Monroe County & the Civil War



When the Civil War came to United States, Missouri was a state divided by blood and loyalty, and supplied thousands of men to both sides. Through most of 1861, the Confederate government was reluctant to support the Missouri State Guard troops because the state had not officially aligned itself with the Confederacy. However on November 25, 1861, Missouri was officially admitted as the 12th Confederate State.  

Pindall’s Sharpshooters was formed at Fort Smith, Arkansas after November 10th of (1862). It was then officially designated 9th Battalion Missouri Sharpshooters and its commanding officer was Major Lebbeus A. Pindall.  

Initially three companies were formed from pre-existing Missouri units. Members of Reaves Partisan Rangers and Captain Foster’s Missouri Battery formed Company A of Pindall’s Sharpshooters . Companies B and C were formed from members of the 10th, 11th, and 16th Missouri Regiments. In June of 1863 a 4th company was added, Company B of Franklin’s Regiment Missouri Infantry became Company D 9th Missouri Sharpshooters. (It's not known when Company E was added, but this company was with Pindall at Pleasant Hill on April 9, 1864 and Jenkins' Ferry on April 30, 1864. Company F was formed shortly after November 30, 1864.  

The 9th Bn Mo SS was later assigned to Burns’ Brigade, Parsons’ Division and lastly to the 1st Missouri Brigade, 1st Missouri Division, 2nd Corps, Trans-Mississippi Department.  

The Sharpshooters were in their first battle less than a month after the formation of the battalion. On December 7, 1862, they distinguished themselves at the Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas. The 9th Bn Mo SS also participated in battles at Helena, Arkansas; Pleasant Hill, Louisiana; Camden, Arkansas; and Jenkins Ferry, Arkansas.  

On June 2, 1865, nearly two months after Lee surrendered in Virginia, General E. Kirby Smith surrendered the Trans-Mississippi Department. The 9th Bn Mo SS was included in the surrender and its men were paroled on June 7, 1965. 

The 9th Missouri flag, made by the ladies of New Orleans and presented to the unit by General Price, was never lost in battle. It is kept at Little Rock’s Old Capital Museum. 

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