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Browning, Isaiah

Browning, Jeremiah M.

Browning, Susan Walker Browning

Caldwell, Colin "Squire"

Caldwell, Josephine A.

Caldwell, Laura Mary Prater

Davidson, Sally F. Browning

Ellis, Ernest Benard

Ellis, Ruth O.

Exum, Elizabeth

Feese, Alowee

Laughlin, George C.

Laughlin, George Osman

Laughlin, J. O.

Laughlin, Mae

Laughlin, Naomi E.

Laughlin, Peter F.

Laughlin, Rachel Shipley

Lawson, Cecil E.

Lawson, Harvey

Lawson, Lois

Lawson, Rose Belle

Lawson, Wyatt E.

McQuitty, Neoda E.

Schell, Amos

Schell, Esther

St. John, Herbert Thomas

Stephens, Carlin

Stephens, Harvey

Stephens, Homer

Stephens, John W.

Stephens, Moses Clifford

Stephens, Nathan

Stewart, Mary Elizabeth

Thrasher, J. Lewis "Lew"

Watkins, Lydia/Lidia Browning

Youngblood, Gary W.

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