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My name is Dianna Hale Mattingly, and I am the new county coordinator for the Miller County MOGenWeb page (which was founded by Ted Hitt). If you see any errors on these pages or can contribute information, please let me know. If you would like to volunteer to host a county in Missouri contact Dianna Hale Mattingly.

I have newly updated ALL the cemeteries in Miller County and have added a few new cemeteries since they were originally inventoried.


**** I have listed new in 2015 an alphabetical listing of those who are interred in Miller County cemeteries and include what cemetery they are in. I have them listed as Interred - A thru B; C thru E; F thru G; H; I thru L; M thru P; Q thru U; and V thru Z. This also includes several interred that the information was illegible and it is listed as incomplete - - - However, the interred listings DOES NOT INCLUDE the listings from Greenmore Memorial or the Freedom cemetery. The alphabetical listings are Miller County Cemeteries only...

Some of the cremations listings are actually burials, but I add what cemetery they are buried in since they were area residents or were at one time.

Miller County is a county located in Central Missouri in the United States. Its county seat is Tuscumbia. Miller County was organized February 6, 1837, from Cole and Pulaski counties and named for John Miller, governor of Missouri. **** According to other records it was named after Pinckney Story Miller. He is buried in the Mt Pleasant Cemetery. Pinkney Story Miller - 23 Mar. 1827 19 June 1912 - 1st male white child born in Miller County. You can find articles about Pinkney Story Miller and his family and life online.

I have tried to show a special thank you to all of our Veterans by mentioning this fact and what branch they served in by each of their lisiting. **** What is a Veteran? A "Veteran" - whether active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve - is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to the "United States of America," for an amount of "up to, and including their life." This is a great honor.

This page belongs to Miller County, Cemeteries, MO Genealogy.

Here are some of my favorite websites:

Miller County Cemeteries - Mo Genealogy

Home Page - Miller County Museum & Historical Society

CHECK IT OUT....Within this (Miller County Museum and Historical Society) is a page that lists Miller County Marriages and lists both the Bride and Groom and the date they were married.

Note: All photographs on this page were taken by and are copyrighted by Ted Hitt, unless otherwise indicated.  Permission to reproduce them with proper credit to the copyright holder is granted!

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Military Records

Through the generosity of Robert McKinley, we have the following important resources:




Cemeteries - listings submitted by Dianna Hale-Mattingly (New 2015


  • Ahart Cemetery
  • Ahart Family Cemetery
  • Airhardt Cemetery
  • Albertson Cemetery
  • Alder Springs Cemetery
  • Allee - Martin - Dean Cemetery
  • Allen Cemetery
  • Artz-Wenzel Cemetery
  • Atkisson Cemetery
  • Atwell Cemetery
  • Ballard Cemetery
  • Barnhart Cemetery
  • Bear Cemetery
  • Belk Cemetery
  • Berry Family Cemetery (New listing - 2014)
  • Bievans Cemetery
  • Billingsley Cemetery
  • Bilyeu Cemetery
  • Bilyeu II Cemetery
  • Birdsong Cemetery
  • Birdsong II Cemetery
  • Blue Springs Cemetery
  • Blue Springs Church Cemetery
  • Boan Family Cemetery
  • Boltz Cemetery
  • Brandt Cemetery
  • Brays Cemetery
  • Brown Cemetery
  • Brumley Family Cemetery
  • Capps Cemetery
  • Carlton Cemetery
  • Carroll - Hickman Cemetery
  • Challes Family Cemetery
  • Charleytown Cemetery
  • Clark Family Cemetery
  • Clark Homestead Cemetery
  • Clark Personal Cemetery
  • Colburn Family Cemetery
  • Colvin Cemetery
  • Curry Cemetery
  • Dake Cemetery
  • Denny Cemetery
  • Dobson Cemetery
  • Dooley Cemetery
  • Duncan Cemetery
  • Duncan - Shelton Cemetery
  • Dwyer Cemetery
  • Dyer Cemetery
  • Edwards Cemetery
  • Eldon Cemetery
  • Eldon Memorial Gardens
  • Embry Cemetery
  • Gageville Cemetery
  • Gardner Cemetery
  • George Family Cemetery (New listing - 2014)
  • Gott Cemetery
  • Graham Family Cemetery (New listing - 2014)
  • Greenberry Family Cemetery (New listing - 2014)
  • Greenridge Cemetery
  • Groves Family Cemetery
  • Harbison Cemetery
  • Hawkins Cemetery
  • Henderson Cemetery
  • Hickory Point Cemetery
  • Hicks Cemetery
  • Hite Cemetery
  • Hopewell Cemetery
  • Iberia Cemetery
  • Indian Jim Henry - Rock House (New listing - 2014)
  • Jackson Cemetery
  • Jarrett Cemetery
  • Jeffries Family Cemetery
  • Jenkins - Bungart Cemetery
  • Jesse Kendrick Cemetery
  • Jim Henry - Rush Chapel Cemetery
  • Jukes Cemetery
  • Kelsay Family Cemetery
  • King Family Cemetery
  • Kinworthy Family Cemetery
  • Kuykendall Cemetery
  • Kissinger Family Cemetery
  • Lake Memorial Gardens Cemetery
  • Lake View Cemetery (New listing - 2014)
  • Lane Cemetery
  • Dick Lawson Cemetery
  • Leatherman Cemetery
  • Little Angel Cemetery
  • Livingston Cemetery
  • Long Family Cemetery (New listing - 2014)
  • Madden Cemetery
  • Manning Family Cemetery
  • Marshal Family Cemetery
  • Mathews Family Cemetery
  • Martin Family Cemetery
  • Marys Home Cemetery
  • McComb Family Cemetery
  • McDonald Family Cemetery
  • McDowell Family Cemetery
  • Morrow Cemetery
  • Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
  • Mt. Pleasant Cemetery - No 1
  • Mt. Pleasant Cemetery - No 4
  • Mt. Union Cemetery
  • Mt. Vernon Cemetery
  • Mt. Zion Cemetery - New
  • Mt. Zion Cemetery - Old
  • Mulkey Cemetery
  • Musick Family Cemetery
  • Musick II Cemetery
  • New Hope Cemetery
  • Nixdorf Cemetery
  • Oak View Church Cemetery
  • Old Hawken Cemetery
  • Olean Cemetery
  • Pankey Cemetery
  • Phillips Family Cemetery
  • Pine Family Cemetery
  • Pleasant Hill Cemetery
  • Popplewell Cemetery
  • Ramsey Cemetery
  • Rankin - Wright Cemetery
  • Reed Cemetery
  • Reynolds Cemetery
  • Riley Lamm Cemetery
  • Old Riverview Cemetery - Original (New listing - 2014)
  • Riverview Church Cemetery
  • Roark Family Cemetery
  • Robinett 1864 - Rodden Cemetery
  • Robinett Family Cemetery
  • Rodden Family Cemetery (New listing - 2014)
  • Salem Cemetery
  • Sander Family Cemetery
  • Scott Cemetery
  • Shauck Family Cemetery (New listing - 2014)
  • Shelton Cemetery
  • Shepard Cemetery
  • Shickett Cemetery
  • Skinner Cemetery and Tomb li>Singer Family Cemetery
  • Smith Cemetery
  • Smiths Cemetery
  • Spring Garden Cemetery
  • St. Anthony Cemetery
  • St. Lawrence Cemetery
  • Stark Cemetery
  • Sullivan Cemetery
  • Tallman Cemetery
  • Taylor Cemetery
  • Thomas West Cemetery
  • Tol-Wood Cemetery
  • Tomson Family Cemetery
  • Tuscumbia Cemetery
  • Union Cemetery
  • Vaughan Cemetery
  • Walker Family Cemetery
  • Warren Cemetery
  • Whitaker Cemetery
  • White Cemetery
  • Wickham Cemetery
  • Wilcox - Fitzgerald Cemetery
  • Williams - Pemberton Cemetery
  • Wilson Cemetery
  • Wilson II Cemetery
  • Wilson Cave Cemetery
  • Winters Family Cemetery (New listing - 2014)
  • Wood Family Cemetery
  • Wright Cemetery

    Cemeteries - other listings


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    I heartily recommend that new visitors search these archives for their surnames, since the archives contain many, many obituaries and other materials posted by volunteers.

    Can you help with these photos?

    • Barb Lowry would like to identify two ladies from her grandmother's picture book; their names may be Stubblefield, Hicks, Williams or Templeton.
    • Charlene Uchtman hopes to identify "Pa Paine" and "Aunt Jane" in a 1916 photo of the Vernon clan.

    [Miller Co. Courthouse]

    Miller County Courthouse, Tuscumbia, MO 65082

    • County Clerk has birth records from 1883 to 1891; County Recorder has marriage and divorce records; Probate Judge has property records; local register has burial records. It is best to check with the Missouri State Archives in Jefferson City, MO for these records first.

    A little history...

    Miller County, named after early Missouri Governor John Miller, was organized February 6, 1837 from parts of Pulaski and Cole Counties. It is situated twenty miles southwest of Jefferson City, the capitol of Missouri. The Osage River bisects the county. Bagnell Dam, on the western edge of the county, forms the Lake of the Ozarks.

    The first historical inhabitants of Miller County were the friendly Osage Indians. In 1822, the Indians had a village at the joining of Barren Fork and Tavern creeks, at the present Wilson Cave, named for John Wilson who later occupied the cave. The first white man to record his visits in Miller County was Zebulon M. Pike who, with a group of Indians, traveled up the Osage River, passing by the present site of Tuscumbia in 1806.

    The county seat of justice was established at Tuscumbia on land donated by James P. Harrison. The first county court session was held in the log cabin of an early settler, William Miller, located downriver from Tuscumbia.

    Major towns besides Tuscombia include Pleasant Mount, Spring Garden, Etterville, Eldon, Rocky Mount, Aurora Springs, Bagnell, Blackmer, Brumley, Capps, Faith, Iberia, Atwell, Brays, Blyse, Claxby, St. Elizabeth, Ramsey, Pleasantfarm, Ulman, Marys Home, and Brouses Bend.

    Click [HERE] to see a map of Miller County.

    Miller County Historical Marker

    Miller County Historical Society

    [Miller County Historical Society]

    P.O. Box 57
    Highway 52 West
    Tuscumbia, Missouri
    U.S.A. 65082-0057

    [Lupardus Cabin]

    The cabin built in the late 1860s by Peter Burton Lupardus, donated by Gary Flaugher and beautifully restored by the Lupardus descendents on the grounds of the Miller County Historical Society

    Surrounding Counties

    Moniteau Cole Osage
    Morgan Miller Maries
    Camden Pulaski

    To go further afield, look at the map of the counties of Missouri.

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