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Princeton Chautauqua Scene, 1909
Photograph provided
by Jerry Cox.
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an enlarged view.

For a very interesting explanation of Chautauquas,
please go to Chautauqua.
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Chautauqua Scene, 1909

Mercer County was organized February 14, 1845, from Grundy County and named for John F. Mercer, a Revolutionary War general. The County Seat is Princeton, Missouri 64673. Mercer County's Courthouse burned on March 24,1898.

Mercer County is divided into nine Townships:
  • Harrison
  • Lindley
  • Madison
  • Marion
  • Medicine
  • Morgan
  • Ravanna
  • Somerset
  • Washington

Mercer County History

Taken from:

Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri
Edited by Howard L. Conard
Vol. IV., 1901
Pages 327-328

A county in the northern part of the State, bounded on the north by the State of Iowa, east by Putnam and Sullivan Counties, south by Grundy County, and west by Harrison County.

It is not known that any white man settled in the territory now Mercer County until 1837, and up to that time the land was the hunting place of tribes of Fox, Sioux and Pottawottomie Indians.

The first to visit the county were traders, who made no permanent residence, but would spend a few months each year in bartering for the peltries of the Indians.

In 1837 a few families, who had for a time lived in older settled sections of Missouri, moved in the country which was then a part of the newly organized County of Livingston.

In 1841, when Grundy County was organized, what is now Mercer was included within its limits, and remained so until February 14, 1845, when the county was organized and named in honor of General Hugh Mercer, of Revolutionary fame.

In 1847 the county seat was located at Princeton, which was named after the place at which was fought the historic battle in which General Mercer lost his life.


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Mercer County Records:

Mercer County Courthouse
Princeton, MO 64673
660-748-4335 (Circuit Clerk)
660-748-3425 (County Clerk)

Recorder of Deeds: Index to deeds 1846-1886; Deed Records 1846-1886; Quitclaim deeds,1877-1892; Sheriff's deeds,1881-1935; Index to Marriage Records,1898-1933; Marriage Records,1898-1924; Application for marriage license,1898-1916

Clerk of the County Court: Permanent record of births,1883-1894; Register of births and stillbirths,1883-1894; Permanent record of deaths,1883-1894

Clerk of the circuit court: Circuit court records and index,1868-1887

Clerk of the Probate Court: Probate records,1849-1887; Will records and index 1853-1934.

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