History of Monroe County

Monroe County in 1931

Population, 13, 500.

District schools, 95.

Churches, more than 50.

High schools, 6.

Road districts, 60.

Banks, 6; assessed at $450,650.

Newpaper, 4. The Paris mercury, Monroe County Appeal, Madison Times and Monroe City News.

Total valuation $19,346,750.

Assessed valuation of farm lands, $14,600,980.

Acres in farms, 421,111.

Number of pieces of town property, 3,821.

Total value of town property, $2,091,520.

Assessed valuation of personal property, $1,206,950.

Source: Centennial edition of the Monroe County Appeal dated 13 Aug 1931; submitted by Mary Beth Kirtlink.

Graphics courtesy of Rhiossampler.com