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Famous Stables at Madison Destroyed By Fire

This article was published in the Monroe County Quarterly, Vol. 3, Issue 3, Fall 2006.

Monroe County Appeal, 17 May 1956.

Fire of unknown origin destroyed the once famous training stable of the late H. Clay Bryant, northwest of Madison, Sunday night. Destroyed in the flames were five head of saddle and harness horses owned by Dr. I. J. Hammond of Moberly and H. C. (Slimmy) Bryant Jr., son of the late H. C. Bryant.

When the blaze broke out in the big 80 by 36 foot training barn no one was at the Bryant farm. Mrs. Bryant was in Moberly and a negro stablemen, Sparky Bassett of Madison, was also absent. The fire was discovered and an alarm sent in by a neighbor, Paul Wood, but when the Madison fire department arrived, it was beyond control.

Destroyed also was the former tack room nearby, occupied by Bassett as his sleeping quarters.

It was the second disastrous fire in the Madison area in a week. Last week, the former J. C. Frank home in Madison, once one of the finest in the county, went up in flames and its occupants, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shaw, lost more of their household goods.

The Bryant farm and stables for many years ranked among the foremost fine saddle and harness establishments in the Little Dixie bluegrass country. There it was that Bryant trained many famous horses that went on to win championships in many states. For some time the stables were not used, but recently Dr. Hammond and H. C. Bryant, Jr. had put some horses there for handling.

It was the second tragedy to strike at the Bryant farm. Last year a gas system exploded in the house, literally tearing it to pieces. It has not been rebuilt, but one or two rooms had been put into livable condition for occupancy when anyone was staying at the farm.

Advertisement, Saddle and Bridle Magazine, circa 1949.

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