Bond Book A, 1831-1842 & 1848-1854

(No bonds were entered in this book 1842-1848)

Guardianship Bonds: includes bonds posted by men appointed or elected to some county offices, most of the bonds in book "A"  covered persons appointed as guardians to minors.

Monroe county was formed from Ralls Co. In 1831, making these bonds among the earliest records for the county. Only a small percentage of those who died left wills. For those who died intestate, an administrator was appointed by the court, but the early probate records seldom list the heirs of an intestate estate, which makes the guardianship bonds especially useful, While guardians were appointed only for the minor heirs, sometimes there were no older children.  Knowing the names of even some of the heirs often helps to identify older members of the family.

In the early records, the term "guardian" is used.  Later, the bonds often used the term "guardian and curator", meaning guardian of the person and curator of the estate.  It will be noted that often a parent was appointed guardian of his or her own children, which usually meant that those children had inherited property from someone else, for instance, a grandparent, or the other parent.  The court appointed a guardian for a minor under 14 years of age.  At 14, he could choose his own guardian, subject to the approval of the court.  The term "infant" is used in court records for a minor, and does not necessarily mean a baby.  Also, sometimes a guardian or curator was appointed for a person judged incapable of handling his own affairs.  The abbreviation "G&C" mean guardian and curator, and "sec." for names of those who posted security for the bond.

Page numbers run to 200, and then, they begin 101 again.  So we have used the correct numbers for the first 200 pages, and then used 2-101, 2-102, etc., to indicate that the reference is to the second series of numbers.

ABERNATHY, Gabriel Miles, John Richard, Henry Joseph Benton and Ann Amanda, minor heirs of George W.  Abernathy, decd.  G&C, Granville Snell.  Sec, Thomas Poage. 3 June 1850. (2-117)

ABERNATHY, Gabriel M., John R., Joseph B., and Elizabeth A. A., minor heirs of George Abernathy.  G&C, James E. Poage.  Sec, Thomas Poage. 12 Feb 1853. (2-188).

ABERNATHY,,James R., was appointed commissioner for the sale of township school lands in Monroe Co.  Sec, Samuel H. Smith, David E. Stone, Isham Belcher, John M. Burton, Charles Burton, James Mappin & John Burton. 4 June 1831. (4) James R. Abernathy was appointed county treasurer.  Sec, Geo.  Glenn & Joseph Foreman. 7 May 1833. (25-26) James R. Abernathy was appointed county treasurer.  Sec, Daniel McSwain & Pleasant Ford. 5 Feb 1834.02) James R. Abernathy was appointed co. treasurer for present year until his successor is appointed.  Sec, Samuel Crow, 4 Feb 1835.(66)
ABLE, George, infant child under 14 years, of William Able.  G&C, John H. Parsons. Sec,. John A. Pierceall & Samuel A. Pierceall. 2  Oct 1354. (2-2581)

ACUFF, Joseph & Columbus H., minor heirs under 14 of Christopher C. Acuff, decd.  G&.C, Mildred Acuff.  Sec, Gerrod Foulk & J. W.Callis 7 Mar 1854. (2-225)

ADAMS, Lowrey, Wil1iam Adams, decd.  Guardian, Archibald Rice.  Sec, James C. Fox & Edward M. Holden. 8 Nov 1831. (8)

ADAMS, Shelton, infant heir of William Adams, decd.  Guardian, Jerre Jackson.  Sec, Charles S. Clay & Stephen Hightower. 28 Jan 1833. (12)

ADKINSON, Joel, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, and Thomas J., minor heirs over 14 years of Jeptha Adkinson, decd., chose for G&C, George Cunningham.  Sec, N. W. Dawson & Gabriel Woodward. 2 Feb. 1852. (2-150)

ADKISSON, John, was appointed G&C of his infant children, to wit: Susan, Elizabeth, Sarah Jane, George C., & John B., minors under age 14.  Sec, A. J. Adkisson. 5 Dec 1353. (2-231)

ALEXANDER, Armstead A., James C., Sarah F., Mary M., and Eliza, infant heirs of John Alexander, decd.  Guardian, William J. Howell.  Sec, Thomas Nelson. 9 Feb 1848. (183)

ALLEN, Robert W., was appointed G&C for his son, Charles T. Allen. t Sec, George Cunningham. 3 Oct 1853. (2-205)

ALLISON, Arabella S., infant child under age  14 of Alexander Allison, decd.  G&C, James W. Allison.  Sec, B. C. Pollard & Jonas Crigler. 9 Aug 1843 (192)  Allison, Felix M., minor heir of Alexander Allison, G& C, John B. Allison.  Sec, Stephen M. Woodson.  I Oct 1849. (2-110)

ASHCRAFT, Henry, was chosen guardian by William Thomas Ashcraft, minor child of said Henry.  Sec, Thomas Wood. 3 Feb 1340. (144) Henry Ashcraft was chosen G&C of James M. & Charlotte A., over age 14, and appointed G & C of Margrite Ashcraft, under 14, children of said Henry Ashcraft.  Sec, Ephraim Ashcraft & Nimrod Ashcraft. 9 Nov 1854 (2-270)

AUSTIN, Richard D., elected assessor for 1338.  Sec, Peter Carter. 25 Dec 1837. (91)


BAKER, Eliza, of unsound mind.  Guardian, James W. Herndon.  Sec, Edmond Daniel.  I Nov 1841. (174)

BALLEW, William S., over age 14, and Charles S. Ballew, under 14, infant heirs of Charles Ballew, decd.  G&C, William H. Dulaney.  Sec, James Ownby. 3 Nov 1851.

BARNS, Nancy A., James S., Darwink & William C., minor heirs of Benjamin F. Barns, decd. G&C,  Joseph H. Greer.  Sec, John Willis & Edward A. Dawson.16 Mar 1854.

BARTON, Stephen was appointed guardian of James S., Thomas S. Andrew J., Elijah B., William S., Wesley S., & Elizabeth L. minor heirs of said 'Stephen Barton.  Sec, George Poage. 9 Feb 1833. (108)

BATES, Isaac, appointed guardian of Sarah Jane, Amanda B., Isaac Newton, John Mitchell, Susan B. , 11illiam Maddison, Joseph B., Samuel B., minor heirs of said Isaac Bates.  Sec, William H.
Hawkins & Stephen Miller. 6 Aug 1839. (129)

BEALL, Isaac, minor heir over 14 years of Thomas A. Beall, decd? chose Fielden Hagan for G&C.  Sec, Robert Dickson. 8 Feb 1854. (2-215)

BEARD, Amanda, Robert & Harvey, minor heirs of Robert M. Beard, decd.  Guardian, Bird S. Webb.  Sec., Thomas B. Greer & Henry Howell. 11 Mar 1341. (i66) Robert M. & Harvey C. Beard, minor
heirs of Robert M. Beard, decd.  G&C, John C. Beard. Sec, Bird S. Webb. 5 Mar    1850. (2-115)

BELL, Larkin G., was appointed curator of his two children, Mary Jane & Henry C. Bell.  Sec, Catlett J. Collins, 30 Aug 1852.(2-164)

BERRY, Sarah E., minor heir of Robert Berry, decd.  Guardian, Jas.  M.S. Berry.  Sec, Charles Berry. 6 Feb 1839. (121)

BIGGS, Marion, was elected sheriff, first Mon. of Aug 1852.  Sec, Robert Gwyn, Thompson Holliday, Jeremiah V. Haydon, John H. Hawkins, Samuel Crow, William H. Holliday & Joseph Holliday. 9
Aug 1852. (2-165) ... elected sheriff of Monroe Co. Sec, William H. Holliday, Joseph Holliday, Daniel M. Dulaney, Thomas Crutcher, Thompson Holliday, William G. Moore a Robert Gwyn. 12 Aug 1854.

BLAIN, Amanda, age 12 on 18 Nov next; Francis Blain, age 10 on 30 Oct next; Thomas P. Blain, age 9 on 6 Dec next, minor heirs of Oril A. Blain, decd.  Guardian, John IV.  Carter.  Sec, James McKinney & Charles H. Carter. 28 Jan 1837. (88) Amanda Blain chose Sarah Carter for guardian, and court appointed her guardian of Francis N. & Thomas P. Blain, all minor heirs of Ovil A. Blain, decd.  Sec, Bailey Brown & James McKinney. 5 Nov i840. (154)

BOWER, Charles H., made county treasurer.  Sec, Joseph Hagan, David W. Majors, Richard D. Austin, John Heard, Jesse H. Pavey & Joel Maupin. 14 Feb 1839. (124)

BOZARTH, Andrew Thomas, infant son of Thomas R. Bozarth, decd.  G&C, James A. Bozarth.  Sec, Ludson G. Patrick & Francis Harrison. 4 Dec 1854. (2-274)

BRINDLE, John, "boy of color of the age of ten" is bound by the court to Jonathan Gore until age 21 on the 20 June 1847.  Sec, Adam Shropshire. 18 Nov 1836. (63-69)

BRYAN, Polly, appointed G&C of George B., Joseph H., Polly Ann, & Sarah F. Bryan, minors.  Sec, James Bryan & William E. Power.  I May 1848. (185)

BRYANT, Samuel Stanfield, minor heir o-j' James Bryant, decd.  Guardian, Milton Wilkerson.  Sec, James W. Herndon & Robert H. Buchanan. 7 Feb 1848. (182)

BRYANT, John S., inf ant child of David E. Bryant, decd, under age 14. G&C, Ambrose Crutcher.  Sec, Dulaney & Robert Enoch. 2 Jan 1855. (2-275)

BUCHANAN, Robert E. was elected 4n Aug 1850, coroner for Monroe Co. for 2 y-rs.  Sec, Benj.  L. Quarles & Thos.  J. Gillaspy. 9 Aug 1850@ (2-153) ... coroner for 2 yrs.  Sec, B. C. Pollard. 9 Aug
1852. (2-166)

BUCKNER, Ann ild., Lucy F., Sally D., Francis, I.,4illiarn, F.T., Harriet G., & Malinda 1,1., orphans of Charles Buckner, decd.  Guardian, Geo. M. Buckner.  Sec, Pleasant Ford 1311 John W. Mason. 5 !-,ay 1834.(46) Lucy T. Buckner, infant orphan of Charles Buckner, decd.  Guardian, Susan E. Buckner.  Sec, John 3o@,jer & Thos@ N-', ller, 5 Feb 1835.(52)

BUCKNER, Ann Mariah C, Mil-inda Madison Buckner, minor heirs of Francis T. Buckner. decd.  Guardian, 'Seo.  M1.  Buckner.  Sec, John Heard & Thomas Pool.  Fe!D 1839.  U18)

BULLOCK, Nathaniel S., appointed G&C of his own children: Robert James, Sarah 1-7,11 en, Susan Mary & Virginia Bullock.  Sec, John Davis a James Porter. 3 Sept- 1849. (2--108) Nathan S. Bullock was chosen guardian by his own child, Robert James Bullock, over age 14. Sec, Wm @ G. Moore a Rees Davis. 5 Nov 1849. (2-112)

BURNETT, Elizabeth A.9 Duncan 3., John Q.A., Theodore F., & Ugenia H. Burnett, infant children of Felix G. Burnett, decd. G&C, Wm.  J. Howell.  Sec, Jas.  C. Burnett. 4 Aug 1852. (2-158)

BURTON, Susan, guardian of Leomi Burton, minor heir of John N. Burton, decd.  Sec, Francis McCord & John N. Parsons. 7 May 1839. (125) Leorni Burton, minor oprhan of John N. Burton, decd.
Guardian, John Allred.  Sec, Pleasant Ford & William H. Allen. 26 June 1839. (126)

BURTON, Richard B., appointed county collector for year 1833.  Sec, Charles Burton, Thomas Nelson & John Burton. 4 Feb 1633.(14)

BURTON, John, appointed county assessor for year 1833.  Sec, James R. Abernathy. 4 Feb 1833. (1-3) ...appointed county surveyor.  Sec, Edward Tydings "O Simon Burton. 14 Sept 1835. (67) ... elected county surveyor.  Sec., Preston Swinney a Chesley Swinney. 31 Dec 1839. (139)

CALDWELL, John G., was appointed county treasurer by the county court.  Sec, W. H. Dulaney, John A. Vaughn, Alfred Wilson, G. Snell, Jefferson Bridgford, W. D. Blakey. 23 Dec 1354. (2-277)

CALDWELL, Robert, was appointed --ounty assessor for year Sec, Richard D. Austin. 2 Pug 1836. (78)

CAPP, Phillip, chose for G&C, M_Jch:-'.el P. Capp, and he was appointed G&C of George L. Capp, both infant heirs of Michael Capp, decd.  Sec, John H. Wood & Elisha F(?) Wood. 6 Feb 1854. (2-211)

CARDWELL, George, was appointed G&C of James Cardwell & John A. Cardwell,  I I minors.  Sec, William Gosney. May 1848. (187)

CARR, James, was appointed Public Administrator for County for two years.  Sec, Robert P. Stout & Robert Gwyn. 21 Apr 1849. (2-106)

CARROLL, Sarah J., infant heir of William Carroll, decd.  GaC@ Tirey Ford.  Sac, James T. Heathman & Jackson Heathman. 5 May 1854. (2-238) Tilmon Carroll, infant heir of -Wm.  Carroll, decd, under age 14.  G&C, Francis Harrison.  Sac, Charles Harrison &  William Gibson. 4 Dec 1354. (2-275)

CARICO, Joseph "'I., ml nor heir of 'i,alter Carico, decd.  Guardian, Ignatius Carico.  Sac, Wm.  Lawrence.  'LO Mar I-341. (161

CARTER, Ashley (noi,,i in his 13th yr), minor heir o-L' Solomon Carter, decd.  G&C, John W. Carter.  Sac, Peter Carter & james Vaughn. 5 Jan 1835. (49)

CARTER, Ashley, was appoin-Ited G,&C of "the effects" of his four infant children: Gertrude, Taylor, Colonel -?-- John @,,T.  Carter.  Sec, Charles H. Carter. 8 Mar 1853. (2-191)

CARTER, Mary Elizabeth, Josafine, 7ohn Robertson, T!illiam Henry,
Creed Alexander & Letitia Carter, minor heirs, of Elitia Carter, decd.  Guardian, Jas.  Vaughn.  Sac, 'I'Jm.  Smithey. 7 !,",,ay 1838. (95)
Letitia Carter, minor.  Guardian, Richard D, Wills.  Sac, Massey
Tanner. 8 Aug 1850. (2-119)

CARTER, Marinda, minor heir, over ace 14, of P-ter Carter, chos a for G&C, Wm.  S. Carter.  Sac, Ashley Carter. 5 Aor 1853.(2-197)

CHT@@IN, Malinda, minor orphan of Alexander Chinn, decd.  Guardian, Gec@ B. Leachman.  Sec, avill-liar-, 7,1'.  Penn. 1 Feb 1841. (162)
 Titus     Chinn, minor heir of" Alexander Chinn, decd. Guardian,
 R 4-1 ch@ a r d B a k a r Sac, Chr-Istopher C, Chinn a 1--'--nrv Dry, 2 Feb
 184'. (163)

COLE, Elizabeth & Member, minor heirs of Samuel Cole, decd.  G., Peter Cole.  Sac, John Dungan & joseph Cole. 15 June 1840.(151)

COLLIN,S, Howard, Miller, Harriet & IMary J., infant heirs, under 141 of James Collins, decd.  G&C, James T. Hart.  Sac, '141liam Ridgeway O., C. True. 3 Apr 1,354. (2-226) Jackson Collins, son of James Collins, decd, over aqe 14, chose 'i.-Ii-I'Liam LTI . Gibson for G@'@C.  Sec, Charles Harrison & James T. Heart. 4 Dec 1854.(2-273)

COWHERD, William, was appointed guardian of Reuben Cowherd, found by jury to be insane.  Sec, Henry Lee. 7 1,iay 1838. (94)

CREED, Jefferson & Madison, children of Elijah Creed, Jr., decd.  On Nov 2, 1830, Daniel McSwain was appointed to be their guardian.  He posted bond, 7 Mar 1331, with his sec, William Salley.  On 14 Aug 1832, on motion of Augustin Creed, Ralls Co. court ordered Daniel McSwain to make a transcript of all accounts re above, and transmit it to the clerk of Monroe Co., for final settlement.  On 2 Nov 1830 in Ralls Co., Augustin Creed was appointed guardian of person & estate of Juniatta Creed, Wilkinson Creed, Eliza Creed, and Louisa Ann Creed, infant heirs of Elijah Creed, Junr., decd.  Sec, Nathaniel Riggs. 7 Mar i83i. (16-18)

 CREED, George, was appointed guardian of Thomas J. Creed who has
 been found incapable of managing his affairs by a jury. Sec,
 Daniel McSwain. 3 Nov 1835. (53-59)

CREWS, Daniel, was chosen GCOXC by Mary and Taletha Crews, over age 14, and appointed G&C of Julia Ann, Martha Jane, William H., Evelina A., James G., and John D. Crews, under age 14.  Sec, jas.  G. Crews. 4 Nov 1850. (2-125)

CREWS, Evelina A., infant heir under 14 of Daniel M. Crews, decd.  G&C, Daniel M. Dulaney.  Sec, Thos.  Crutcher. 7 Feb 1854.(2-214)

CRET ' TS, Daniel, minor heir of John :,,!.  Crews, decd, under age 14.  G&C, John S. Conyers.  Sec, John A. Snell & DaV4d Moore. 8 Feb 1853. (2-184-5)

CRIGLER, Susan Jane, was chosen G&C by Jane Crigler, minor heir 01L George L. Crigler, deccd, over age 14. 8 Nov 1354.  Sec, Jas.  Camplin & Robert L,, Crigler. (2-269)

CROU, Catharine 1,!., was chosen G(@;4C of George 11.  Q Franklin D. Crow, over age 14, and appointed G('<C of James P. Crow, under 14, heirs of Samuel Crow, decd.  Sec@, John S. Crow & Samuel A. Rawlings. 6 Nov 1854. (2-266)

CRUTCHER, Thomas, made sheriff & ex-officio collector.  Sec, Geo.'' Glenn, John M. Glenn, William Crutcher, Ambrose Crutcher & Peter Carter.  I Jan 1841. (159-160) ... elected sheriff a ex-officio collector for 1842.  Sec, Charles Crutcher, Ambrose Crutcher, George Glenn & William Orr. 10 Jan 1842. (179-180)

CUNNTNGHA11,1i, Andrew J., was appointed G&C of his infant child,
George Cunningham.  Sec, George Cunningham C2< Benjamin Davis. 6
Feb 1854. (2-210)
CURRY, Susan E., and John M., minors over age 14 of Susan Curry,
decd, chose for GaC, George Cunningham.  Sec, Stephen 1,1.  Woodson
& Newton Wilson. 3 Feb 1852. (2-152)

DAMRELL, Alphias, over age 14, chose Richard M. Powers for G&C.  Sec, Henry Johnston & Thomas Poage. 6 Jan 1851. (2-127)

DANIEL, Henry G. a Curtis R., heirs of Edmund Daniel, decd., over age 14, chose Frances Daniel their G&C.  Sec, Edmund R. Daniel. 6 June 1854. (2-239)

DAVIS, Mary Ann & Alsey, infant heirs of Evan Davis, under age of 14. GL04C, Martin Dunkin.  Sec, Jas.  R. Abernathy. 8 Jan 1850.(2-114)

DEAN, William Thomas L Jane, infant heirs of Greenberry Dean, under age 14.  Guardian, James M. Dean.  Sec., Albert G. Sanders. 5 June 1848. (190)

DENNY, Isabella, Sarah G., Samuel M., Amanda, Catharine, Emma, a William S. , heirs of George W. Denny, decd, al I under age 14.  G&C, Jacob Painter.  Sec, Thomas Poage ".X John Vandeventer. 4 Oct 1853. (2-262)

DICKSON, George, was appointed G&C of Elizabeth Jane Dickson & James L. Dickson, his minor heirs to receive of the estate (cont)

DICKSON (cant.) of John Calvert, decd, a legacy due said heirs.  Sec, Robert Smithey. 14 Dec 1841. (178)

DICKSON, Josiah T., was chosen as G&C by Susan Dickson, and appointed GaC of Elizabeth Dickson, "who is non compus mentus", minor heirs of James Dickson, decd. 5 May 1854. (2-240)

DOCTOR, Martin H., James H., and John R., minor heirs of John Doctor, decd, chose Mahala Collins "or GC'C.  Sec, William Ridgeway. 3 Oct 1853. (2-206) John & Harvey Doctor, minor heirs of John Doctor, decd, chose James T. Hart for G&C.  Sec, William Ridgeway.& C. H. True. (2-228) Martin, John & Harvey Doctor, minor heirs of John Doctor, decd, under age 14.  G&C, James T. Hart.  Sec, '-fill-Jam Ridgeway & C@ H. True. (2-234)

DONALDSON, Robert M., minor heir of Robert Donaldson, decd.  Guardian, Richard D. Power.  Sec, Richard D. Austin & Presley Wilkerson.  I June 1835.  Andrew C. Donaldson, heir of Robert Donaldson, decd, chose Milton T ' ;Jlkerson for guardian.  Sec, Geo.  Shortridge a Urban East. 2 June 1835. (54)

DONALDSON, William, was appointed G&-C of his infant heirs, Lucy Jane, Sarah Ann, Joseph, and Matilda Francis Donaldson.  Sec, James Dowell. 6 May 135-1. (2-136)

DOOLEY, Henry & Elizabeth, minor heirs of Gideon Dooley, decd.  G&C, Job Dooley.  Sec, Samuel W. Johnson. 2 Dec 1850. (2-126)

DOOLEY, Hiram, was elected in Aug 1854, constable of Washington AvTD for two years.  Sec, Pleasant Hardwick & Thomas Hardwick, 3 Aug 1854. (2-251)

DRAKE, Benjamin, was elected in Aug i854, constable of South Fork Twp for 2 years.  Sec, Samuel Drake & John Vandeventer. 15 Sept 1854. (2-256)

DRYDEN, Margaret & William, minor heirs of James Dryden, decd.  Guardian, Mason Wilkerson.  Sec, Milton Wilkerson & James M. Donaldson. 11 Sept 1837. (89)

DUCKWORTH, Preston W., was chosen guardian by William Duckworth, and appointed guardian of said William , Elizabeth, Franklin (Francis), and Robert Duckworth, minor heirs of Simon Duckworth, decd.  Sec, James C. Moore, Andrew J. Duckworth & Peter Talbert. 3 Nov 1841. (175)

DULANEY, Daniel, was elected in Aug 1348, sheriff of Monroe Co. Sec, Joel Maupin, Alexander Thompson, Benedict J. Gough, Levi Gore, G. U. Moss, A. M. Greenwell, Pleasant McCann, Thomas H. Hinson & 1-1.  H. Dulaney. 21 Aug 1848. (193) ...elected sheriff of Monroe Co. Sec, Joel Maup-in, George W. Moss, Thomas H. Hinson, John Moore, Pleasant McCann, Levi Goss, A. M. Greenwell, Drury Ragsdall & William G. Moore. 10 Aug 1850. (2-123)

DULANEY, Susan F., minor heir, over 14, of W.' G. Dulaney, chose James Ownby for G(,VC.  Sec, John McNutt. 3 Apr 1854. (2-227) Mary Elizabeth Dulaney, infant heir of Wm-1G.  Dulaney, dec& G&C, Bailey Dent.  Sec, James Ownby. 7 Nov 1854. (2-267)

,nUNTCAN, Susan A., minor heir of H. H. Duncan @ Susannah Duncan, jecd, over age 14, chose -for G&C, G. T. Giles.  Sec?  Richard porter & Harvey Giles@ a July 1851. (2-139)

essor for year 1832.  His sec, Urban EAST, Daniel, appointe ass (9) ... appointed collector

East & William Runkle. 6 Feb 1832. a Nelson for year 1334.  Sec, Thomas Thompson, Richard Sharp

Grogan. 4 Feb 1334. (28-30)                                         Sec,
EAST, Urban, appointed tax collector for the present year.  Robert Gwyn & Nelson Grogan- I Sept 1334. (34-35)

FIKE, Elizene R., infant heir of Polly Fike, decd, over age 14, chose Robert Simpson for G&C.  Sec, James H. Simpson & James

Woods. a June 1854@ (2-241)

FOX, James C@, was appointed Town Commissioner for the county seat of Monroe Co. Sec, 'i.-jilliam ". @',ilcox' Elias Bozarth, James S.
S 17j t'@ 4 June 1831. (6-7)

McGee, Ephraim John S, D-,-cC-'ee

FRUIT, Enoch, ,,jas chosen guardian by James Henry & Martha Fruit,,
" John, Marqaret a Enoch Fruit, and court, appointed him guardian o. minor orphans of said Enoch Fruit.  Sec, Calvin McCarty C@ 11illiam

G. mccre.  9 Dec 1839. (137)

FRUIT, Israel, minor heir of Enoch Fruit, decd.  G&C, Joseph Heizer.  Sec, John Hanna "I Robert H. Buchanan. 1 May 1848.(183) John Hanna was appointed G(':C of Mary Ellen Fruit, infant dau. of Enoch Fruit.  Sec, R. H. Buchanan & Joseph Heizer. 1 May 1348.  (189) Margaret Fruit, minor heir of, Enoch Fruit, decd.  GaC, Benj.  F. Davis.  Sec, Thomas Crutcher. 6 June 1348. (197) Enoch Fruit, infant heir of Enoch Fruit, decd, over age 14.  G&C, lv,jm. ,I rshall . Aug 1849.(2-109)

!a Sec, Nimrod Bybee & Lewis Crigler. 6

GAINS, John B., appointed collector for year 1835.  Sec, William
Shoots & Robert Gwyn. 2 Feb 1835. (60-61)

GILBERT, Samuel, was chosen curator of his children, William, Silas M. I & Darkus Gilbert, over age 14.  Sec, Thomas Barker &

G@ S. Morehead. 6 June 1853. (2-198)

GILLASP@Y, Thomas J., was elected constable of Jefferson Twp. for two years.  Sec, Amos Ladd, Martin J. Clark, M. J. U. Damrell, &

A. T. Damrell. 8 Aug 1854. (2-250)
GILLASPIE, Henry a Agnes, infant heirs of William Gillaspie,decd,
 late of Marion Co., Mo. Guardian, @-Iilliam A. Sanders. Sec, Thos.

 Sharp & Albert G. Williams.      3 Oct 1843. (194)

 I-LASCOCK, Adelaide J., minor heir under 14 of Adam B. Glascock,
 decd@ G&C, Jas. R. Abernathy. Sec, Geo. Glenn. 7 May 1849.(2-103)

 GLASSCOCK, Henryl appointed curator of John S., Ann, Henry, Mary,
 Gregory a Elizabeth E. Glasscock, infant children of Mary E.

 Glasscock, decd., and the said Henry Glasscock. Sec, Alfred

 Wilson.    3 Mayi1852. (2-155)

GLENN, Hester J.,& James F., minor heirs of Hugh Glenn, decd., I ate of Augusta Co., Va.  Guardian, Geo.  Glenn.  Sec, Samuel Bryant. 3

Feb 1836. (70)

GREEN, Frances S., minor heir over 14 of Samuel W. Greeng chose for G&C, Joseph H. Green.  Sec, Bird S. @-.Tebb & Stephen M. Woodson. 9 Nov 1852. (2-169-170)

GRIGSBY, Joseph Elisha, minor heirs of John S. Grigsby, decd, Guardian, John White.  Sec, JaRes 1,1.  White a Joseph R. Mallory, 23 Apr 1836. (71) Joseph & Elisha Grigsby, minor heirs of John S@ Grigsby, decd.  Guardian, Sarah Grigsby.  Sec, Joseph White & James M. White. 4 Sept 1839. (133) Joseph & Elisha Grigsby, minor heirs of John S. Grigsby, decd.  Guardian, George W. Clayton.  Sec, James Herndon & Richard H. Buckhanan. 5 Nov 1840. (157) Joseph Elisha L., minor heirs of John S. Grigsby, decd, chose for G&C, James M. @jlhite.  Sec, Bart-lette G. White. 2 Sept 1851. (2-145)

GRIMES, Granville P., Henrietta E., Lesie C. a- Mary E., minor heirs of Geraldine M. Grimes, decd.  Curator, Avery Grimes.  Sec Samuel Curtright. 6 Aug 1851. (2-143)

GROGAN, Lucinda, age 6 years on the 16 Oct 1833, heir of Bartholomew Grogan, decd, was bound by the court to Thomas Hall as apprentice or servant until age 13 on 16 Oct 1845.  His seC7 Samuel Curtright. 19 Oct 1833. (19-20) On 8 Nov 1833, court bound Nelson Grogan, age 5 years on the 24 Feb next, heir of Bartholomew Grogan, decd, to William Morison until age 21 on the 24th Feb i330- (21-22) Nelson Grogan, Junr., minor heir of Bartholomew Grogan, decd.  Guardian, Spencer Grogan. 1 May i884. (40-41) William, Lucinda, Nelson & Narcissa , minor heirs of Bartholomew Grogin, decd.  Guardian, Jeremiah Grogin.  Sec, Nelson Grogin(Grogan). 8 Feb 1838. (98)

HAGAN, Nancy, appointed guardian of Rebecca Ann a Freby?  Hagan, minor heirs of Silvester Hagan, decd.  Sec, Jonathan Gore & Jos.  Hagan. 12 Sept 1837. (90) Rebecca Ann & Weacy?  Jane, minor orphans of Sylvester Hagan, decd.  Guardian, William G. Moore.  Sec, Jonathan Gore. 6 Nov 7-839. (135)

HALEY, Elizabeth Pollard, and Sarah Catherine Haley, heirs of Jane F. Pollard, under age 14.  GCO-IC, Tlilliam Clark.  Sec, William M@ Pollard & Levi Shortridge. 3 Oct 1850. (2-124)

HARDESTY, Margaret Ann, appointed G&C of Mary Jane, George Thomas & Martha Elizabeth, in-ant heirs of William Hardesty, decd.  Sec, John S. Buckman & Jos.  R. Buckman. 3 Oct 1848.(196)

HARDY, Samuel, was appointed assessor for 1837.  Sec 9 A.  W. Holmes. 5 Dec 1836. (79)

HARRISON9 Mary Jane, minor heir of Samuel Harrison, decd.
Guardian, William Crutcher.  Sec, Charles Crutcher & George
Glenn. 8 Feb 1841. (165)

HARRISON, Mary Jane, minor.  Guardian, Gabriel Jones.  Sec, Caleb Woods. 7 May 1838. (97)

HAYDEN, Matilda C., infant child, under age 14, of James W. Hayden, decd.  G&C, Benedict J. Winsett.  Sec, Alexander Winsett. 9 Aug 1854. (2-257)

9 Mm

HEARS1,1AN, Charles C. "O William M., under age 14, and George Hearsman, over age 14, minor heirs of Joseph Hearsman, decd.
G,2@C, -Nargaret Hearsman.  Sec, 1,1m.  A. Scott. 6 Oct 1351. (2-146)

HENNEGAR, Cass 7ames, infant heirs under age 14, of Samuel
Henneger, decd.  G&C, Samuel G. Hennegar.  Sec, Thompson Holli-
day. 3 May 1253. (2-196)

HERNDON, Curtiss, minor orphan of John Herndon, decd.  Guardian, John Cissell.  Sec, John Tong. 13 Sept 1841. (172)

HERNDON, Benjamin F., minor heir of Zacharhy Herndon, decd.  G&C, Thomas J. Gillaspy.  Sec, James Goss. 8 Jan 1851. (2-129) James M., child of Zachariah Herndon, over age 14, chose for G&C, James @rvl.  Herndon.  Sec, Samuel H. Herndon L'X E. N. Daniel. 6 Aug 1852. (2-161) Benjamin F., infant child of Zachry Herndon.  G&C, John W. Herndon.  Sec, E. G. B. McNutt. 4 Jan 1854. (2-2 3 3 )

HILL, Nancy, age IS in May next, heir of Abraham Hill, chose in court for guardian, Wesley Hill.  Sec, Stephen Hill. 28 Feb 1837. (87)

HOWARD, James, chose James T. Heathman for,guardian, and he was appointed by court for Hellen J., Jemima, Elizabeth & Nancy Howard, all minor heirs of John Howard, decd.  Sec, Benjamin Heathman & Henry L. Wigginton. 3 Nov 1841. (170)

HOWELL, Joseph, was appointed G&C of his own children, Louis (sx, Julia Howell, infants under 14.  Sec, John M. Livsey. 6 Feb 1849. (2-101)

HUNTER, Jane, appointed guardian of John Hunter, minor heir of James Hunter, decd.  Sec, R. S. Wilson. 19 June 1837. (100)

HUSTON, Joseph, was appointed G&C of William Huston, found to be of unsound mind.  Sec, Thomas J. Crawford, Bartlett G. White, John Vandevente-r, Willis Samuels & William, H. Brown.  Bond $207000. 3 Mar 1852. (2-154)

JOHNSON, John, posts bond with sec, Daniel East.  He agrees to pay or cause to be paid to Ervin Johnson & Nancy Johnson, children of said Johnson, money now or later to come to them by virtue of a will by Joseph (blank), decd "to the heirs of Cammel decd", when the said Ervin & Nancy become of age. 17 Mar 1834.(48)

JONES, Balus, was appointed by court guardian of Julia & James W. Jones, his minor heirs, to collect what may be due them from the estate of James Sparks, decd.  Sec, William Jones. 9 Feb 1838(106)

JONES, William, was appointed guardian of Nancy, James, Lucy Ann, Silas, William, G. Jones, & Julia F. Jones, minor heirs of said William Jones, to recover their part of the estate of James Sparks, Sr., decd.  Sec, Balus Jones. 9 Feb 1838. (107)

KEITH9 W. T., inf ant heir of W. T. Keith, decd.  G&C, James D. Lipscomb.  Sec, R. T. Smith, 3 Apr 1854. (2-229) John T., infant heir of W. T. Keith, decd.  G&C, Robert T. Smith.  Sec, J. D. Lipscomb. 3 Apr 1854. (2-230) John T., infant heir of William
T. Keithq decd.  G&C, Robert T. Smith.

KEITH, (cont.) Sec, James D. Lipscomb. 3 Apr 1854. (2-235)
William T., infant 'heir of 1,-]JllJam T. Keith, decd.  GaC, James

 ID. Lipscomb. Sec, R@ T. Smith Wesley Wilson. 3 Apr 1854.

 (2-236)  infant heirs of @Ijlliam Kilby,
 KILBY, John David a Mary Maranda, I

decd.  Guardian, John Willis.  Sec, Pleasant McCann.    2 July 1849.


nted G&C of Susan C., infant heir under
Jane, was appol

KIPPEF,      Kipper, decd.    Sec, John C. Kipper.    2 May 1853.

1 age IZ, of john
(2-195) Rebecca & Nancy Kipper chose for guar@ian, John C.
inted for Jane E., Rachael & Susan 0.

Kipper, and he was appo

Kipper I minor heirs of John Kipper, decd@ Sec, Robert Gwyn & John @haNi@i. 6 Mar 1854. (2-221 & 222)

KIRKLAND, Eliza Ann & Margaret Elizabeth, under age 14, infant heirs of Jacob Kirkland, decd.  G&C, Jacob Kirkland.  Sec, Richard D. Austin & 'James M. Dean. 6 Dec 1352. (2-172 a 173)

Elizabeth & Margaret W. Kirkland, minor heirs under 14, of Jacob Kirkland, decd.  G&C, viiiiJam Styles.  Sec, James M. Dean Z: John

Lasley. 7 Mar 1353. (2-169)
LAM1,1E, William, found by jury to be insane.  Appointed guardian, William Arnold, Senr.  Sec, Jesse H. Pavey & William Kipper. 19

Sept 1836. (74)
LAMPTON, Narcissa, minor heir under 14 of Whortan S. Lampton, decd.  G&C, Milton Embree.  Sec, Thomas F. Vaughn. 10 Feb 1854.

(2-217) Enger Lampton, minor heir over 14 of W. S. Lampton, decd, chose Thomas J. Reed for G2CC.  Sec, Benjamin 7,111.  Lai-,pton. 10 Feb

1854. (2-219) Narcissa, infant heir of Whortan S. Lampton, decd, over age 14, chose Thomas J. Reed for her G&C.  Sec, Thomas S.

Brandus. 6 Nov 1854. (2-263)
LAWRENCE, Charity E. & Agnes A., minors over age 14 chose George
B. Lawrence for G&-C and he was appointed Gl-wZC for Marjara H. &
Rachael Lawrence, under age 14, all minar heirs of William

gle, Ignatius Carrico, & Joseph M.
Lawrence, decd.  Oec, Silas En
Carrico. 2 June 1851. (2-137)
LEE, John William & Celia Ann, chose Willis Samuels for G&C, and he was appointed for David Edward, Benjamin T. & Henry L. Lee,
all minor heirs of Henry Lee, decd.  Sec, Ben@amin E. Cowherd &

3 Jan 1854. (2-209) John @,7. CS;4 Celia A. Lee,

Edward M. Holloway.
mLnor heirs over 14 of Henry Lee, decd, chose Willis Samuels for

G&C and he was appointed for David E., Senj.  F . & Henry L. Lee, minors under 14.  Sec, William Vandeventer & B. E. Cowherd. 6 Feb

1854. (2-212)
LITTLE, Cheatum, chose for his guardian, Thomas Pool, and the court appointed Thomas Pool, guard-tan of Brightwll Little, both minor heirs of William Little, decd.  Sec, Levi Shortridge. 6 Feb

1839. (120)

McCANN, John W., was appointed surveyor of Monroe Co. because of the resignation of Geo.  Glenn.  Sec, Samuel G. Glenn & Samuel H.

Pool. 6 Mar 1854. 2-220 & 221)

McCANN, Llilliam W., appointed Notary Public for Monroe Co. 22 Oct 1866@ Sec, John W. McCann 1-1 William M. Coulter. 22 Oct 1866. 2-28 3

McCANN9 Robert D., was appointed curator o-IL: estate of Martha M. ,McCann, his infant child by his first wife, under age 14.  Sec, john D. McCann. 6 Dec 1354. (2-280)

iMcCONNELL, Richard B., John B. & Samuel C., minor heirs of Nancy
W. McConnell, decd.  Guardian, Samuel C. McConnell.  Sec, John
Hanna. 6 Jan 1851. (2-128)

McIC-ONNELL, Samuel C., was appointed curator of estate of Robert
L. & Thomas V. S. McConnell, children by the present wife of said Samuel C. McConnell, under age 14. 4 Oct 1854. (2-260)

McCONNELL, Samuel C., infant child over 14 of Samuel C. McConnell,
Senr., by his former wife, chose for G&C, John Hanna.  Sec,
Samuel C. McConnell. 13 Nov 1854. (2-272)
@1illiam G. a Josiah J., minor heirs of John McGee, decd,
chose Martin P. Goodrich for guardian.  Sec, George Glenn & Joel
Maupin. 6 Feb 1840-1. (147)

McGEE, Hugh J., minor heir of John McGee, decd, chose guardian, Joseph Sproul.  Sec, Jos.  Sproul, Sr. 10 Feb 1842. (ISI)

McGEE, Thomas J., minor heir over age 14 of John McGee, decd, chose James L. McGee for G&C.  Sec, Joseph Ryan. 6 Mar 1854. (2-223 & 224)

McGEE, John S., was appointed county assessor for year 1831.  Sec, James H. Smith & John McKamey. 5 1-1ar 1831. (1) .. appointed county surveyor by county court.  Sec, John McKamey, Ezekiel
Bryan & Samuel H. Smith. 4 June 1831. (6-7)

M 4
McKINNEY, Lucinda, -1-nor.  Chesley Swinney appointed G&C.        Sec,
Richard B. Burton. 1 Jan 1849. (199)

McKINNEY1 Julia IN1.9 infant heir under 14 of H. W. McKinney, decd.
G&C, Avory Grimes.  Sec, Samuel Gentry & Joseph H. Fox. 9 Nov
1854. (2-265)
McPHETERS, Tellitha C., Triphena L. & Oscar B., minor heirs of
Charles tV.  McPheters, decd, under age 14.  G&C, James 1,ii.S. Berry.  Sec, Charles Berry. 7 May 1850. (2-116)

MADDOX, George A., was appointed G&C of Jesse W. Maddox, infant child, under age 14, of Susan Catherine Maddox, decd, formerly Susan C. Greer.  "'Sec' Peyton Linton, Senr., & Joseph H. Greer. 10 Aug 1854. (2-243)

MALLORY, Benjamin, was appointed G&C of his child, Henry Thomas Mallory under age of 14 yrs.  Sec, Isaac Coppedge & James Bryan.  I May 1848. (136)

mAPPIN, Mary, infant child of James Mappin, decd, under 14.  G&C, William A. Noonan.  Sec, Thomas H. Noonan. 4 Apr 1849. (2-102) John Mappin, infant heir of James Mappin, decd.  G&C, Henry Thomas.  Sec, Martin P. Goodrich & Hiram W. Powell. (cont.)


mAPPIN, (ccnt.)' 7 May 1849. (2-104) Ann Eliza Mappin, minor heir over 14 of James 1,1appin, chose Joshua Long for G('_C.  Sec, Samuel H. Smith & Henry Thomas. 8 May 1849. (2-105) Sarah Amanda, infant heir of James Mappin, decd.  G&C, 'lilliam T. Mappin.  Sec, Williarn J. Noonan. 17 Dec i849. (2-113) Sarah A. Mappin, infant heir of James Mappin, decd.  G&C, Edmond Long.  Sec, William J. Noonan, 3 May 1852. (2-156)

MARR, Mary Margaret, minor of Henry Marr, decd.  Guardian, Richerson(Richardson) 1,liarr.  Sec, John Harrison. 9 Feb 1838.(109)

MARTIN, Virginia, infant heir, under 14, of Gilson Martin, G&C, Wesley D. Sizemore.  Sec, Mary S. Martin. 3 Oct 1853. (2-207)

MAUPIN, Mary A.S., chose for guardian, John Harrison.  Sec, Richason S. Marr., 9 Feb 1838. (11@0)

IpIAUPIN, Lilburn G., was appointed curator of his infant child, Sarah P. Vlau@)in- Sec, Joel Maupin & George Glenn. 7 Dec 1852. (2-175 & 176)

MIDDLETON, William, Mary Jane & Hanna Ann, minor heirs of Robert Middleton, decd, chose in open court for guardian, John W. Campbell.  Sec, Hugh Itilithers & John Carroll. 2 Nov 1835. (57) Mary Jane & Hanna Ann Middleton chose for guardian, William M. Sharp.  Sec, Joel Maupin & Davis Ashby. 7 Aug 1839. (130)

MILES9 Fillisha, dau. of Francis Miles, decd, chose James S.
Green for G&C.  Sec, James F. Riley.  I May 1854. (2-237) George
R., infant child of Frances Miles, decd.  G&C, James A. Miles.

Sec, Thomas A. Pierceall.. 4 Dec 1854. (278)

i ' I
MILES, John :@q, Lewis, infant children of Henry Miles, decd.  G&C,

Thomas J. Miles.  Sec, James A. Miles. 9 Aug 1854. (2-242)

MILLER, David A., found by jury to be of unsound mind.  Guardian,
Benjamin Davis.  Sec, Gustavus M. Bower a IcJesley Hill. 4 Feb
1839. (116)

MILLER, Ann Eliza, minor heir of Dulaney Miller, decd.  Guardian,
Gabriel Alexander.  Sec, William, A. Scott & 'v,!illiam Alexander. 5
Aug 1841. (169)

MILLER, Polina B., was appointed guardian of persons & estates of Caroline Maranda 8, Laura Virginia, infant heirs of William H. Miller, decd.  Sec, Stephen M. Woodson & Ephraim Smith, 6 Nov 1854. (2-261) Martha.A., minor heir of William H. Miller, decd, ove@tlage 14, chose William T. Coppedge for G0,C.  Sac, Larkin Watters & Isaac Coppedge. 10 Nov 1854. (2-271)

MILLION, Irwin, was elected in Aug 1854, constable of Woodlawn Twp, for 2@years.  Sec,@Travis,Million & George F. Palmer. 16 Aug 1854. (2-255)

MOORE, James P. was elected in Aug 1854, county coroner for two years.  Sec, N. S. Appleget, John W. Long, & John C. McBride. 12 Aug 1854. (2-246),;

MOORE, John Th ma

0      infant heir of Thomas C. Moore, decd, under      14.
G&C, Harvey Arnold.  Sec, John S. Fowkes. 10 Aug 1852.(2-163)


MORAN, James F., minor heir of William Moran, dead, chose Edmond
Long for G&C.  Sea, Thomas Gillaspy, B. S. Harris & John A.
Parsons. 7 Mar 1855. (2-282)

MORRISON, Dorothy Ann, minor heir of James Morrison, dead.  Guardian, Samuel Curt'-right.  Sec, Geo, M. Buckner. 3 Feb 1840. (145)

MOSS, David H., minor heir of James !@Ioss, dead, chose Geo.  VI.
Moss for guardian.  Sec, John S. Conyers & Joel Maupin.        23 Dec
1840. (155)

mUNCY, Martha E., Thomas J. & Joseph N., minor heirs of John P'luncy, dead.  G&C, John S. Conyers.  Sec, Preston Swinney & Jas.  Ownby. 6 Mar 1854. (2-222 & 223)

MURPHY, Elizabeth & Susan, infant heirs, under age 14, of Abraham Murphy, dead.  Sec, Fielder J. Hagan.  Sec, Joseph Hagan. 4 Oct 1854. (2-208)

MURPHY, William F., was elected constable of Indian Creek Twp in Aug 1854, for 2 years.  Sec. Elijah Peck & Silas Engle, 12 Aug 1854. (2-253)

NEWSOM, Sarah Elizabeth & Mary Catharine, infant heirs of Nathan Newsom, dead.  G&C, Robert G@.,iynn. Sec, Francis McCord & 1.1illiam G. Moore. 5 May 1851. (2-135)

NEWSOM, Milton & Erasmus, infant heirs of Allen Newsom, dead.  GC1'X'C, Henry Johnson.  Sec, John N. Parsons & Jefferson T. Marr. 9 Mar 1853. (2-192)

NOEL, Moses, was chosen G&C by Robert W. Noel, over age 14, and appointed for Nancy Lee & Corrella Jane, infant children of B.F. Noel.  Sec, B. F. Noel. 9 Nov 1852. (2-168 a 169)

NOONAN, Catharine H. & John C. VJ., minor heirs over age 14 of James Noonan, dead, chose Patrick A. Noonan for G&C.  Sec, J. C. Fox & IJilliam T. Bridgford. 7 June 1853. (2-203)

OWNBY, James, was elected constable of Union Twp. for two years.  Sec, J. S. Dawson, David Overfelt & J. D. Moore. 9 Aug 1854. (2-244) ... elected in Aug 1854, constable of Union Twp. for two years.  Sec, Daniel M. Dulaney a E.J. Tucker. 9 Aug 1854.(2-252)

PAYTON, John V1., binds himself as apprentice, to William Turner to learn trade of blacksmith until he is 2i on 18 Jan 1842. 27 Aug 1838. (101-102)

PICKLE, Elizabeth, John, Abraham & Solomon, under age 14, minor heirs of Solomon Pickle, dead.  G&C, Joseph Cole.  Sec, William Murphy 11 Mar 1851. (2-134) Elizabeth K., John VI., Abraham & Solomon T., infant children of Solomon Pickle, dead, all under age 14.  G&C, Thomas J. Gillaspy.  Sec, Thomas Poage, D. M.
Dulaney & James P. Grove. 2 Oct 1854. (2-259)

POOL, Thomas, elected county collector for year 1837.  Sec,
Samuel Pool & James C. Fox. (It was shown as James C. Fox in
body of bond, but James T., as signature.)        31 Dec 1836. (83)
Thomas Pool was elected sheriff for year 1838.  Sec, J.H. Pavey &
POOL, Thomas, (cont.) 21 James C. Fox. 2 Feb 1338. (104) Same, for year 1839.  Sec, Jesse H. Pavey & James C. Fox. 12 Jan la39. (111) ... sheriff & ex-officio collector.  Sec, James C. Fox, & Joel Haupin. 16 Jan i840. (i42-143)

POWERS, Susan Rebecca, Hester, Mary Francis, Sarah Julia, John Henry Clay, minor heirs of John Powers, decd.  G&C, Isaac Coppedge. 2 July 1850. (2-118)

PRICE, Leslie, minor heir over age 14 years, of John R. Price, decd, chose as guardian, Philip Williams.  Sec, Robert Price & Joseph T.B. Hagan. 21 Dec 1333. (23-24) Court appointed James Cox guardian of Benjamin C. Price, Elizabeth Price & Clay Price, minor heirs of John R. Price, decd.  Sec, Robert Price & T. L. Miller. 24 Dec 18331. (24-25)
Ann L. Price, minor heir of John R. Price, decd.  Guardian, Cornelius Edwards. 3 Feb 1834.  Sec, Caleb Wood & Robert Price. (26-27 & 37-38) Ann Price, age about 15 years, minor heir of John R. Price, decd, chose for guardian, Robert P. Stout.  Sec@ Robert Price. 9 June 1834.@(47)

PRICE, John R., decd.  A8mr, Samuel Crow, with will annexed, posted bond as security for any debts which may be due against the estate of the decd, for having delivered to Robert Price, one of the heirs, a negro woman, Penelope, a negro boy, Peter, and a negro girl, Harriet.  Philip Williams, as guardian of Leslie Price, one of the heirs of John R. Price, gives bond to Samuel Crow, admr, of estate, for taking into possession slaves from the estate for Lesly, to wit: a negro woman, Winy, a negro girl, Caroline, and a negro child, Jack.  Sec, Robert Nesbit. 16 Jan 1835. (51)

PRICE, Benjamin, minor of John R. Price, decd, chose for guardian, John M. Long.  Sec, Gustavous M. Bower. 15 Nov 1836. (75) ...chose Robert P. Stout for his guardian.  Sec, Charles Yeakey & Milton Wilkerson. 5 Feb 1839. (117)

PRICE, Elizabeth, under age 11, and Clay Price, under age 7, minor heirs of John R. Price, decd.  Guardian, Levi F. Hall.  Sec, Burton W. Hall & Robert Price. 27 Feb 1837. (34) ... chose Robert P. Stout

PRICE, Mariam, was appointed G&C of Clay Price, minor heir of John R. Price.  Sec, Robert P. Stout. 11 Dec 1839. (139)

PRICE, Clay, minor heir of John R. Price.  Levi F..Hall appointed guardian.  Sec, Jno.  Heard Jesse H. Pavey. 6 May 1840. (149) Theodore G. Price was made guardian of H. Clay Price, minor heir of John R. Price, decd.  Sec, Joseph White. 11 Sept 1841. (171) Court appointed Levi F. Hall his guardian.  Sec, John W. Ragsdall & Thomas Poage. 15 Mar 1841. (167)1@

PURDOM, Francis E., minor heir of Thomas A. Purdom,,under age 14.  G&C, John Williams.  Sec, T.E. Williams. 2 Jan 1849. (2-100)

RAGSDALE, Thomas W., over age 14, minor heir of James Ragsdale, decd, chose for G&C, John 'W. Ragsdale. 6 June 1853.  Sec. Drury Ragsdale. (2-199)


RAGSDALE, Richard & John W., over age 14, minor heirs of James Ragsdale, decd, chose George Williamson for GL'CC.  Sec, William Styles. 6 June IS53. (2-200) James Cornelius ('@< Mary Amanda, minor heirs of James Ragsdale, decd, under age 14.  GUSC, William Styles.  Sec, George Williamson. 6 June 1853. (2-201) Thomas V1.,
minor heir over 14, of James Ragsdale, decd, chose John Till.  Rags-
dale for G&C- Sec, Drury Ragsdale. 6 June 1853. (2-204)

RAGSDALE, Drury & Cornelius, heirs of Joseph Ragsdale.  I Guardian
J@ W. Ragsdale.  Sec, Horace McCenny & 'tVilliam Goss. 8 Feb
1838. (105)

RAGSDALE, Cornelius, was chosen G&C of Robert Ragsdale P_ William L. Ragsdale. (In one p-lace it says they are children of his first wife, and In another, it says they are children of Joseph Rags-
dale.) Sec, Joseph Ragsdale & Drury Ragsdale.           11 Sept 1854.
RAGLAND, Thomas B., appointed county collector for 1336.  Sec,
George M. Buckner & J. C. Fox. 2 Feb 1836. (64-65)

REED(RE'ID), Sarah V.`., George Anderson & Thomas H. Reid, minor heirs of Sylvester Reid, decd. G&C, Charles E. Allen.  Sec, James M. Yager. 21 June 1841. (168) Thomas H., minor heir, over 14 years, of Sylvester Reed, decd, chose John A. Snell for G"'C, Sec, James Ownby. 6 June 1853. (2-202)

 REED 9 Marshall, infant heir, over age 14, of Anderson Reed,
 decd, chose VJalter Robinson as guardian. Sec, John G. Caldwell.
 7 Dec 1852. (2-173 Q 174)
 REED9 ivjilliam T., Andrew W., and Nathan R. Reed, infant heirs of
 A. W. Reed, decd. G&C, Henderson Davis. Sec, John Tijright &

Thomas J. Reed. 6 Feb 1854. (2-213)
REID, Elizabeth, minor heir of Jarres Reid, decd.  G&C, Alexander
R. Oldham.  Sec, Jesse Oldham. 4 Sept 1840. (156)
RICE, America, minor heir over 14 of Nathan@el Rice, decd, chose for G&C, Henrietta Rice.  Sec, Milton Saling & John W. Snell. 3 Feb 1852. (2-151)


RIDINGS, George, was appointed G&C of Joseph -Ldings, his infant child under age 14.  Sec, John A. Snell. 3 Jan 1854. (2-232)

ROBINSON, Walter, was appointed curator for his child, Mary Jane Robinson, under age 14.  Sec, John '.e.Tilliams & Thomas Crutcher. 4 Aug 1852. (2-162)

ROBY, Hezekiah, was appointed G&C of Francis, James, Mary, Deby, Margaret, Thomas J., & Eliza Roby, his infant heirs.  Sec, David Wooldridge & Wesley Roby. 2 Sept 1850. (2-122)

RODGERS, Enoch, infant heir of Joseph L. Rodgers, under 14.  G&C,
Enoch Wilson.  Sec, Alfred Wilson. 8 May 1852. (2-157) Ann
Eliza, infant heir, under 14, of Joseph L. Rodgers, decd.  G&C'
Alfred Wilson.  Sec, Wesley Wilson & Enoch Wilson. 8 Dec 1852.-,
(2-176 & 177) Elizabeth, minor 14, of Joseph L.@ Rodgers, decd, chose Enoch Rodgers for G&C.  Sec, Wesley Wilson & Alfred Wilson.
8 Dec 1852. (2-177 & 178)                                       cont.)


3C -DS

RODGERS, John Sanford Alfred Wesley, infant heirs of Joseph L.
Rodgers, decd, under age 14.  G&C, Wesley Wilson.  Sec, Alfred
Wilson & Enoch Wilson. 8 Dec 1852. (2-,179 & i3O)

RUNKLE, William, appointed collector of taxes for 1832.  Sec, Daniel East & James R. Abernathy. 7 Feb 1832. (10-11)

RUNKLE, Eliza, binds her son William Runkle, age 11 years on 17 June 1836, minor heir of David Runkle, decd, to John Stone until he is 21 on 17 June 1346, to be taught carpenter's trade. 2i Sept 1336. (30-81)

SAILING, William, minor heir of John Sailing, decd.  Carr.  Sec, Richard Porter. 5 Mar 1851. (2-132)

SAUNDERS, Mahulda, found by jury to be insane.  Court appointed guardian, William Ransdale.. 'Sec, Alexander Thompson. 2 May 1837. (86)

SCALES, Oliver, infant heir of Henry Scales, decd, over age 14, chose Thomas N. Stephens for GL'CC.  Sec, Reuben S. Settle. 6 Nov 1854. (2-264)

SCOTT, Benjamin, minor heir of Jonathan Scott, decd.  G&C, Jonathan Gore.  Sec, R. H. Buchanan & J. H. Bodine. 8 Nov 1848. (198) James M. Scott, minor heir of Jonathan Scott, decd, over age 14, chose G&C, Thomas Crutcher.  Sec, Charles Crutcher & Joel Maupin. 12 Feb 1855. (2-281)

SHARP?  Mary E., Richard L., William F. & John M., infant heirs of John A. Sharp, decd.  G"IC, Levi Shortridge, Sec, Albert G. Shortridge. 12 Feb 1853. (2-IS6)

SHEARIIIAN, John, minor heir over aQe 14 of John H. Shearman, decd chose William Shearman for G&C.  Sec, Wm.  M. Sharp. 2 June i851. (2-138) John Shearman, minor heir over 14 of T hn H. Shearman,
decd, chose John N. Parsons for G'C.  Sec, Davis Scott. 9 Nov
1852. (2-171 & 172) (may be same as following record)

SHERMAN, Martha, was chosen G&C by Thomas B. Sherman over age 14
and appointed G&C for Mary F., Lucy M., Jane E., Cornelius A.,
Susan & Martha F. Sherman, infant children under age 14, of John
H. Sherman, decd.  Sec, D. W. Major. 18 Dec 1852. (2-180 &181)
(may be the same as the Shearman record).

SHEPHERD, Hayden, "a poor male child who will be 14 years old on the 8th of Dec. next" has no father living and his mother,' Katharine Mays is allowing him to grow up in idleness without any means of obtaining an honest livelihood, and she gave the court written consent for said Hayden to be bound as apprentice to Enoch Hayden, Jr., until age 21, to learn farming. 7 Aug 1839. (131-132)

SHOOVS), Cassander, James, Mary Ann & Littleberry, minor heirs of John Shoots, decd., in open court, chose for guardian William Shoots.  Sec, John B. Gaines & Christopher E. Acuff. 13 June 1836. (72) Littleberry Shoot, being a minor heir of John Shoot, decd, age i5 on the '27 July 1839, with consent of his

G&C, James

SHOOT (S), (cont. guardian, T 4-1 liam Shoot, bound himself to
Robert Wright until 10 Nov 1843, to learn tailoring business.
I Jan 1839. (113-114)

SHORTRIDGE, Robert, Juliett F., Marinda L. & Margaret J@, minor orphans of George Shortridge, decd.  Guardian, Richard D. Powers. , Sec, James Poage 8, Thomas Poage. 15 June 1840, (150)

SIDNER, Jacob & Thomas A., infant heirs over 14 of John Sidner,

decd, chose Noah A. Sidner for G&C.  Sec, Reece Davis a Martha Heathman.  Nov 1854. (2-268)

SIMPSON, James F., Robert R. &     Margaret Jane, minor heirs of
John Simpson, decd.  Guardian,      Robert Simpson.      Sec, Lee Willis
& John S. McGee.     19 Sept 1236.   (73)

SINCLAIR, William D. & Jemima, infant heirs of James T. Sinclair, decd, under age 14.  G&C, Robert Sinclair, Sec, Willis Samuels. 2 May 1853. (2-194)

SIZEMORE9 Wesley D., Mary E. A., & Susan, minor orphans of

Jourdan Sizemore, decd.  Guardian, Mary Sizemore.  Sec, Ezra Fox & William S. Fox.  I 3 Nov 1339. (136)

SMITH, James H., was appointed in Ralls Co., at Feb term, 1829, guardian of George '-I.  Smith, infant orphan of James H. Smithl over 14, and also for John Smith and Hugh Smith, under age 14, orphans of James H. Smith.  Sec, John McGee & William W. Wilcockson.  Transcript of this sent by Charles Glascock, clerk of Ralls co., to 0. TPT.  McBride, clerk of Monroe Co., 24 Mar 1834. (39-40)

SMITH, James H., of Greene Co., IL-lo., appoints John McGee of Monroe Co. as attorney for himself and as guardian of George V1., John E@ Hugh Smith (the latter are minor heirs of James H. Smith7 decd) and the former has lately become of age (George 1'.1.) Attorney is to account for and make a final settlement of account of George 'i,l.  Smith and to take transfe-r of guardianship of the other two minors. 5 May 1834. (42-43)

SMITH, George T.I., age 21, of unsound mind and incapable of

managing his own affairs.  Guardian, John il.  McGee.           Sec, John
S. McGee C", John H. Curry.   6 I-lay 1234. (45)   George !1. Smith,
age 22 years, found to be a person of unsound mind and incap-
able of managing his affairs.       Guardian, Ephraim Smith.        Sec,
John H. Curry.    19 Aug 1335. (56)

SMITH, Nancy H., minor orphan of Hugh Smith, decd.  Guardian, James H. Smith.  Sec, John S. McGee & Philip Williams. 6 May 1834. (44) Prudence M. Smith, minor heir of Hugh Smith, decd,'@. chose for G&C, James H. Smith.  Sec, TWilliam A. Delany & Ephraim Smith. 17 Aug 1835. (55)

SMITH, Thomas, minor orphan of George Smith, decd, age 13 on 4 Mar 1837@ bound himself to Thomas J. Bailey as apprentice until age 21, on 13 Mar 1845 - to be taught to read & write, and at end of servitude to be given two new suits of clothes, a Bible? a horse & bridle worth $75.00, and 80 acres of land to be worth at least $100. 3 May 1837. (87-88)


SMITH, Sarah Ann, Ursula, John William & Enoch A., minor heirs of Jeptha P. Smith.  G&C, Sally Waller.  See, Gerard Fowkes a Fountain Chandler. 11 Feb 1851. (2-130)

SMITH, Richard O., Ann Eliza, Enoch H., & Udoltha M., infant heirs of Payton H. Smith, deed.  G&C, Powell Ownby.  See, N. H. Marders, Preston Swinney & Chesley Swinney. 5- Aug i351. (2-140)

SMITH, John R., was appointed curator of Thomas E., Ann V., Oliver P.Y & Emerine Smith, infant children of said John R. Smith.  See, John B. Rudacell. 7 Feb 1853. (2-183 & 184)

SMITH, Rosa Ann, was chosen and appointed C&G of Mary T., James E., Martha B., Thomas J.C., Beldixira?  L., Rosa J. & Julia H. Smith, heirs of James H. Smith, deed.  See, J. H. McKamey & L%T.K. Vanarsdall. 4 Apr 1353. (2-193)

SMITH, Samuel S., was aproin'Eed by the cou--ty court to be collector of state and county taxes.  See, James C. Fox, William Runkle & James Mappin. 2 May 1831@ (2-3) Samuel H. Smith was appointed county assessor for 1834.  See, James C. Fox & Joseph H. Smith. 4 Feb 1834. (27-28)

SOMERS, Mary Jane, appointed guardian of Catherine Somers, infant heir of Walter Somers, deed.  See, Geo.  Foust. 2 Oct 1348. (195)

SPARKS, George R. C"( Samuel, infant heirs of James P. Sparks, decd,
over age 14.  G&C, William M. Sparks.  See, Richard Threlkeld &
Henry J. Sparks. 6 Aug 1851. (2-144) Nancy Ellen & Mary
Catherine, infant heirs of James P. Sparks, deed.  G&C, Roberson
Threlkeld.  See, Wm.  M. Sparks & Henry J. Sparks. 6 Aug 1851. (2-141)

SPEED, James, was elected in Aug 1354, constable of Jackson Twp for two years.  See, Joel Maupin, Thomas Crutcher & J. A. Bodine. 14 Aug 1854. (2-254)

STEPHENS, John D., was elected at the Aug 1852 election, county assessor for 2 years.  See, Levi Shortridge & M. L. Sharp. 4 Oct 1852. (2-182) John D. Stephens was elected in Aug 1854, county assessor.  See, Levi Shortridge & Ashley Carter. 4 Sept 1854. (2-247 & 248)

STEVENS, John A., Dillard, Marv & Francis Stevens, minor children 0.4 John Stevens.  Guardian, James M. Stevens.  See, Powel S. Ownby & Caleb Embree.  I Nov 1341. (173)

STEWART, William, Joseph, Mary, James, Jane, Walker & Robert, minor heirs of James Stewart, deed.  Guardian, Robert Hanna.  See, Reuben Underwood. 3 Feb 1841. (164)'

STRIBLING, Eliza Loupene, James Orland & Grizza Lorretta, infant heirs of Taliaferro Strdbling, deed, over 14.  G&C, Milton Wilkerson.  See, James W. Herndon & Thos.  J. Chowning.  I Oct 1849. (2-111) Lafrena, Orland & Lorretta, infant children of Taliaferro Stribling, deed.  G&C, Mason @-Iilkerson. 6 Aug 1852.  Sec, Thomas Poage & Charles Yeakey. (2-160)

SWINDLE, James B., was elected assessor for year 1342.  Sec, Samll 1. Quirey. 6 Dec 1841. (177)

SWINNEY, Henry A., chose for his guardian, Joseph D. Swinney. sec, F@ E. Fox & Urban East. 16 Nov 1836. (77)

SWINNEY, Preston, appointed county assessor.  Sec, John Burton --hesley Swinney. 31 Dec 1839. (140)

rANNER, Silas & Mary Allen Tanner, minor orphans of Ephraim ranner, decd.  Guard'an, Uriel Rouse, Sec, Jeremiah Rouse. 13 Dec 1841. (176)
THOMPSON, Nancy, -ILound by court -1-c he of unsound mind.  Guardian, Thomas Thompson.  Sec, Jas.  R. Abernathy. 10-1 May 1838. (99)

THOMPSON, George, jairtes, Alexander Malvina -'z Eliza, infant children of Mary Ann Thompson, decd.  Curator of estate, Wm.  J. Howell.  Sec, Smith Thom7,son & Martin Bodine. 4 Dec 1854.(2-276)

TOWNSON, William S., age about 20 yrs.  Cabel Mills was appointed his guardian un-'@_-Jl he is 21.  Sec, Jacob Harper & Thomas
Pool.  28 Mar 1836. (116)

TRIPLETT, James C., elected county assessor. 3 Dec 1833. (112)

Sec, Joel Mau-0in.

TURNER, Clement, age 15 years on the 21 June 1340, minor orphan of Clement Turner, decd, with consent of court, bound himself to James Ragsdall until age 21 on the 21 June 1846. (152-153)

VAUGHN, William, was chosen G&C by Mary S. Vaughn, over age 14, and appointed G&C, of Martha J., Benj.  F., a John G. Vaughn, under age 14, and all heirs of his late wife, Eliza Vaughn, Sec, John D. Poage & Alfred Wilson. 6 Aug 1851. (2-1-42)

VAUGHN, Lucinda J., Ann E., John N., Sarah C., & Cary F., minors under 14 of Martha C. Vaughn, decd.  G&C, Thomas F. Vaughn.  Sec, Milton J. Embree. 10 Feb 1854. (2-216)

WALKUP 7 Nancy P. & Lucy Ann, over 14 years, chose James W. Herndon for G&C, and he was appointed G&C for Cindarella, Mary Amanda, John Samuel & l@'im.  Henry Walkup, under age 7t4, all infant heirs of John Walkup, decd.  Sec, E. N. Daniel C', Samuel H. Herndon. 6 Aug 1852. (2-1@9)

WEATHERFORD, Caroline Ann, Benjamin F., Margaret, Martha Jane & Robert, mincrs@ Guardian, Francis McCord.  Sec, Geo.  J. Weatherford & Robert Gwyn. 7 Ma- 1838. (96)

WELCH, Giles H., age 12 on I July 1834, infant heir of Isaiah Welch, decd, bound to James H. Smith, as apprentice to learn blacksmith, untill age 21 on 1 July 1843.  Sec, Samuel trade of
Cutright. 4 Nov 1834. (33-34) Wiley Ti"elch, minor heir of Isaiah Welch, decd.  G&C, Jacob H. Ford.  Sec, Enoch Wilson. 6 Mar 1848.
WEST, John B. & Thomas S.  51 minor orphans of Willis West, decd.
Guardian, Hugh Withers.  Sec, J. W. Campbell & John Wright. 4 Nov
1839. (134)
WHITE, Joseph, Jr., minor heir of Joseph White, Senr, decd.  G&C, Bartlett White.  Sec, James M. White. 5 Jan 1852. (2-149)


WILCOXSON, Ephraim H., infant heir under age 14 of Wm.  Wilcoxson,
decd.  G&C, A.C. Goodrich.  Sec, Isaac Coppedge. 7 Apr 1851.(2-133)

WILKERSON, Milton, appointed assessor for year 1835.  Sec, Presley
Wilkerson co, Charles Yeakey. 2 Feb 1835. (62) Same,!,--40. (158)

WILLIAMS, Ann Eliza & Cordelia P., infant heirs of S. P. Williams, decd.  G-"',C, P.!,-I. Burgess.  Sec, Wesley Wilson c,< Wm.  J. Freeland. 6 Nov 1852. (2-167 & 168)

WILSON, Wesley & Enoch, minor heirs of San(dford ililson, decd.  Guardian, Alfred Wilson.  Sec, James Vaughn. 6 Aug 1339. (127) Newton & Sandford E., minor heirs of Sandford Wilson, decd.  Guardian, David Steel.  Sec, Jonathan Gore Q'X James H. Smith. 6 Aug 1839. (128)

WOLF, Levi, decd.  Admr, Geo.  L. Hearmon who made final settlement and per court order 3aid all due Henry Wolf.  Sec, John N. Parsons & George Wolf. 5 Feb 1839. (119)

'YAGER, Robert M., minor heir of James M. Yager, decd, over age 14, chose for G&C, Wm.  Bassett.  Sec, Wm.  Farrell. 8 Feb 1853.(2-187) Columbus F., minor child over 14, of James 1,1.  Yager, chose Geo.  H. Bassett G&C.  Sec, Wm.  N. Bassett. 7 Mar 1853. (2-190)

YANCY, Marshall, Jane C', William, minor heirs of William Yancy, decd.  Guardian, Nimrod Canterberry.  Sec, George Poage & Thomas Mosley. 7 Nov 1838. (103)

YATES, Nancy, was appointed G&C of Tames, Elizabeth, Thomas, Rosan, Stephen, Philip, Vincent & William Yates, infant children of Vincent Yates, decd.  Sec, Benedict Carico. 5 June 1848. (191)

YATES, Catherine, was appointed G&C of Ann Louisa Yates, infant child of Felix Yates, decd? under age 14.  Sec, Eli Green C"', Calvin Shattuck. 3 Mar 1851. (2-131)

YOUNG, Mary, guardian of Sarah, Mary Ann, Rachel & Moses Young, minor heirs of Benjamin Young, decd. 'Dec, Thomas Young & Lawrence Boggs. 4 Feb 1839. (115)

Y0WELL, Robert, minor heir of Ephraim Yowell, decd, over 14, chose for G&C, John B. Yowell.  Sec, Newton Wilson & Aylette H. Walden. 5 Jan 1852. (2-148)


Graphics courtesy of Rhiossampler