1917 Madison Directory

1917 Madison Directory

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Madison Telephone Directory

Revised Edition April 1, 1917

Fred Lineberry, Manager 

A city of 800 population located in the western part of Monroe County on the M. K. & T. R. R. in the garden spot of Missouri and is noted for its up-to-date stores and fine farms which surround it. It has four nice churches, a new $17,000 school building and many fine residences.

The C. B. & Q. railroad is building a new line from Monroe City to Moberly and the new road runs through the north section of our city, giving us the best railroad facilities in the county.

The top prices prevail here for all kinds of farm products and the merchandise offered by our business men is as good and cheap as can be found anywhere. Six rural free delivery routes denote the volume of our post office business.

Madison is one of the best and most progressive little cities in northeast Missouri. Steps are now being taken for the installation of a light plant and many more public improvements will be added to our up-to-date growing city. The town needs a good community to support it and a good community needs a good town. Both go together so let’s all boost for Madison and the Madison community.

 To Patrons

It is our desire to furnish our patrons with the best telephone service at all times and also to keep them posted on subjects of general interest. For our Rural Patrons, when we have special information of interest to all we will send a succession of short rings over the line as a signal—Rush to the phone and say “All right.” Central will then give the information to the line.

It is our desire and intention to keep all telephones in perfect condition and give the best of service. Please report to “Information Operator” if phone is out of order or service poor; we will thank you for assisting us.

Residence Telephones per month = $1.00

Business or Office phones = $1.50

Rural phones, per year in advance = $4.00 

50 cents is charged for moving a telephone from one room to another. 75 cents is charged for moving a telephone from one residence to another. Two independent parties using the same telephone in the same residence will be charged 35 cents per month additional. Subscribers allowing neighbors the use of their telephone will be charged 50 cents per month additional. Rentals on party lines are due quarterly in advance.  We hold companies on rural lines responsible for all dues. 

All calls on party are limited to 5 minutes.