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NAME:  Mike Conners

DATE: 23 July 1997


I have loads of relatives buried in the Baptist Cemetery on Summer and Section streets in Hannibal, MO. Dos anyone have any records or other information about this cemetery? Newspaper clippings on the deaths of my great-grandfather,John Brewer, and Hester Wardell Brewer indicate they are buried in this cemetery.Are there any records pertaining to this cemetery? Any information would be most appreciated.[email protected] My snailmail address is 27 W. Highland Avenue, Tracy, CA 95376.

NAME:  Cindy King

DATE: 2 Aug. 1997


I am searching for the surnames King and Welsh in MarionCounty, MO. Looking for specific information on Patrick King and hiswife, Mary Jane Welsh King, and Henry King. Thank you.[email protected]

NAME:  Cindy King

DATE: 2 Aug. 1997


I am looking for any information about my great-grandmother, Mary Jane Welsh,an Irish immigrant who settled in the Hannibal area when she was around eightyears old, sometime between 1900-1910. I don't have any information on herparents, although I'm guessing they came to America with her. Her sisterwas buried at sea during the voyage. Mary Jane married Patrick King and Iam told he came to America from England. I would also love to hear from Kingsin the area since I beleive many of the descendants still live in the area.[email protected]

NAME:  Shannon Wilson

DATE: 2 Aug. 1997


Looking for information on Charles Ross Wilson, born 22 July 1887 in MarionCounty, MO. He was the son of Rufus E. Wilson and Elizabeth Lucas.Shannon Wilson


NAME:  Fran Walker

DATE: 3 Aug. 1997


My grandmother was born in Marion County, MO in 1869. Her birth certificateshows her name as Maggie Lee Turnbull, born 3 March 1869, to a Squire andNancy Emily Sanders Turnbull of unknown address at that time. Maggie marriedWilson C. Walker possibly in the time frame of 1890-1900. I beleive theywere married in Boone County, AR or Boone County, MO. Any informationhelpful.[email protected]

NAME:  Mike Reed

DATE: 4 Aug. 1997


My grandfather, Warren Charles Reed, was born in Hannibal, MO in 1891. Charles'sfather's name was William Reed, born in MO. Charles's mother's name was MarthaSigafus, born in IL in 1873. By 1896, she and Charles are living with herfather, Micahel Sigafus, jr. in Savanna, Carrol County, IL. (Martha is listedas widowed and divorced in the 1900 Savanna census, she married a mannamed Jewell in 1896.) When I was in Hannibal two years ago, I was unableto find anything to place either side of Charles's family there. I's appreciateany help anyone can give me on the William Reed part of the picture.I have a good deal of information about the Sigafus side thanks to some verygenerous "brand new cousins." Thanks,Mike Reed.

NAME:  Bruce Weir

DATE: 11 Aug. 1997


I am looking for information on the family of William Henry Barnum, born24 April 1844, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada; died 14 Nov. 1896, Hannibal, MO,and Eliza Jane Lehigh, born 5 March1856, ner Lynn, Ontario, Canada; died5 May 1901, Hannibal, MO. There were married 5 June 1882, West Bay City,MI. Children were Eva and Eda Barnum (twins) born 9 January 1884, Hannibal,MO. Eva married Harry Ostrander and she died 17 April 1914 in Applegate,CA. Eda died ca 1956, Placerville, CA. Another child was Mary Gladys Barnum,born 21 Sept. 1892, Hannibal, MO; died 10 March 1863, Sacramento, CA.[email protected]

NAME:  Tim Hebert

DATE: 11 Aug. 1997


I'm looking for information on a book "From Viking Glory: Notes on the McCorkleFamily in Scotland and America," written by Rev. Louis W. McCoorkle in 1982.I found his address as Hannibal, MO, but I have beenunable to locate himor the book. I'd apprecaite hearing from anyone with information on whereI can find the Rev. and/or his McCorkle book.[email protected]

NAME:  Beverly Hill

DATE: 13 Aug. 1997


Elizabeth "Lizzie" Murphy was born to PEter and ? Murphy 18 May 1853 in Hannibal,Marion County, MO. Her mother was supposed to be of French descent, comingto this country to escape the Grench revolution. I woulld very much liekto know the mother's madien name and any facts about the family. Lizzie marriedAdam Hill in NE in 1888. They laer returned to Missouri to live for a numberof years. Thank you very much.[email protected]

NAME:  Tom White

DATE: 19 Aug. 1997


I am seraching for a Frank Jennings (1843-1881.) He lived in MarionCounty, MO from about 1872 to 1881. He is buried in a small church cemeterywhich I believe is called Turner Cemetery, just west of Hannibal off HighwayMM. He was born in New York state and moved to Missouri around 1868. He firstcame to St. Joseph, MO before moving to Hannibal. He was a Union Army veteran,but I have not been able to locate him through the National Archives index.One family record idicates he was in a Pennsylvania Cavalry Unit. Regimentis not known. Some other information sasy he may have been in a PennsylvaniaInfantry Regiment, namely the 49th, Co. G I was wondering if there was alocal GAR organization in Hannibal that might have records or if certificateswere kept for that period. He died 1 Feb. 1881. I also was not able to findhim in the 1880 U.S. Census when he should have been living there. Anyinformation about this man would be greatly appreciated.Tom White


DATE: 21 Aug. 1997


Looking for anyone related to Disselhorst and Riney from Palmyra.[email protected]

NAME:  Gary Lock

DATE: 23 Aug. 1997


Looking for information about John Arthur Lock and wife, Genevia Leonard/Lock.Children born to them were Ninies Roy Lock, born 21 Nov. 1892; and MayLock/Wooten. Ninies and May might have been born in Hannibal. May lived inHannibal all of her adult life and died there. Ninies moved to IL, MasonCounty and Tazewell County where he died. Any help appreciated.Gary Lock

NAME:  Liz Neese

DATE: 31 Aug. 1997


I am just beginning to research my family. My father says that mygreat-grandfather was from Marion County, MO. His name was Marcus DeLafayetteTriplett. Any help will be most appreciated.Liz

NAME:  Gene Ingmand

DATE: 2 Sept. 1997


I am searching for information about Stuart Boyd who was born 12 March1855. My research indicates he lived in Palmyra, Marion County,  MO.Any information appreciated.[email protected]

NAME:  John R. Banks

DATE: 23 Sept. 1997


Looking for any information on my grandfather, John E. Meadows, andgreat-grandfather, Job Meadows. They are both buried in Mt. Olivet Cemeteryin Hannibal, Marion County, MO. I suspect they came to Hannibal in the late1800s. I do not have any dates of death. John, my grandfather, had one daughternamed Thelma who is also buried in the same cemetery. Would appreciate anyinformation anyone can give me. Thanks much. Please E-mail me at[email protected]

NAME: Deb Shillo 

DATE: 27 Sept. 1997


Looking for Little Union Cemetery lookups. If anyone has a listing for thesesurnams, I would appreciate information. Also where might one findobituaries for 1830 - 1870 in this county?[email protected]

NAME: Ann M. Juette

DATE: 28 Sept. 1997


Ludwig Jutte (name changed to Juette), born 1814, Rhumsprins, NSAC, DEU;died 1854; married 1841 to Christine Jacobi. Son Herman F. Juette, born ?;died ?; m? Amy E. Henize in Palmyra, MO. Two sons, Harold Frederick Juette,born 1886, Palmyra, MO; died ? St. Paul, MN and George Juette. Have assignmentof patent dated April 1889 listing Herman F. Juette, Julius E. Stuhlman,Amy E.Juette and (T?) H. Henize. Any informatio non this family would beappreciated. Harold F. was my grandfather. Thanks, Ann M. Juette, 984 SpaRoad, #102, Annapolis, MD 21403[email protected]


DATE: 29 Sept. 1997


Seeking information on the following: Thomas Wylie Frazier who was born 26July 1826 in TN. He married Eliza Jane Mead, daughter of Asahel andSusan(Vail) Mead on 4 March 1853 in Palmyra, Marion County, MO.lam/[email protected]

NAME: Lois Howell

DATE: 2 Oct. 1997


I am looking for the parents of Orlando Howell (ca. 1833 - 1900)Family tradition has it that they died in a cholera epidemic in 1838-1839shortly after coming to Marion County, MO from KY. I find Orlando, age16; brother, Philo, age 13; and sister, Carolyn, age 10, in the 1850 MarionCounty census. Each are licing with a different family and all three arelisted as being born in Ohio. Are probate records available for this periodof time? Thanks for any information.[email protected]

NAME: Rebecca L. Brown

DATE: 2 Oct. 1997


Searching for any information on Thomas Jefferson BEavers, born 20 Feb. 1885;died March 1976, Hannibal, MO' married Annie Taylor, born about 1886, IL;died about 1979, MO. Children were William, Earl, Henry, Martha (born inAsburn, MO), Hiram, Paul and Mary. Martha was my grandmother-in-law. Anyhelp would be appreciated. Thank you, Rebecca.[email protected]

NAME: Kathleen Burnett

DATE: 3 Oct. 1997


Wlizabeth Hutchingson was born about 1818 in DE. Her parents were Quakers.It is said they came over on the same boat as William Penn. Her parents diedwhile she was young and Elizabeth was raised by her Aunt Alice Hutchingsonwho married a Van Horn who was said to have been in the shipping business.In 1835, Elizabeth married Calvin Washburn Pryor in Carbon County, PA. Theirfirst child, Elizabeth Berkelow, was born there and the next two, Ann andSusan W., were born in Philadelphia, PA. The rest of the children, Albert,George Washington, Mary, William Dale and Amanda, were born in Hannibal,Marion County, MO. Elizabeth Hutchingson Pryor died n1915 in Eureka Springs,Carroll County, AR. During her adult live she was well known as an excellentmidwife. I would love to find someint with Elizbeth in their data base.Kathleen Burnett

NAME: Elaine Allen

DATE: 5 Oct. 1997


Would like to correspond with anyone doing research on the Allen or McCrackenlines. Richard Allen and his wife, Pamela McCracken Allen, came to MarionCounty, MO in the late 1830s and raised many of their children there. Theyoriginally came from KY and before that from VA. I have lots of informationon this family for anyone interested.[email protected]

NAME: Mary Beth Finnerty

DATE: 5 Oct. 1997


I am searching for information on theSibley family. Albert Gallatin Siblewas born in 1806 in VA. He moved to KY in 1816 and to Clark County, MO in1837. He died inPalmyra, MO in 1872. He was married to Harriet White, whodied in Palmyra in 1872. In addition to that, Mary Ann Rebecca Dicks wasborn in Marion County in 1856. Her father was William J. Dicks, born in MDin 1822 and died in El Dorado Springs, Cedar County, MO in 1909. But he andhis wife, Martha Ann Hardwick, lived in Hannibal, Marion County, MO in the1850 census. He was listed as a blacksmith.Mary Beth Finnerty

NAME: Verna Kirkham

DATE: 10 Oct. 1997


I am looking for information on David Kirkham born ca. 1816 in NY. He leftMarion County, MO during the Golf Rush in CA ca. 1852. Last heard of in CAca. 1893. Wonder where he went? Verna Kirkham, 21651 Perry Lucas, Harrah,OK 73045 [email protected]

NAME: Roy Mathis

DATE: 10 Oct. 1997


William MOODY lived in BeVire in 1925. This information is from the obituaryof Rosettta (MOODY) STUDLEY who died  Dec 26,1925 in Billings, MT. Theinformation that I have found re: the Moody Family is: By 1925, Walter MOODY(b. about 1860 in Ohio) apparently dead by 1925 In 1925; Arthur MOODY (b.about 1877 in Ohio) was living in St. Louis; Wiley MOODY married Lena BETZand lived around the Hannible, MO area working on farms. By 1925 he had movedto Libby, MT. sisters: Mrs. Charles McCLENNING lived in Hannibal, MO; Mrs.E. J. McCLENNING lived in Hannibal, MO. From census information (1860 OHand 1880 MO) the family William is Eaton MOODY and Lucilla MOODY Henry County.,MO (1880) Walter b. abt 1860 OH; Rosetta b. 17 Jan 1861 OH - d. 26 Dec 1925Billings, MT; Elizabeth b. abt 1867 IL; William b. abt 1868 IL;  Isaacb. abt 1869 OH;  Viola b. abt 1873 OH;  Arthur b. abt 1877 OH;Wiley b. 14 Jun 1879 MO, d. Jun 1969. I am looking for history and descendantsof the MOODY and BETZ families. RoyMathis, Wheatland, WY.

NAME: Bob Waldrop

DATE: 12 Oct. 1997


I am looking for information on the "Seperate Mattn.Missouri Mounted Riflemen"that was formed in Marion Co., Missouri. My great-Grandfather John Andre'HEATHER, b. 20 Apr 1827 and living in Palmyra, Marion Co., Missouri joinedthe unit in July 1846. It served in the Mexican War. Any help would beappreciated.Bob

NAME: Betty Abney

DATE: 12 Oct. 1997


I am looking for information on a Samuel Curtis who was married to RhodaUptigrove. I beleive they lived in Marion County.Betty Abney

NAME: Dick Clark

DATE: 13 Oct. 1997


Jane Clark b ca1795, Va ...d 13 May 1861,Pike county, Mo. Spouse of Jane(reputedly, William Clark) Family moved to Pike county ca 1845 from Ky <Va. Male Progeny of Jane (who resided in Pike county Missouri ca 1845-60)William J. Clark b ca 1814, Va ... d 26 Aug1879, Pike county,Mo James B.Clark b ca 1818,Va ... d ca 1892, Marion county,Mo. Robert J. Clark b 18Feb. 1819, Va. ... d 2 Feb.1898, Ill. Jasper S. Clark b ca 1828,Va ... d1891, Pike County, Mo. John M. Clark b ca 1831, Va or Ky ... d ??? Femaleprogeny Elizabeth A. [Clark] Jones & spouse William K. Jones Lookingfor any documentation or source that will lead me to places &/ortimes in Ky. and/or Va. ... current time line estimate is Va, ca 1830 andKy ca 1841. Looking for any info that will help me establish Janes Husband'sname. [email protected]

NAME: Michael Paulsen

DATE: 15 Oct. 1997


I am searching for information on Thomas Fox PROBASCO and his wife MarySTRICKLER. They moved to Marion Co. in the early 1830's. They had two(2)sons William Griffith PROBASCO (b:1837 d: 1922) and Joseph PROBASCO who diedas a child in Marion Co. I have found some references to Palmyra, MO, butnothing definite. William Griffith PROBASCO married Sarah JosephineBASHORE(b:1832 d:1930), Mar 1864. They had six(6) children; Ada LeePROBASCO-TAYLOR(b:1865), Mary Elizabeth PROBASCO(b:1868), William ThomasPROBASCO(b:1871 d:1967), Drucilla PROBASCO (Died at the age of 2-1/2), JohnGriffith PROBASCO(b:1881 d:1959), and Emery Robert PROBASCO(b:1884 d:1974).The BASHORE family settled in Marion Co.. from Iowa, before the civil war.If anyone has any information or would more on what I have, please writeto me. Thank you, Michael Paulsen[email protected]

NAME: Sue Monroe

DATE: 18 Oct. 1997


Seeking information on JOHN MOSS b. ca 1774, d. 1844 Marion Co., Mo. I have a copy of John's will in which he lists his children Carroll Mossand Sarah Vanlandingham, but makes no mention of his wife. I assume she haddied by that time. Does anyone know if John Moss's wife died and is buriedin Marion Co? [email protected]

NAME: Michael Paulsen

DATE: 25 Oct. 1997


I am searching for relatives of Thomas Fox PROBASCO b: 1812 in Trenton, NJand his wife Mary Elizibeth STRICKLER. m: March 31, 1864 in Palmyra, MarionCo.., MO. They had 2 sons William Griffith PROBASCO and Joseph PROBASCO.If you have any information please write to my email address. I am willingto share any information that I have. They lived in Marion Co.. in the late1880's.Other related surnames: Bashore(Marion Co., MO) Cox(Ripley Co., MO)Thankyou, Michael and Alberta Paulsen[email protected]

NAME: Walter Evans

DATE: 27Oct. 1997


I'm trying to research a relative, Elijah Tyre, who was supposed to havebeen hung by Rebels in his front yard during the Civil War. Do you have anaddress or phone number for a Marion Co., MO genealogical society or forthe public library or courthouse there? I'll be deeply grateful if you canhelp me resolve this longstanding family puzzle.Cordially, Walter Evans[email protected]t

NAME: David L. Bush

DATE: 28 Oct. 1997


My name is David L. Bush, 3401 Crane Avenue, Huntington, W.Va. 25705-1717,Fax: 304-529-1538, Ph: 304-529-4447, Email:[email protected]. I have numerousrelatives who migrated from Pendleton Co., Kentucky (Grassy Creek area)1818-1830s. The pioneer settler representing the BUSH surname was John ShearerBush (1799-1877). He settled about 4 miles west of Hannibal somewhere nearwhere Bear Creek Baptist Church was located. The old homestead was torn downto make way for the new highway 61 to Palmyra. A brother, William Bush(1798-1864), and a sister, Rebekah Bush (Heather) (Husky) migrated to MarionCounty also. John married Margaret Gardner as his first wife and family andMahala Worthington as his second wife and family. Dave Bush

NAME: Gail Heuer

DATE: 30 Oct. 1997


Looking for persons willing and able to help those of us who wishthey  could visit your county to find out missing links. I am lookingfor  records on my Great, Great, Aunts May and Mollie Bradshaw. Theywere  long time residents of Hannibal, MO. These two spinsters livedtogether and worked in a shoe factory their whole lives. An elderly Uncleof mine  who still lives in Missouri said that he once went to Hannibaland looked  up their names at the library in the recond of a city directoryand then  went by the house that was once theirs. May and Mollie livedin Hannibal  through the 1920's and 30's. They probably lived therebefore then but I  can't verify that. I am wanting to find some recordof their deaths so  that I can find out what their parents' names were.I know that Mollie  died in the early 1930's and I expect that she wasburied in Hannibal,  MO. I noticed that she wasn't listed in the twocemeteries that are listed on the Marion County pages. Do you have anysuggestions? [email protected]

NAME: Bob Garvey

DATE: 31 Oct. 1997


I am looking for the parents of Mary Jane Moxley who was Born in Hannibal,missouri on 14 of December or Febuary 1851..She had 2 brothers named Quinnand Rufe Moxley. Mary Jane married George Washington Heath in Hannibal 14December  1868. The family joined a wagon train for Colorado in thelate 1870's. Any help here would be much  appreciated.Bob Garvey

NAME: Patricia Barnum

DATE: 1 Nov. 1997


Robert B. DICKSON was born in England or Scotland ca. 1840 to James and Margaret[Muir] Dickson. They emigrated to Liberty Township sometime before 1850 [they'rein the 1850 census]. Robert had an older brother, James (born 24 Jan. 1838,who married Mary A. Cherry and who later settled in Natchez, MS), and sixyounger siblings: John, Agnes, Charles (married Emma; died 1878), Elizabeth,George, and Willliam (born 25 May 1854 and married Martha Jane Cary). The1850 census for their farm also lists a Charles Muir, age 33, from Scotland;he may well have been Margaret's brother. Robert's first job, at age 16,was feeding cattle for J.G. Longmire. Later he was a brakeman and freightconductor on the Hannibal & St. Joe railroad and then spent some timein the confectionary business in Palmyra. He finally entered the law officeof M.L. Hollister, Marion Co. District Atty, and read law with him for ayear, completing his legal studies in the Hannibal law office of S.S. Allen.He was admitted to the Missouri Supreme Court in 1869. On Jan. 3, 1872 or1875, he married Alice Carrie Antoinette Lansing/Mead [the county marriagerecord gives her name as Meed, and apparently she had children older thanmy great grandmother so she must have been married before -- I assume toMEED/MEAD]. Robert and Alice came to California in April 1875. In 1880 theyadopted my great grandmother in San Francisco. I'm trying to figure out whattheir connection with the birth parents might have been. Patricia Barnum,San Francisco --[email protected]

NAME: Mary Orban

DATE: 1 Nov. 1997


I am looking for information on Bedford GREGORY who is listed in the 1830census in Marion County. I believe that he came to MO in the mid-1820s, possiblywith a new wife Martha and three children from a previous marriage. Bedfordprobably died in Marion Co in the mid-1830s. His widow and children movedto Grant Co, WI. Thanks for your help. Mary Orban[email protected]

NAME: Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky

DATE: 4 Nov. 1997


Seeking information about the George Washington Sevier family: G. W. andwife Catherine Jane Tolle. Children: George Archibald, b. 20 Aug 1841;MosesNimrod, b. 08 Feb 1844' Cloe (or Chloe) b. 29 Oct 1845; Parmenas, b. 34 May1947; Sigismund M., b. 27 Jan 1851; Milton L., b. 27 Nov 1853; Robert EmmetLee, b. 27 Jan 1864. The children were all born in Marion Co. Missouri.Sheridan Brandon DrowatzkyWichita KS

NAME: Bob Garvey

DATE: 4 Nov. 1997


I am looking for the might be impossible! I need the parents of Mary JaneMOXLEY,  born in Hannibal , Mo. in 1851. I can't find any MOXLEY onthe 1850 census in Marion. Any help???Bob Garvey

NAME: Georgia & Rich Herhold

DATE: 5 Nov. 1997


I would like any information on WARD and HORSLEY/HORSELEY in the Hannibalarea. I believe there was a funeral home owned/managed by HORSLEYs, wheretheir WARD relatives worked - at least in the 1930's-1950's. Thank you.[email protected]

NAME: Candace Hood

DATE: 11 Nov. 1997


Looking for info on a George M. Porter married to Iva Luella Chrisman childrenMartha Bell, Eunice Irene and Kennith.Candace Hood

NAME: Janet Munro

DATE: 17 Nov. 1997


Looking for descendents of Waller H. BOULWARE (b 10 Dec 1810, d.?) and MariahB. REDD (b. 7 Sep 1819, d. ?), married late 1830's. Came to Marion Co, MOfrom VA after they were married. Children:Waller Merrit Boulware (b. 8 Jan1840, d.31 Jan 1911), married (1) 19 Mar 1868 Mary Elizabeth Cupp (b. 10Feb 1846, d.5 Oct 1895), married (2) ? ? aft 1895 [none of Waller and Mary'schildren married, but there was one son from the second marriage who wasliving in Palmyra area in the 1970's]; Martha Margaret Boulware (b. 15 Jun1842, d. ?); Bettie Yager Boulware (b. 27 Oct 1849, d. ?); and Joseph G.(?)Boulware (b. 20 Oct 1856/7, d. ?). Dates are from pages of Boulware Biblekept by Rubertra Boulware, dau of Waller M. and Mary, until her death, thenin possession of her cousins in Idaho and Oregon. Any descendents interestedshould contact me for more information.[email protected]

NAME: Bret Riche

DATE: 17 Nov. 1997


I am lookoing for information regarding Reuben Jackson RICHE (mid to late1800s) and his father Jackson RICHE (early to mid 1800s) Reuben is mygrandfather. I have a letter from my late uncle that connects them with MarionCo. MO. Thank You Bret Riche

NAME: Brenda

DATE: 28 Nov. 1997


I am looking for resource documents for Palmyra, Mo. between 1800 and 1900.I have copies of the federal indices. Are you aware of facilities that mighthave anything at all?[email protected]


NAME: Blaine Fisher

DATE: 5 Dec. 1997


I am looking for information on the Missouri Fishers. there was a Viola andher family in 1850 living with the Mitchells. anyone with information onher or other Fishers of this or other counties please contactme.[email protected]

NAME: Brenda

DATE: 28 Nov. 1997


I am looking for resource documents for Palmyra, Mo. between 1800 and 1900.I have copies of the federal indices. Are you aware of facilities that mighthave anything at all?[email protected]

NAME: Jere Duncan

DATE: 9 Dec. 1997


I am looking for information on Minnie Bonnell (nee Minnie Cook) who reportedlylived in Marion County, possibly into the 1960's. Minnie was b. 1896, daughterof James H. and Martha (Linch) Cook and married W. P. Bonnell, date of marriageunknown. Any information on Minnie would be appreciated.[email protected]

NAME: Jere Duncan

DATE: 9 Dec. 1997


I would like information on these people found on the 1910 census of MarionCounty. LINCH , A. J, wife Tena. In same household is Joseph R. aged 4 andLeslie Barton, 19 listed as single and son to head of household COLWELL,Robert B. wife Elizabeth A. LINCH W. ? wife Maud A. and four children SHELTON,Alvin wife Tillie E. and four children. Any information on any of these familieswould be appreciated. Thanks you.[email protected]

NAME: Chris Ragsdale

DATE: 10 Dec. 1997


I'm looking for information on Jackson WOODSON b. Abt. 1820 VA d. Abt. 1847MO (Possibly Marion County). After his death, his children, Henry, MarionJefferson and Mary E. went to live with William Woodson in Pike Co., MO.There were several Woodson families living in the central Missouri area atthis time, but I can't find any reference to a Jackson. MONEY - I'm lookingfor information on Joseph MONEY. He was living in central Missouri (possiblyMarion Co.) by at least 1858.[email protected]

NAME: Ray Schumann

DATE: 11 Dec. 1997


Interested in family of Daniel Morkin who lived in the 3rd Ward Palmyra accordingto census of 1860. Family had moved from Chester, PA, in the 1850s. Familyconsisted of wife, Catherine, and children, Mary and Ellen.[email protected]

NAME: Nancy Hale Lee

E-MAIL: [email protected]

DATE: 19 Dec. 1997


I am searching for information and connections to the families/descendantsof Nancy McPerson b 1820 in Va marr. 15 Aug 1837 in Marion Co., Mo to GeorgeCanterbury. Geo. died at Marion City in a cholera epidemic 6 July 1848. Lookingfor his burial place. Nancy moves to Audrain CO. with the Canterbury familyand marries her former bro-in-law Thomas O'Donnell. Help me find her Canterburychildren.1. Mary Elizabeth 2. Laura Ellen marr. Geo Heckart lived near Hassard.Descendants?? 3. Virginia Frances poss. marr. ? VanDyke 4. George K. marr.Eliza Owens and lived in Montgomery County (I have some info on this branch)Please help me find the McPherson connection and descendants. I have muchto share. Thank you.

NAME: Pat Muncy

E-MAIL: [email protected]

DATE: 19 Dec. 1997


I was wondering if you could tell me where I could look at marriage recordsfor Marion Co. for 1900 to 1902. I went to the local FHC and they only have1824 to 1888 and then 1910 to 1933 on there films. I could not find anythingfor the time period I'm looking for. Any Help would be great. Thanks PatMuncy, 1305 U Avenue, La Grande OR 97850 (541)962-9526

NAME: Jim Lowary

E-MAIL:[email protected]

DATE: 29 Dec. 1997


Looking for the location of Hope Cemetary that is in Hannibal, MO. I havea Great Grandmother (Hattie NORTH who married a Wiliam M. ALLISON and a JohnW. STEEL) buried there and would like to find the location. Thanks for yourHelp!! http://www.synapse.com/lowary

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