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Marion County

Abstracts of Wills & Administrations

Book A - 1827-1837

Marion County was formed in 1826 from Ralls County and the first book of wills & adminstrations was begun in May 1827. The abstracts given here include all of the probate records listed. in Book A. The names are spelled as they appear to be in the original records, sometimes being spelled two different ways in one document.

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Abbreviations used in these records: 

Decd. - deceased   Admr, Administrator Admrx., Administratrix
Exr. - Executor Exrx. - Executrix Wit. Witnesses
Died intestate - d. int. without a will


Sec., - Security or those who vouched for bond posted by the admr. or exr. Admr. de bonis non - when f or some reason the previous admr. or exr. had not completed settlement of an estate, the court appointed a new one.
AGNEW, JAMES d int. Admrs, John B. Agnew & Zachariah G. Draper, 12 July 1832. (pages 64-65)

ALLEN, SAMUEL W. - will dated 3 Jan 1831. Wife, Permelia Allen, all estate both personal & real-...my property in the town of Hannibal where I now live. Negro slave, Mehaley, to be set free after the death of wife. Wit: Mary Jane Courts & J.W. Courts. Recorded 5 May 1831. (47-50) L/A granted Marshall Mann on 15 Oct 1831. (56-57)

ANDERSON, JOHN, d int. Admrs, William Blaky & Francis Lowen, 4 July 1835. (178-179)

ANDERSON, WILLIAM - will dated 10 May 1830. Wife, Elisabeth Anderson, 160 acres of land which is to be bought out of my effects ... if either Alexander Anderson or Robert Anderson are disposed to stay and take charge of my wife's affairs he is to have the above named land at her decease. Daughters, Polly, Sally and Katharine so long as they should remain single. Hugh M. Anderson has received from the estate. Daughters, Ann Smith and Rebecca Sullivan sixty dollars each to be collected of my estate. One dollar each to following sons & daughters, to wit, Margaret Kellar, Jane Lair, Elisabeth Jones, William Anderson & John M. Anderson, having received. Exrs, son Hugh M. Anderson & Thomas P. Laird, Wit: William Anderson, Alexander Baxter & Sarah Baxter. L/T granted Hugh M. Anderson. Recorded-10 Aug 1830.(22-25)

BIDDLE, WILLIAM d int. Admr, John Lydick, 13 Aug 1834. (151-152)

BLAND, SAMUEL - will dated 15 Oct 1830, Lewis Co Mo. All of my property, real & personal, to be sold. $50.00 each to sisters Milly Glass, Nelly Glass. Remainder of estate to be divided equally among brothers & sisters, to wit, Milly Glass, Nelly Glass, James Bland, John Bland, Prudence Bland, Nancy Bland. Exr, cousin Isaac Bland. Wit: Timothy P. Marshall & Wm. McMakin. Marshall & McMakin witnessed before court in Bardstown, Nelson Co. Ky, on 3 Nov 1830. L/T granted above named exr. Rec. in Nelson Co. 7 Mar 1831. Recorded in Marion Co. on 11 Apr 1831. (37-40)

BOWLES, WILLIAM will dated 2 Dec 1822, Hanover Co., Va. wife, Elizabeth Bowles, a number of slaves...directs her to sell one and place the money in the hands of Fleming Brown & John Crain for the benefit of my son, Thomas B. Bowles, to be dealt out as he needs it. Slaves also given to Sarah P. Bowles, Elizabeth Evans (md. to Samuel Evans), Polly P. Bowles, Lucy T. Bowles & Susan N. Bowles. Exrs, Sarah P., Lucy T. & Susan N. Bowles. Wit: Isaac N. Hooper & Stephen L. Bowles. Court granted L/A to Elizabeth Bowles, the above named exrs having relinquished their rights. Recorded 22 Jan 1823 . (182-185)

BRADLEY, DANIEL, d int. Admrs, Alexander Shannon Nathaniel Shannon, 4 July 1835. (177-178)

BRADLEY, STEPHEN, d int. Admr, John Sites, 10 Aug 1835. (188) 

BRANT, ARCHIBALID. d int. Admr, John Anderson, 7 Sept 1831. (53-4)

BPANT, MATHIAS will dated 24 Sept 1333. Names M. D. Bates the exr. of the estate and directs him to sell property for payment of debts and the residue to be used for the comfort of his wife, Louisa Brant, and his child (not named). Wit: John Manuel & Thomas Morris, L/T granted Moses D. Bates on 12 Dec 1834. Rec 22 Oct i834. (156-158 & 162-163)

BURDETT, WILLIAM, late of the (blank)...time of his death ... goods & estate in the said (blank), d int. Admr, John How?(Horn?), 5 Feb 1835. (167)

CANNON, HENRY - will dated 30 Aug 1830. Wife, Elizabeth Cannon, all my goods, the 80 acres on.which I now live & a negro girl, during her lifetime, then to be divided equally amongst my 3 children, William K. Cannon, John W. Cannon, and one yet not being born. Exrs, Gregory F. Hawkins & Newbold Cannon. Wit; Thomas L. Beckner & James C. Crooks. L/T granted to Gregory F. Hawkins. Rec 2 Dec 1830. (29-32)

CANTERBURY, GOODIN S. d int. Admr, Nimrod Canterbury, 20 Aug 1836 (204)

CARSON, ROBERT R., d int. Admr, Wm. Carson, 25 Feb 1835. (168)

CATRON, CHRISTIAN, d int. Admr, Joseph Hardy, 7 Aug 1833. (114)

CHANDLER, RICHARD W., d int. Admr, WM. P. Richard, 9 Aug 1833.(117)

CLACK, SPENCER, - will dated 4 June 1833. ... being about to change worlds... Wife, Elizabeth Clack, all my estate during her lifetime and then to my children ... all-my children to be educated. Mr. Phillips is to finish my house and wait for pay until the money due me in Ky. is collected. Authorize W. H. Holmes to convey all my interest in the Prewitt tract of land in Jessamine Co., Ky. to Samuel McDowell. I reserve the Downing lot for my father during his lifetime and his wife. Exrs, William Carson, Joseph Fowler. & my wife, Elizabeth. Wit: Joseph Berry Elijah Smith. L/T granted to William H. Holmes on 3 Oct 1833. Rec 27 July 1833. (126-J.29)1

CLARK, BENJ. 0. d int. Admr, Joseph J. Clark, 27 July 1833.(102)

CLARK, GEO. W., d int. Admr, Joseph J. Clark, 27 July 1833. (103)

CLIFFORD, WILLIAM M., - will dated 7 July 1835. -Wife, Joanna L. Clifford, all my property for her use and benefit forever. Wit: Robert Rabe & John R. Berryman & Thomas M. Dickson.  L/A granted to Joanna L. Clifford & Thos. L. Anderson. Rec 15 July 1835. (186-187)

COFFEY, DONELSON, d int. Admr,, Jesse Gentry, 17 Apr 1836. (199-200)

CONNER, WILLIAM W., d int. Admr, Jas. Holland, 23 Jan 1834. (133)

CONWAY, SAMUEL, d int. Admrs, Simeon Conway & Gideon Miller, 29 Sept.1830. (26)

CRARY, WILLIAM M. d int. Admr, Cantley M. Wallace, 10 June 1834. (147-148)

CULBERTSON, ABRAHAM, - will dated 1 May 1826, of Ralls Co. to. Wife, Elizabeth Culbertson, 80 acres of land with the plantation on the same, during her life or widowhood for purpose of supporting, clothing & schooling my children until my youngest child come of  lawful age. Court to appoint 3 persons to take inventory and the estate to be divided equally among all of them except Ula, married to Joseph D. Gash, who has received. Exrs, John Gash, Burdite Sams & wife, Elizabeth Culbertson. Wit: John Longmire, William Is McReynolds Joseph McReynolds. Rec 14 Aug 1827. (2-4)

CULBERTSON, SAMUEL, d int. Admrs, Joseph D. Gash & Green Lee Sams, 3 Aug 1833. (111)

CURD , JAMES S., d int.'Admr, John H. Curd, 14 Sept 1835. (192)

DAVIS, JOHN, - will dated 21 Feb 1836. I can live in this world but a few days...Ie,aving a small estates" Wife, Julia Davis, exrx, without bond. Land conveyed in trust to Mark Bird ... wife to hold the same in trust for our childrent to be used for their education and support, viz, Anthony, Emily, John, and the infant not yet named. Wit: Stewart Self and William Bird. Rec 8 Mar 1836. (196 - 2 pages)

DAVIS, SHADRACK, - will dated 19 Mar 1832.  Beloved child, Thomas J. Davis, all my property, real & personal, and my wife, Elizabeth, is to receive support from the estate. Exr,  Thomas J. Davis. Wit: Moses D. Bates & Burdet James. L/T granted above named exr. Rec 23 June 1832. (61-64)

DOWNING, JOHN, - will dated 5 May 1832. Farm whereon I live to be rented ... negro woman hired to highest bidder ... all personal property sold & proceeds appropriated to the the support of my wife Susanna and my 5 youngest children, namely Randolph, Madison, Rachael, Julia Ann & Susanna, until my youngest becomes of lawful age ... all monies collected and equally divided amongst all my children, viz, Absalem David William, Nathan, Sally, Randolph, Madison, Rachael, Julian & Susanna. Exrs, wife Susanna and my sons, Absalem and David. Wit: William Phillips, A. Stewart & Sally Ann Downing. L/T granted above named exrs. Rec 7 Aug -.1832. (65-69)

DUDLEY, ROBERT G., d int. Admrs, Sarah W. Dudley, Clifton R. Rodgers & John Ellis, 21 Jan 1832. (59)

FEAGAN, ZACHARIAH, d int. Admrs, Henry G. Feagan & William B. Feagan, 9 Plar 1835. (174-175)

FIELDS, BARTON, - will dated 16 Oct 1832. Estate, real & personal, to be divided among my wife & children according to law. Exrs, Thomas Stacy & Joseph R. Moppin. Wit: John R. Johnson & Joseph Culbertson. L/T granted to Thomas Stacy. Rec 30 Nov 1832. (75-77)

FLETCHER, WILLIAM, d int. Admr, Cornelius Malone, 26 Nov 1834. (155-156)

FLOYD, JOHN, d int. Admr, Wm. J. Norris, 7 Aug 1832. (67-68)

FORMAN, BENJAMIN d int. Admr, Isaac Forman, 3 Sept 1828. (9)

FORMAN, CATHARINE, d int. Admr, Benj. Forman, I May 1833. (83-84)

FORMAN, WILLIAM, Sr., d int. Admrs, Benjamin Forman &   Inskeep Forman, 7  Nov 1827. (5--6)

FOSTER, NATHANIEL, d int. Admr, Zachariah Feagan, 24 Nov 1838.

FRAZIER, ALFRED, d int. Admrs, Mary Frazier, the widow &  Eli Merrell. Sec, John S. Marlow Geo. McDaniel. 9 Dec 1829. (21)

FRY(FRYE), BENJAMIN, - will dated 7 July 1829. Wife, Nancy Fry, one third part of all my lands with the house in which I now live & personal property during her lifetime. Wife to retain possession of balance of lands until 1 Nov 1830 & then sold. One dollar each to sons Abraham & James Fry and daughter, Rebecca Baxter & her husband Elijah Baxter, having received. Son Benjamin Fry a gray mare known as his, and a horse to each of my sons, Jacob, John & William Fry and my daughter Margaret Fry. Younger children to be educated.. After death of wife, residue of estate to be equally divided among my sons, Benjamin, Jacob, John & William Fry and my daughter, Margaret Fry, giving each one fifth part...as they arrive at age. Exrs, wife Nancy Fry and son, Abraham K. Fry. Wit: Robert B. Bartlett &  S.W.B. Carnegy. L/T granted above named exrs. Rec 3 Aug 1829. (17-19).

FRYE, BENJAMIN Y., d int. Admr, Abraham K. Frye, 6 Dec 1830 (30-31)

GARDNER, WILLIAM G., d int. Admrs, Martha H. Gardner, Joel Atkinson & Milton L. Jones, 25 July 1833. (101)

GASH, MARTIN, d int. Admrs, William Richie & Martin Gash, I Oct 1836. (206)

GATEWOOD, THOMAS, - will dated 26 Oct 1834. Wife, Hannah Gatewood, all estate for purpose of raising and educating my children. Exrs, wife Hannah Gatewood & Walter B. Dunville. Codicil: Dennis O'Nan can repair the mill and work until he makes my wife 500.00 and himself 500.00. Wit: Thomas J. Pollard, James B. Ryland & J. Bosley. Rec 25 Oct 1834. (154-155)

GAY, KINCAID - will dated 28 Aug 1834. Wife, Janella, all property for the support of her and my children ...should she remarry to receive one third and the remainder divided between my children. Exrx, wife Janella Gay. Wit: John Gay & John McAfee. Recorded 3 Nov 1834. (158-159)

GILBERT, EBENEZER, d int. Admr, Stephen B. Gilbert, 28 Oct 1830. (28)

GODMAN, WILLIAM, d int. Admr,- William Carson, 27 Oct 1832. (73)

GOOCH, JAMES d int. Admrs' Deziah Gooch & William Gooch, 31 July 1833.-(110)

GRANT, THOMAS, of Jasper Co., Ga. - will dated 24 Nov 1828. .Five thousand dollars each to sons, Daniel & Thomas Grant, Jr. and to my daughter, Elizabeth Cone. $5,000.00 to be equally divided among Nancy (now Ragan), Augustin, Thomas & Eliza Jane, children of my son William Grant, decd. Refers to money in the name of his father, Daniel Grant, decd, in the Planter's Bank of Savannah. Negroes left by my father to be free according to his will and an act of Legislature of Georgia, passed Feb 1796 ... negroes be well clothed (trust fund established for their care). Bequeath to the S. C. Conference (Methodist) three thousand dollars & land (description). Wife, Martha N. Grant & daughter, Lucy Grant, house & lot I now live on in the town of Monticello ... lot whereon Abel Denison now lives ... land whereon Col. William M. Corkle now lives in Jasper Co ... land whereon Andrew Hawk now lives in Jasper Co... eight negroes & personal property. Exrs, sons Daniel & Thomas Grant, Jr. & Peter Grinnell. Wit: Thomas Broadus, Peter Grinnell & J. C. Gibson. On 5 Jan 1829 the subscribing witnesses 'testify before Jasper Co. court. L/T granted above named exrs on 5 Feb 1833. Rec 17 May 1833 in Jasper Co., Ga. (86-91) Thomas Grant, decd, has rights & credits in Marion Co., Mo. L/A granted to Robert L. Samuel on 17 May 1833 & recorded in Marion Co. (92-93)

GRIDLEY, AMOS d int. Admr, James M. Williams, 5 Aug 1833. (113)

HARGIS, PETER, d int. Admr, Ezekiel H. Quinn?(Queen?), 10 Aug 1836. (202)

HARPER, HENRY d int. Admrs,- Mary Harper & Elijah Harper, 26 Oct 1830 (27)

HARVIS, BENJAMIN, d int. Admr, Atwell Laf on, day of ___1836 (must be about Sept 1836). (205)

HATCHER, WILLIAM, - will -dated 26 Feb 1833. Tract of land that I acquired of Henry Taylor, be sold for payment of my debts. All my remaining estate, real & personal, to my wife Elizabeth, and at her decease to be equally divided amongst my then living lawful children. Exrs, wife Elizabeth and my two sons, Lemuel G. & Thomas E. Hatcher. Wit: William Carson & Joseph Lafon. L/T granted to Elizabeth Hatcher & Lemuel G. Hatcher. Rec 6 May 1833. (84-85 & 91-92)

HAYDON, ABNER, of Harrison Co., Ky. will dated 30 June 1833. Wife, Milly Haydon, the farm whereon I now live, negroes and personal property. Bequests to the following children above that which they have already received to wit, Garnet Haydon, Lucy Mitchel (land in Indiana), Rachel Madison, Thomas Haydon, Sarah Levi, Milly Chandler, Joana Miller (her estate to be free from the control of he-r husband, Dudley Miller), Jeremiah Haydon & Abner Haydon. Tract of land on Raven Creek to be sold. Exrs, wife Milly Haydon, son Garnet Haydon & son-in-law, Robert Madison. Wit: Lewis Conner & John Conner. Recorded 8 Mar 1834 in Marion Co., No. Subscribing witnesses appear before court in Harrison Co., Ky. on 26 Mar 1834. L/T granted to Milly Hayden & Garnet Hayden in Marion Co. on 14 June 1334. (142-147)

HOLEMAN, JOSEPH9 - will dated 5 Oct 1836. Wife, Rebecca, the farm on which I reside and personal property including slaves. Sons, Thomas & Joseph, will live on the place with their mother and tend the farm during her lifetime. Residue, of estate shall be sold and divided among my children, viz, Polly ___, Sally Taylor, Elizabeth Rowan, Sophia Briton, Thomas, James & Joseph. Exrs, sons Thomas & Joseph. Wit: Robert Harrison, Jacob Fry & Samuel Harrison. Rec 20 Dec 1836. (212-213)

HOLLIDAY, ANGUS M.D., d int. Admr, Abraham Vandiver, 3 Aug 1833. (112)

HOPPER, JAMES, d int. Admr, Geo. W. Smith, 13 Oct 1835. (194) 

HORNBACK, RHODA, d int. Admr, Aquilla P. Hornback, 8 Jan 1834. (132)

JACKSON, WILLIAM, d int. Admr, John C. Pickett, 2 Sept 1835.(189) Admr de bonis non, Samuel Smith & Ann M. Jackson, 11 June 1836. (200-201)

JAMISON, JAMES d int. Admr, Francis Lowen, 17 Nov 1836. (208-9) 

JENKINS, JAMES N., d int. Admr, Eli Merrill, 20 Feb 1837. (218)

JOHNSON, PETER D., of Franklin Co., Ky., d int. Admr, Daniel Brown, 13 July 1833. (97)

JONES JACOB, - will dated 16 Nov 1834. Wife, Elizabeth Jones, one third of real & personal property, and at her death: to be equally divided among all my children, viz,, Harvey Jones, John Jones, James Jones, William H. Jones, Polly Ann Brown, Elizabeth Jones, Joseph Jones, Nathaniel Jones, Susannah Jones, Benjamin Jones & Minerva Jones. One dollar to son, Jacob Jones, having received. Wit: John Anderson, William Anderson Reuben Long. Rec 23 Feb 1835. (169-172) L/A granted to John Jones by the court on -- day of -- 1835. (173)

JONES, JAMES (a free person of color), d int. Admr, Samuel Shepherd, 7 Aug 1833. (115)

KEACH, JAMES - will dated 30 Jan 1834. Wife, Elizabeth Keach, all of my property... should she remarry the property to be divided among my then living children or their heirs. "Land belonging to heirs of my father Charles Keach, decd, never been legally divided ... heirs now in the state of Missouri have reached an agreement upon division of land... .but only on condition that m brother, Wlilliam Keach one of .;;id heirs who is now in Kentucky, will consent to the division.', Exrs, wife Elizabeth Keach & John Keach. Wit: William Carson Robert R. Carson. L/T granted above named exrs.. Recorded 5 May 1834. (136-140)

KIESER, CHRISTOPHER - will dated 28 July 1831. Wife, Rebeckah Kieser, all my estate both real & personal. Exr, John Sites Sr. to assist my wife. Wit: Willis M Green & Samuel C Sloan. L/T granted Rebecca Kieser & John Sites, Sr. Recorded 13 Aug 1831. (45-47)

KINCAID, JOHN Senr., - will dated 23 Feb 1334. Son, James D. Kincaid, tract of land on which I now live, about 200 acres, & negro man named Edmund. Daughters, Jane a Rachael, to receive support from the farm until they marry. Son John Kincaid all property heretofore given & a negro boy named Anderson. Son Joseph the money which was paid for him to William Baugh for the negro he purchased of Baugh. William & Robert Kincaid, sons of my son David C. Kincaid, a negro slave to be under control of their mother and for her benefit during her lifetime. $50.00 each and. interest to my four grandchildren, the heirs of William Baugh, until they come of age. Residue of estate to be divided among my children. If my dau. Polly Harris become an inhabitant of this state she shall share in the division of my property. Son-in-law, Alfred Harris, the sum of 2.00 out of my estate. Exrs, William M. & James D. Kincaid. . Wit: John Davis & John Muldrow. L/T granted above named exrs. Rec 5 May 1834. (134-136 & 138-139)

KIRBY, DAVID d int. Admr, Bowles Dinning, 10 Oct 1831. (55-56)

LAKE,. BALLARD, - will dated 3 June 1831. Wife, Polly Lake, one third part of my real estate,including my dwelling house, during her, natural life. The whole of my real estate to my three children, viz. Eleazer Lake, Ezra Lake and Elarah Lake ... when the youngest arrives at age. Exrs, wife Polly Lake & William Carson. Wit:- Samuel Shugart & William Carson. L/T granted above named exrs. Rec 1 Sept 1831. (50-53)

LAKE, BURGESS, d int. Admrs, Ballard Lake & William Carson, 4 Feb 1831. (33)

LAKE, ENOCH d int. Admrx, Nancy Lake, 13 Sept 1831. (54-55)

LAKE, MARY d int. Admrs, Wm. Carson & John H. Keach, 17 Jan 1837. (214)

LANSDALE, ISAAC d int. Admr, Samuel C. Sloan, 8 Aug 1833. (116) 

LAUTER, JAMIES d int. Admrx, Jane Lauter, 8 Feb 1832. (60)

LAYTHAM, JAMES, d int. Admrs, Benjamin Forman & Inskeep Forman, 27 Nov 1327. (6-7)

LEAR, THOHAS M., d int. Admrs, James Lear & Zachariah Lear, 17 Aug 1833. (122)

LEWIS, BENJAMIN 7 d int, Admrt Jasper Lewis, 10 Dec 1827. (7)

LEWIS, VALENTINE S., d int. Admrs, Dicey Lewis & James Thomas. 14 Feb 1831. (34-35)

.LIZENBEY, CYRUS P., - will dated 28 Nov 1836. ... knowing the certainty of death and the uncertainty of life.." To my only child, Minerva Malinda, I give all my property, real & personal, and the use of said property to my beloved wife Jane so long as she remains a widow. Should my child die before the age of maturity I give all of estate to my brother Hosea. Exr, Hosea Lizenby. Wit: Moses D. Bates, Jonathan Fleming & John Manuel. L/A granted to Daniel Hendricks on 10 Aug 1836. Recorded 12 Aug 1836. (203, 207-208)

LIZENBY, WILLIAM of Woodford Co., Ky. - will dated 24 Apr 1827. " ... about 64 years of age." Wife, Sally Lizenby,' all property and after her death to be divided into 8 equal parts and given to the following, Jerry Lizenby, Thomas Lizenby, Polly Lizenby, Hosea Lizenby, Thurza Lizenby, Cyrus Pickard Lizenby, and Mahala Lizenby, and the 8th -part, excepting one dollar, to be divided among Thomas, Hosea, Polly, Thurza, Cyrus & Mahala Lizenby. Daughter Huldah to receive 1.00. Exrs, wife Sally Lizenby, Thomas & Hosea Lizenby. Wit: Andrew Combs, William L. Arnett & Jasper Hunt. Proven by oath of above witnesses before court in Woodford Co., Ky. on 1 July 1833. L/T granted unto Hosea Lizenby. Recorded in Marion Co. on 16 Aug 1833. (117-120)

LONGMIRE, JOHN, - will dated 30 Nov 1836. Son, Joseph Longmire, 40 acres of land (description) in addition to what he has received. Son, William, same. Son, James Longmire, all the residue of my farm on which I now reside. Exrs to sell parcel of land in Shelby Co., Mo. All my personal property, including slaves, to be equally divided among my son John Longmire; the heirs of my daughter Lucy Thomas; Sarah Gash, decd, formerly wife of Joseph Gash; Elizabeth Gash, wife of William Gash of St. Clair Co., Mo.; Martha Rice, wife of William Rice of Buncomb Co. N.C., and Narcissa Brant, decd, formerly wife of Daniel Brant of St. Clair Co., Mo. ...should I die before my son James attains his 21st year... Exrs, sons Joseph & William Longmire. Wit: Francis Lowen, George W. Gentry & G. W. Lane. Recorded 6 Apr 1837. (226-230)

McELROY, JAMES M., d int. Admrs,, William J. McElroy & David Clark, 29 Aug 1834. (150-151)

McILVANIE, WILLIAM H., d int. Admrs, Mary P. McIlvanie & Samuel S. Watson 3 Apr 1835. (173-174)

MARDUS, HARRISON, d int. Admr, Wm. P. Richardson, 18 Sept 1833. (124)

MARLON, JOHN S.9 d int. Admrs, Ann Marlon & Thomas S. Frazier. 7 Nov 1832. (74)

MASSIE, WILLIAM9 d int. Admr, Wm. B. White, 11 July 1835. (181-182)

MATSON, WILLIAM T. - Nuncupative will. ".*. said decd in the presence of William McIlvain, Milton Dickerson & others present, being on a journey and from home,  ...on his death bed, about 1 June 1333, stated that as his last will he desired that his guardian give unto William Howlett one .hundred dollars from his estate with which to purchase land for himself. (no other information given.) Presented at Nov 1833 Term of Probate. (131) L/A granted to Daniel Bradley an 31 May 1834 (140-141)

MERRILL, SUSANNAH d int. Admr, Eli Merrill, 11 Feb 1836.(198-9) 

MILLER, JOSEPH, d int. Admr, Wm. N. Mills, 12 Jan 1835. (166)

MULDROW, JOHN, Senr.. - will dated 24 Oct 1324. Wife, Margaret Muldrow., shall have and enjoy all the property now in my possession during her life and after her decease to be disposed of after the following order. Son, Samuel Muldrow, the farm & land I now possess (description) and the balance of my property to be equally divided among my children, to wit, Andrew Muldrow, James Muldrow, John Muldrow Jr.. Jane McElroy wife of W. J. McElroy & Mary Thurman wife of Jeptha Thurman, and Samuel Muldrow. Sons, Hugh & William Muldrow, have received. Exrs, Andrew & John Muldrow, Jr. Wit: David Clark, James Muldrough, Will Muldrow. Recorded 29 July 1829. (11-16)

PARRISH, EZEKIEL d int. Admr, Hawkins Smith, Sr., 13 Nov 1827. (4-5)

PETTERS, JOSEPH D., d int. Admrs, John Vannoy Thomas McMurry, 16 July 1833. (98)

PHILIPS, WILLIAM, - will dated 24 Dec 1834. Wife, Sarah Philips, all my real & personal estate for her -support during her widowhood ... at her death or remarriage the estate should be equally divided amongst my heirs, to wit, Joseph M. Philips, Mark Philips, James G. Philips, Eliza Terrell, Mary Jane Reed, Sarah Ellen Shanks, William Philips.& Thomas Philips. Exrs, wife Sarah Philips & Levi Barkely. Wit: Wm. R. Walker & Cyrus Powell. L/T granted above named exrs. Rec 16 Jan 1835. (162-165)

POAGUE, WILLIAM  d int. Admr-, Charles W.. Hall, 4 July 1835.(179)

PORTERFIELD,, CHARLES d int. Admr, Benjamin Forman, 27 Feb 1833. (82-83)

PRATT, MARTHA d int. Admr, Wm.. Wright, 15 Feb 1837. (217)

PRITCHETT, PARMENA. d int. Admrs, Enoch Hooton & Bird Pritchett 4 Sept 1835. (190)

RAY, ROBERT H., d irt. Admr Mathew Ray, 19 Sept 1832. (72)

READING, JOHN, d int. Admrs, Sally D. Reading, John Wash, Jr., & John G. Nunn, 21 Aug 1832. (70)

ROBARDS, ELIZARETH BARBARY, formerly of Mercer Co.,, Ky. & now of Marion Co., Mo. Will dated 23 Nov 1836. One thousand dollars to daughter Catharine Robards. Personal property to daughter Almyra A. Owsley. Personal property to granddaught6r Elizabeth Atwood. Remainder of estate to the children of my son Doctor George Robards, decd, viz. Sarah Barbary Robards,, George Andrew  Robards & Archibald Robards.  Exrs, William P. Owsley of Marion Co., Mo. & John B. Thompson of Mercer Co., Ky. Wit. John J. Moorman, Thomas J. Pollard & John C. Pickett. Rec 20 Mar 1837. (225-226)

ROBERTS, THOMAS, d intestate it is said ... been dead upwards of 60 days and none of his kindred having applied for admr of his estate, on the application of James Kendrick, a creditor of said Roberts, granted letters of admr. His sec, Stephen W.B. Carnegy & Epaphroditus Copitt. 21 Nov 1829. (20)

ROLLINS, HENRY, d int. Admr, Robert Buchanan, 6 Aug 1834. (149-150) 

ROLLINS, REUBIN, d int. Admrx, Nancy Rollins, 3 Nov 1834. (152-3)

ROSS, THOMAS P. d int. Admr, James Kendrick, 30 July.1833.(109)

RUSH, DAVID, d int. Admrs, Gabriel Rush & William McRae, 14 May 1827. (1)

RUSH, JOHN d int. Admrs, Gabriel Rush & Daniel Hendricks, 28 Aug 1328. (8)

SEE, GEORGE, of Warren Twp. - will dated 19 Nov 1834. Wife, Sarah See, my farm for lifetime and personal property. My 3 daughters, Elizabeth Cobbs, Mary Kilpatrick & Kathariene Carrol, the whole of my tract of land to be divided equally among them after the death of my wife. My children, Frederick, William, Washington & Leah, 1.00 each, having received their just portions. Exrs, wife Sarah See, Thomas Cobbs & Waddy S. Cobbs. Wit: Enoch Haydon, Robert Cobbs & William M. Turner. L/T granted above named exrs. Rec 28 May 1835. (174-177)

SAMUEL, ROBERT L., d int. Admr, William G. Overton, 20 July 1833. (100)

SAMUEL, STEPHEN G., d int. Admr, Thos. W. Lane, 24 Jan 1837. (216)

SHOBE, BELINDA, will dated 6 Dec 1834, My estate to-be equally divided among my children, to wit, Elizabeth G. Leflet, Rebecca B. Beckett, Ann C. Shobe, Belinda E. Shobe, Nancy Maria Shobe, Sally D. Shobe, & my grandson Eli Thomas Bowles. Daughters, Nancy Maria LOX Sally D. to receive an education from the estate. Exr, William Carson. Wit: John C. Wright & William Carson. L/T granted above named exrs. Rec 11 Dec 1834. (160-162)

SHOBE, MARTIN R., d int. Admr, Wm. Carson, 30 July 1833. (108)

SILVER, DICEY, d int. Admr, Marquis Hall,, 3 Sept 1832. (71)

SIMON, JOSEPH, d int. Admr, Eli Merril, 31 Aug 1833. (123)

SLAUGHTER, GOODRICH d int. Admr, Samuel C. Reid(Reed), 24 Jan 1834. (133-134)

SMITH, JACOB, d int. Admr, William B. Lear, 22 Oct 1831. (58)

SMITH, JOHN C., - will dated 18 Jan 1837. Wife, Margaret Smith,, all of the household furniture that she brought with her to this place ... and a comfortable maintenance from the rest of my estate during her widowhood. Son, Augustin J. Smith, the tract of land whereon I now live containing 160 acres ... take possession of land & farm and take care of my wife out of the proceeds. Son, Albert G. Smith, 40 acres of land that I entered in Shelby Co joining the land he now lives on. Seven slaves to be divided between my two sons. Grandson, John W. Thomas, son of my daughter Martha B. Thomas and James Thomas, a negro woman Rachel and her two children ... and 25.00 to be applied to his-schooling. Personal property to nephew William Dunn. Exrs, sons Albert G. & Augustin J. Smith. Wit: William Moffett, Marcellas Y. Dunn & Harvey Bradley. Rec 28 Feb 1837. (220-223)

SMITH, SARAH d int. Admr, Presley D. Anderson, 27 July 1833.(104)

SMITH, THOMAS - will dated 20 Dec 1826. County - of Franklin. All real & personal property to be sold, debts paid, and remaining sum to be equally divided among my children. Personal property to following, son Francis, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Polly & her children, son Rice, son Ralph, & son William. Exr, son Francis, without bond. Wit_-.- Isaac Wingate & Thomas L. Tate. Above named witnesses appeared be-fore the court in Franklin Co. on 17 Dec 1832. Thomas Smith was living in Marion Co. at the time of his death. L/T granted Francis Smith. Recorded in Marion Co. 5 Jan 1833. (77-82)

SMITH, WILLIAM, d int. Admrs, Acrnes C. Smith & James Jameson, 15 Aug 1833. (121)

SNEED, THOMAS, of Mercer Co., Ky., d int. with credits L& estate in the state of Mo. Admr, William C. Sneed, 30 July 1834. (148-149)

STEPHENS, JOSEPH L d int. Admr, Wm. Carson, 2 July 1833. (95)

STEPHENSON, WILLIAM, d int. Admr, Joshua Gentry, 27 Sept 1833. (125)

STEWART, ABRAHAM d int. Admr, Aaron S. Fry, 3 Nov 1834.(153-154)

SULLIVAN, HENRY, d" J nt. Admrs , Rebecca Sullivan & William L. Bates, 8 July 1833. (96)

TACKFIELD, WILLIAM H., d int. Admrx, Mary Tackfield, 23 Feb 1835. (168-169)

TENNELL, WILLIAM, d int. Admr, Benj. Tennell, 25 Aug 1835. (191) 

TENNILL, WILLIAM d int. Admr, Samuel Becket, 6 Feb 1836. (195)

THOMAS, BENJAMIN, d int. Admrs, John Longmire & James Thomas, 7 Oct 1828. (10)

WATSON, SAMUEL, d int. Admr, John Redd, 3 Mar 1837. (219)

WHITE, JAMES, d int. Admr, John Crooks, 27 Apr 1832. (61)

WHITE, MOSES D. d int. Admr, John D. White, 23 Mar 1831. (36-37)

WHITE, OBED M., d int. Admrx, Elizabeth L. White, 20 Nov 1836. (209)

WILCOXEN, JESSE, d. int. Admrx, Hannah Ann Wilcoxen, 15 Mar 1337. (223-224)

WILLCOX, HAPARD, d int. Admrs, Sally Willcox & Samuel King, 16 Mar 1831. (35-36)

WILLIAMS, ELISHA, d int. Admr, Graham Williams, 9 July 1835.(180-1) 

WILLOCK, ROBERT, d int. Admr, David Willock, 10 Oct 1835. (193)

WILSON, AHAB - will dated 4 June 1833. Wife, Nancy Wilson property of every description and to do with as she may think proper. Wit: Marshall Marion & John Moon. Rec 19 Oct 1833. (129-130)

WILSON, MOSES, d int. Admrs, Mary Wilson & Ephraim J. Wilson, 11 Nov 1833. (130-131.)

WILSON,-SAMUEL S.9 - will dated 7 June 1833. Wife, Martha L., all estate, real & personal, and at her death to be the property of my child Sophronia Ann...should wife remarry she is to receive 1/3 of the estate. Should both wife & daughter die before their marriage then property is devised to my brother, Robert P. Wilson. Exrs, James Spear, Henry B. Dunn & Theodore Jones. Wit: David Thompson & John Sage. L/T granted to.above, named exrs. Rec, 29 July 1833. (105-107)

WISE, WILLIAM D., d int. Admr, Edward Dobyns, 19 July 1833. (99)

WOOLRY, FRANCIS, - will dated 21 Nov 1834. Wife, Ruth Woolry, all of my estate for the support of my children. Wit; John Gay & John F. Edmons. Rec 15 Mar 1836. (196-197)

WYMON, CHARLES, d int. Admrs, Rebecca Wymon & Alexander Baxter, 24 June 1833. (94)

YOUNG; THOMAS A.- will dated 13 Mar 1831. Wife, Sarah Young, personal property that she deem necessary for her own use, comfort and enjoyment and for that of our little children. To wife the whole of estate for maintenance and education of my children, Francis Ann, Melvina Johnson & Ambrose David, while they shall be minors a unmarried. Wife one-third part of negros during her lifetime and after her death to my three children...when they shall become of age. Entered into a contract with Joel Frazier for the leasing and working of my farm lying a few miles southwest of Palmyra to be carried into full force and effect. Exrs, David Clark & Joshua Gentry of Marion Co., Mo. and my father, Ambrose Young of Fayette Co., Ky. Wit: James Jameson, P. C. Sloan &' Daniel Bradley. L/T granted above named exrs. Recorded 2 May 1831. (40-45)