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Monroe County Teacher's Institute Prepared Teachers For Certification

This article was published in the Monroe County Quarterly, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Summer 2007.

by Nancy Stone

Monroe County’s country schools are now a faded memory. Our pioneer families valued education and established subscription schools that served neighborhood children. The State Constitution of 1875 provided for free white and colored schools, and by 1884 Monroe County was dotted with 108 schools. Children between the ages of six and 20 were allowed to enroll. By most reports, students who attended the country schools feel that they received a good education.

August was a time to train the teachers. In the 1890s the state of Missouri passed an Institute law that required teachers to attend a 30-day Institute, at their own expense, to prepare to test for teaching positions. A teacher’s score determined the grade level they were certified to teach. The first Monroe County Teacher’s Institute was held at Paris in 1891. The second at the North public school building in Monroe City.

The Monroe City NEWS of July 28, 1892, said: “The main portion of the teachers of Monroe, and a few from adjoining counties, are in attendance. On Monday the enrollment was 83, which on Wednesday increased to 116. Last year when the institute was held at Paris the enrollment was 114. So it will be seen that the number of teachers in Monroe county is increasing, else those already here find it necessary to study a little harder in order to keep up with their classes and meet the arguments of a shrewd county commissioner when applying for certificates to teach.”

The Institute adjourned four weeks later with praise for the staff and hospitality of Monroe City. The teachers of Monroe County, in institute assembled, endorsed the institute law and extended to Hon. L. E. Wolfe their assurance that he has “our united cooperation in his policy for the future up building of the educational cause of the state as well as our thanks for his untiring efforts and selfsacrifice during the past.”

Prof. W. J. Hawkins of Nevada, conductor of the Institute, received high praise as did instructors Miss Effie Barrick of Kansas City, Prof. Isom Roberts of Middle Grove College and Prof W. C. Williams of Madison. Prof. Crutcher was the commissioner in charge of certifying teachers.

At the end of four week’s training, only seven participants failed to be certified and 28 had yet to find a position. Ninety teachers were certified and hired to teach the fall term at these schools:

Adams School - Miss Ethyl Nugent
Afflick School - J. F. Waller
Anderson School - W. T. Todd
Ash School - Miss Letha Noel
Belle School - Miss Annie E. Goodnight
Bonsal School - R. L. Gentry
Branham School - Miss Mollie Waller
Bryant School - J. Richmond
California - Miss Minnie Dinwiddle
Callis School - Benj. B. Brereson
Carter School - J. H. Nolan
Casey College - Miss Ida Armstrong
Cedar Bluff School - Miss Nora Smithey
Chandler School - W. H. Furnish
Clapper School - Miss Mary Skees
Cooley Academy, Macon Co - Irvin Woodson
Cox School - Miss Lela Dove
Crab Apple School - Miss Hattie Hendricks
Cradle of Science - James S. Wallace
Crutcher School - Miss Susie Ball
Dashner School - Miss Kathy Rodgers
Deer Creek School - J. T. Kendall
Duncan School - Miss Lena Goodnight
Evans School - E. E. Ash
Florida School - Miss Everette Masterson
Florida School - Miss May Kendall
Gibbs School - Miss Maacha Crump
Given School - Miss Anna Maxey
Goodnight School - Willie Eastwood
Granville School - W. W. Wallace
Greening School - Miss Amanda McCreery
Greenwood School - Miss Susie Snell
Grundy county - Miss Mary E. Cocklin
Hassard School - Miss Elizabeth Willis
Heavenwood - J. A. Bell
Hickory Grove School - Miss Annie Hughes
Holliday, grade 2 - Miss Lizzie Gwyn
Hurd School - Miss Bettie Mudd
Indian Creek School - Miss Maggie Pike
Jackson School - Miss Evadne Jones
Kirkland School - Miss Edith Jones
Kirtly School - Miss Lavonia Nevins
Lone Tree School - Miss Mollie Engle
Long Branch School - A. L. Lipp
Madison, First Ass’t - Miss Dollie Love
Madison, Principal - W. C. Williams
Madison, Room 1 - Miss Vada Lenhart
Madison, Room 2 - Miss Nora Waller
Marr School - Miss Olivia Ragsdale
Mason School - Miss Lucy Brown
McGee School - J. S. Maddox
McKamey School - Miss Ursula Phillips
McLeod School - R. L. Woodson
Middle Grove vicinity - A. P. Read
Monroe City Public, 4th grade - Mrs. Dora L. Hallock
Monroe City Public, grades 4-5 - Miss Julia Brown
Monroe Public, grade 2 - Miss Lulu Evans
Monroe Public, grades 5-6 - Miss Mary Martin
Mt. Pleasant, 1st grade - Miss Ida Gwyn
Mt. Pleasant - Miss Mary Walter
New Hope School - Miss Effie McKinney
Nolen School - Miss Myrta Ransdell
North Fork School - Miss Sallie H. Frye
Oak Ridge School - J. M. Craig
Oak Ridge School - J. F. Latham
Pettis county, MO - Earl Caldwell
Pleasant Green School - A. N. Snidow
Prairie S. H., Marion Co - Leo Sullivan
Salem School - Miss Lacella Ragsdale
Sharp School - Henry Rodgers
Smizer School - J. G. Ash
South Dakota - Miss Mollie Hubbard
South Fork School - Miss Minnie Waller
Spencer’s Chapel - D. M. Bryan
Star School - Miss Edith McAtee
Stone S. H., Marion Co - Miss Callie White
Stoutsville, primary - Miss Mae McLeiod
Strother School - I. N. Carman
Tuel School - William B. Hampton
Tulip School - Miss Lizzie B. Matthews
Turner School - Miss Florence Wood
Union School - Miss Mary M. Eustace
Wafer Ash School - Miss Julia C. Northcutt
Warren School - Miss Susie Wyne
Wommack School - J. B. Rogers
Woodlawn School - Miss Sallie Rodes
Wright School - Jas. Bassett, Jr
Wright School - Lizzie Woodson
Yeager School - Miss Ollie Chitwood

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