Crimes, Accidents, & Disasters


Crimes, Disasters, & Accidents



Specific Cases

Abraham Witherup: 

Alexander Jester:

The Hade Brown Story  

Alleged Murder of Professor J. T. Vaughn

Murder of Mrs. Maybelle Kelly

Vandeventer Case: 

The Wade Trial

Other Articles about Crimes

Atrocious Murder!

A Brutal Murder

A Prayer That Will Live in History

John Alexander, Career of a Fast Young Man

Poison In Their Drinking Water

Pretty Girl is Arrested

Schoolhouse Assault

Shot, Probably Fatally

William Rouse Killed

Articles from the 1884 History of Monroe County

W. O. Creason

W. T. Johnson

Robert Cummings

Jeptha Heathman

George Stayton Killed by his Brother


Jeannie Searcy Killed by Train

Loses Ear

A Pioneer Tragedy

Edmund Ash in Accident

Car in Train Wreck


County's Worst Storm

Cyclone of 1876

Cyclone Sweeps Paris

Fire in Holliday

Florida in Flames

Heavy Storms & High Waters

Injured When Car Turned Over

No Useable Property Destroyed at Camp