Monroe City Century Club

Monroe City Century Club

The Monroe City Century Club was organized in 1898. The purpose of the club as outlined in the constitution was for the pursuit of literary subjects, intellectual development and social pleasure. The membership was limited to thirty.

The early members included among their number:

Mrs. Aaron Boulware

Miss Anna Boulware

Mrs. Bert Bull

Mrs. D. R. Campbell

Miss Mary Carson

Mrs. John W. Cox

Mrs. W. L. Ely

Mrs. A. H. Green

Mrs. Alfred Jaeger, Jr.

Miss Ber­tha Jaeger

Mrs. J. H. McClintic

Mrs. R. S. McClintic

Mrs. W. B. A. McNutt

Mrs. R. S. Nichols

Miss Bertha Nichols

Mrs. Thomas Proctor

Mrs. Anna Powers

Mrs. Cyrus Poage

Mrs. E. L. Rees

Mrs. W. L. Reid

Mrs. J. J. Rogers

Miss Caro­lyn Rogers

Miss Clara Stevens

Mrs. Hugh Stevens

Miss Ellen Walker

Mrs. M. B. Woods.

 The literary studies of this club have included some notable subjects, a com­prehensive course in Shakespeare and the Bay View Reading Course, which covered the history, art, music and literature of all the countries of the world being the most pretentious. During World War I, the war and its problems and home economics were the subjects of study.

The Century Club at all times has occupied a prominent place in community activities. It has sponsored exhibitions of fine paintings, has brought interesting speakers and entertainers to the town and in 1928 inaugurated a series of annual musicales, importing high class musical talent for each of the events. For a number of years it placed a group of the very best magazines in the public library. It has been active in the crippled children’s work and sophomore pilgrimage to Jefferson City fostered by the Missouri Federation of Women’s Clubs.

The club also has been a strong supporter of the scholarship loan fund and the endowment fund of the State Federation. It is a literary club federated with the State and National Federations of Women’s Clubs.

Present officers are: Mrs. Harry Smith, president; Mrs. Raymond Noel, first vice president; Mrs. Bertha Brown, second vice president; Mrs. Lester Johns, recording secretary; Mrs. Marvin J. Pitney, treasurer; Mrs. R. F. Lightbody, corresponding secretary. Other members include: Mrs. C. A. McClintic, a member for more than 50 years, Miss Laura Bell, Mrs. E. D. Crandall, Mrs. John Hardy, Mrs. D. T. Johnson, Mrs. R. M. Noel, Mrs. Frederick Popp, Mrs. J. D. Robey Jr., Mrs. Paul VanMarter, Mrs. 0. F. Orton and Miss Lulu Wilson.