Monroe County Cemetery-Overviews

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Cemetery Photographs

Views of the Entire Cemetery

(No individual headstone photographs)

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bannister_meeker_cemview.jpg (28258 bytes) Bannister-Meeker Cemetery

Courtesy of MaryBeth Kirtlink

bethel_ent_holiday1mo.jpg (88998 bytes) Bethel Cemetery, Holliday

Courtesy of Ginny Thomas

cappceme1.jpg (60062 bytes) Capp Cemetery

clintoncempic.jpg (225196 bytes)

Clinton Cemetery

Courtesy of Barry Zbornik

deercreekpic.jpg (83441 bytes) Deer Creek Cemetery
floridacemeteryentrance.jpg (95058 bytes) Florida Cemetery
foundersoverview.jpg (72752 bytes) Founders Cemetery
lomgbranchbaptcem.jpg (79322 bytes) Long Branch Cemetery
mgcemeteryoverview.jpg (44337 bytes) Middle Grove Cemetery

Courtesy of Janice Posey

mtairy22.jpg (10204 bytes) Mt. Airy
pleasanthillview.jpg (277141 bytes) Pleasant Hill
ststephenoverview.jpg (76679 bytes) St. Stephens 
salembaptcem2.jpg (43785 bytes) Salem Baptist Cemetery
santafecem.jpg (643214 bytes) Santa Fe Cemetery Entrance

Courtesy of Ginny Thomas

south_fork_cem1.jpg (91123 bytes) South Fork Cemetery Entrance

Courtesy of Ginny Thomas

unionoverview1.jpg (82833 bytes) Union Cemetery
victorcem.jpg (67265 bytes) Victor Cemetery
walnutgroveoverview.jpg (385037 bytes) Walnut Grove