Duffield Cemetery
McDonald County, Missouri

Cem Heading

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Sec. 4, Twp 23N, Range 31W

From McNatt: north on McNAtt Road to Quail Road about 2.5 miles. Turn left, pass the low water crossing, on left is the Oak Grove Church and cemetery.

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This is not a complete listing. If you have information to share contact Susan

Last name First name Birth Death Comment
ALLEN Icie Myrtle 9/8//1880 5/8//1938 w/o James Allen
ALLEN Melvin D. ?/1918 4/7/1987 PFC US Army WWII
BALL Frank Clarence 9/30//1904 2/10/1957 s/o Eli Ball, h/o Zenobia, death cert. states h/o Carmen Alene Ball
BALL Zenobia MAHAN 7/22/1904 11/15/1938 d/o Silas Mahan and Izila Bingley, w/o Frank C.
BEELER Catherine 10/1854 ?1877
BEELER Elizabeth 5/17/1847 5/25/1871  
BEELER Joseph 8/18/182? 5/23/1880 h/o Mary
BEELER Mary ?20/1872 ?/7/19?6 w/o Joseph
BEELER Sarah 7/1/1851 7/17/1880  
BEELER N. W. ?/?/1840 5/22/1868  
BEELER W.H. 1/30/1853 7/31/1873  
BEELER William H. no date no date
BEELER unknown unknown ?/26/?  
BRIDGEWATER N. M. 1/2/1857 7/23/1880  
BRIDGEWATER N. M. no dates no dates
BRIDGEWATER S. M. ?/22/1877 ?/5/1877
BROCAW Sarah F. MAHAN 6/10/1873 11/5/1900 d/o J & M Mahan, w/o L. Brocaw
BURNETT Betty Jo CULP 8/12/1927 12/5/1956 d/o W. H. Culp and Beulah I., w/o Thomas E. Burnett
CULP Beulah I. 8/31/1903 5/28/1976 w/o William H.
CULP William H. 8/2/1901 10/31/1982 h/o Beulah I.
DUFFFIELD Joseph 10/7/1876 unknown  
DUFFIELD Grover C. 10/23/1892 11/14/1977 US Army WWI
DUFFIELD Robert 3/4/1846 10/11/1926 s/o Hedge T. Duffield and Mary Nuttingham, h/o Mary Beeler
DUFFIELD Mary BEELER 6/6/1861 12/14/1917 d/o L. B. Beeler, w/o Robert
DUFFIELD Josie 4/4/1882 ?/29/1888 d/o Isaac and Manilia
DUFFIELD Lonzo 12/29/1884 7/30/1885 s/o Isaac and Manilia
HENSON Dollie DUFFIELD 2/20/1895 8/26/1939 d/o R Duffield and Mary Beeler, w/o Savannah Henson
JENNINGS Betty Jo No date No date footstone
JENNINGS Fredrick Doyle 1/10/1925 1/11/1925 per death cert. twin brother, s/o Eli Holman Jennings and Minnie May Naramore?
M M unknown unknown Last name may be Mahan
MAHAN Ora Nola 7/16/1911 4/7/1923 d/o Silas E Mahan and Thice Bingley
MAHAN Mary BEELER 7/26/1843 12/30/1919 d/o William Beeler and Sarah Bullard, w/o John
MAHAN John ?/1845 ?/1934 h/o Mary
MAHAN Lawrence Franklin 10/28/1898 9/22/1960 s/o William J. Mahan and Mahala Stites, h/o Lula Bell
MAHAN Lula Bell 2/?/18?4 11/?/? w/o Lawrence F.
MAHAN Mahala STITES 3/7/1889 4/27/1907 w/o W. H.


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