African Americans in Monroe County  


Pink Kendrick

Pink Kendrick, 98, recalls people who were slaves in the Shield Area. Some former slaves that she knew were Myra Wheeler, John Greene, Frank Lee, Henry Dant, Alee, and Cele Allen.

Custom didnít allow children to call slaves Mr. and Mrs. They used the title of Aunt of Uncle.

The work of the slaves she knew was farm work, which was hard work. Many of the slaves stayed in the little cabins provided for them after freedom, because they could not find work.

Pink recalls being told about people who after their freedom went to look for their mates, who had been sold, only to discover that they had new partners.

If the owner thought marriage was important, the slaves were married.

  Slaves were often baptised and slave owners brought them to church. At the Big Creek Presbyterian Church there is a balcony where slaves were seated during services. Slaves are buried in unmarked graves at the Brush Creek Church.