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Western Historical Manuscript Collection - Columbia Holdings for Marion County

Brown Drug Store, Hannibal, Missouri, Prescription Book (C579) 1858-1860 1 volume Prescriptions filled by J. B. Brown and Company, Hannibal, Missouri

Civil War letters by John D. Crawford, 2nd Missouri State Militia Cavalry, and his brother, H. T. Crawford. The letters note events in Adair, Knox, Schuyler, and Scotland counties in Missouri, and the execution of prisoners by Union authorities at Palmyra, Mo. Letters of Aug 1862 and Aug 1863, photocopies, 1992. John D. Crawford died of "winter fever" at Cape Girardeau in January 1864.

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (1835-1910), Genealogy (C3133) n.d. 2 pp. Genealogy of three generations of the Clemens family, starting with John Marshall and Jane Lampton Clemens,  Samuel Clemens' parents. Also brief biography of Mark Twain, and descriptions of Florida, Missouri, and Mark Twain State Park.

Davidson-Helm Family Papers (C3434) 1824-1970  87 f.  Diaries, correspondence, account books, genealogical records, and personal and business papers of Mary Aileen Davidson and her ancestors. Letters and diaries of John B. Helm of Kentucky and Hannibal, Missouri; letters of Ben N. Crump; papers of J. Frank Davidson. Social and economic life in Kentucky and Missouri from early 1800s to 1970.

Drescher-Weatherly, Memoirs, 1933, 1954 (C 151) 4 folders Memoirs of a mother, Bennie Howell Drescher (1857- ), and a daughter, Rose Drescher Weatherly (c. 1881- ). The Drescher memoir briefly recounts Civil War events in Paris, Missouri. The Weatherly memoir is longer and describes growing up in Hannibal, Missouri, around the turn of the twentieth century.

Dulany, George W., Papers (C310) 1900-1949 1 f. Copies of family biographies and letters concerning history of Dulany family and lumber industry in Hannibal and Middle West.

Eichenberger, Mrs. J.A., "Cruikshank Family" (C995, V. 13, #368) n.d. 4 pp., typescript, Microfilm Genealogical information on the descendants of John Joseph and Martha Ledlie Cruikshank, Hannibal, Missouri.

Hannibal. Minute Book (C1115) 1839-1845 Contains an act to incorporate the town of Hannibal, index of ordinances, minutes of board of trustees, and minutes of the city council.

Hannibal Ferry Company Papers (C576) 1858-1902  2 f., 1 v. Bills of sale, deeds, and reports concerning the company; ferry operator's license; and minute book containing records of the directors' and stockholders' meetings.

Hannibal Railway and Electric Company, Hannibal, Missouri, Records (C577) 1917-1939   1 folder, 3 volumes, Microfilm Minutes of directors and stockholders meetings, 1917-1927, of an electric street railway system. Adjudged bankrupt in 1927, it operated under the Referee in Bankruptcy. The company was sold by order of the Federal Court in 1930 and ceased operation. Includes a record of loans, a scrapbook, and information on final court actions in 1931.

Hannibal Savings Bank, Hannibal, Missouri, Records (C1243) 1869-1890 2 v.  Vol. 1, articles of association and minutes, 1869-1890; "Life of Constantine," part 2, by John L. RoBards; Vol. 2, account book of Hannibal Savings Bank, 1872-1878; "Life of Constantine," part 1, by John L. RoBards. RoBards was secretary of the bank.

Helm, John B. (1797-1872), Papers, 1818-1868 (C589) 45 folders Papers of a merchant, lawyer, judge, and builder in Kentucky and Hannibal, Missouri. Consists of correspondence relating mainly to business interests, financial and legal documents such as receipts, promissory notes, contracts, legal briefs, and account books.

Helm-Davidson Family, Papers, 1824-1970 (C 3434) 87 folders Correspondence, diaries, genealogical information, and miscellany of families who lived in Kentucky and Hannibal, Missouri. Includes photocopies of James Frank Davidson's diaries for much of the latter half of the nineteenth century. Davidson (1839-1922) was a prominent Hannibal citizen and member of the state legislature. Also includes diaries from some of the 1880s and 1890s written by Thetis Clay Hatch, the wife of U.S. Congressman William Henry Hatch, and diaries kept by Mary Helm Davidson and Mary Aileen Davidson (1886-1970). Correspondence from the nineteenth century includes Helm family and related families' letters; these note family news and local events

Helmick, Guy D., "The Hannibal Cement Plant Story" (C995, V. 14, #415) 1952  5 pp., typescript, Microfilm Historical sketch of the cement plant in Hannibal, Missouri. Photo of "Lovers Leap," Hannibal.

J.J. Cruikshank Lumber Company Books (C2322) 1885-1893  2 v. Records of a Hannibal, Missouri, lumber company.

McLoskey, W.G., Papers, 1870s (SUNP 3068) 1 folder Drawings of Hannibal, Missouri architect, W.G. McLoskey, consisting of a front view, floor plans, and specifiactions of the Hannibal residence of J.L. Robards, in the Italiante style.

Palmyra, Missouri, Merchant's Daybook (C2333) 1855-1858 388 pp. General store of Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.

Presbytery of Palmyra, Minutes, 1905-1927 10 volumes (C 1359) Official, printed copies of the meeting minutes of the Presbytery of Palmyra, Missouri, for the years 1905, 1906, 1913, 1919-1921, and 1923-1927.

Riley, J., Ledger (C2331) 1856-1860 68 pp. A Hannibal, Missouri, merchant's ledger containing transactions of his print shop, lumber business, and general store

Rogers-Banks Family, Papers, 1820-1878 3 folders (C 2339) Papers of the Banks and Rogers families of Marion County, Missouri, and a record book of Dr. Lynn Stanton Banks. Includes business and legal papers, physicians records, and church records consisting of Baptist Church records from Garrard County, Kentucky, in the 1820s; minutes of the South District Association of Baptists in Washington, Lincoln, and Mercer Counties, Kentucky, from 1821-1830; minutes of the Blue River Association of Baptists of Washington and Harrison Counties, Indiana, 1825-1827; and minutes of the Bethel Baptist Association of Marion County, Missouri, 1841. 

"Short Sketch of the History of Trinity Parish," n.d. 2 pages (C 995.715) Microfilm. A history of a Hannibal, Missouri, church and parish.

Sidner, Thomas A., Letter, 1862 (C 1895) 1 folder A letter written by Captain Sidner from the Federal military prison at Palmyra, Missouri, in the evening before and the morning of the day he was executed, 19 October 1862.

Waters, George, Record Book (C1285) 1829-1840, 1865 12 pp., positive photostats  Accounts, 1829; marriages performed, 1831-1840, in Marion, Ralls, and Pike Counties, Missouri; and list of subscribers to school of William Hatch, Ralls County, 1865.