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Submitted July - December 1998

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NAME:  Dave Schleinkofer

E-MAIL: schlnkfer@fwi.com

DATE: 3 July 1998


Looking for information on John W (born 1859) and Louise (born 1867) Steel of Marion County. Their daughter Lola married Boone Harrison about 1902. They had a daughter Clara in 1903. Their second daughter Elizabeth married Homer Wheeler in 1903. They had three children; Raymond, Arlene, and Beatrice.

NAME:  Anita Gettler Rainey

E-MAIL: anitagettler@webtv.net

DATE: 4 July 1998


I am searching for the Gettlers of Marion Co. They were farmers. They lived near Hannibal. They had four sons and two daughters. Three of the sons were; Warren Roy, Howard and Carl. One of the daughters was ( I believe ) Agnes. The other two names I do not remember. They were of German decent. I don't know the names of the parents, if they came from Germany, or were born here. I would very much appreciate all the help I can get. The childred were born in the late 1800's, so I would put the parents births somewhere about 1860's or 1870's.

NAME:  Don Hopke

E-MAIL: dhop@itis.com

DATE: 4 July 1998


Looking for information on Conrad ROTSCHKA, who taught school for many years in the Palmyra area in Marion County, MO. 1850 census lists Conrad, wife Josephine and sons; Otto, age 8; and Eugene, age 4. Thank you.


E-MAIL: RNLee@aol.com

DATE: 5 July 1998


James Brady in Hannibal, married Bridget Daly 1855, several children. On 1860-, 1870 and 1880 census. Searching for his parents names or death date? thanks.

NAME:  Jim Hubbard

E-MAIL: PARENT1@webtv.net

DATE: 9 July 1998


The following are my family surnames from Marion County, MO. Our family

first settled in the area in 1842.

HUBBARD William and wfie Margaret BOONE POUDER

HUBBARD Sylvester William and wife Ardelia MILLHIZER

HUBBARD Oscar William and wife Maude May NORFOLK

NORFOLK William Elmer and wife Mary Molly IRWIN

NAME:  Gilbert Parton

E-MAIL: Partonme@email.msn.com

DATE: 10 July 1998


My grandfather John Wesley Parton was born Dec.28, 1874 in Hannibal, Mo. He later moved to Pike Co. Ill. and was married to Dora Viola Gilbert in 1902. Looking for infor on his father James Wiley Parton who was born in Boone Co. Mo. on March 15, 1840

NAME:  Cindy King

E-MAIL: cking@semo.net

DATE: 11 July 1998


I am looking for information regarding my great-grandmother, Mary Jane Walsh who immigrated to the US around 1892 when she was 12. She lived with her aunt, Johanna Jones King in Hannibal, and had five brothers: Nicholas, Patrick, Thomas, John, and Malachi. She married William Patrick King, also of Hannibal, and had six children. She died in the 1930's. Her father was John Walsh, who may have immigrated earlier than his children, and it appears that her mother, whose name was either Mary or Eileen Jones Walsh, didn't make the trip. Her brother Thomas sent a letter home, at one point, and was in Montana using the name Welch. The other brothers I am not sure about.


E-MAIL: kyelliott2@aol.com

DATE: 14 July 1998


ELLIOTT, Otto b: 10/24/1906 @Novelty, Mo. d: Aug. 31, 1943, buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Palmyra, Mo. Married, Bertha Maria Elizabeth SCHOENBORN, daughter of, George and Katherine Ahland Schoenborn.


E-MAIL: kyelliott2@aol.com

DATE: 14 July 1998


Schoenborn, George Fredrick b: 2/27/1887, Palmyra, Mo. d: 12/04/1971, Palmyra, Mo. marr: (12/04/1905) Katherine Wilhelmina AHLAND b: 12/12/1879, Quincey, Ill. , d:7/30/1973,in Palmyra, Mo., buried- Greenwood Cemetery

NAME: Carmen Megehe

E-MAIL: ldhathaway@triangle.net

DATE: 15 July 1998


I am in search for any information on Daniel White Megehe. I have census records for 1850, 1860. Then he dissapears!!!!! His first wife was Marian Shyrock, ending before 1864, when he married to Sabina C. Taylor. I have also found him in the 1859-60 and, 1866 Hannibal City Directory. He and Marian had 9 children; Nancy, Olive, Mary, Emily, William, Charles, James, Ellen, Johnson. I am intrested in finding when he would have passed away, death record, cemetery record, or where he traveled to. I need his fathers name to get any more generations. The name has been found on census records as; McGehe, and McGee. In the city dir. as; McGee, McGhee. And in a deed written in 1858, as we spell it now, Megehe. Any information would help. Carmen Megehe, P.O. Box 310, Washburn, IL 61570

NAME: Judi Gilker

E-MAIL: jgilker@adams.net

DATE: 16 July 1998



Seeking information regarding Elizabeth Caroline GALLAGHER ROGERS LANE born about 1849 in Rock Island, IL. died Dec. 31, 1925 Hannibal, Mo. Her parents were Patrick GALLAGHER (born poss. March 17, 1827 in Ireland) and Elizabeth MURRAY (born about 1828 in Germany or at sea.) They lived in Miller township, Marion Co. Mo. in 1870. Other children were James born abt. 1845, Willaim born abt.1853, Michael born abt. 1855 and Clara Ann born abt. 1858 married John BUCKHEIT. Elizabeth C. GALLAGHER married John M. ROGERS. John changed his surname from WARDELL to ROGERS. ROGERS supposed to be his mothers maiden name. He wasof English Canadian descent and born abt.1839 Syracuse, NY. died March 1878 Natchez, Miss. Served in Civil War was Sgt. Major in Co.G, 2nd New Mexico Inf. Elizabeth and John lived Hannibal, Mo.and Quincy, IL. Their children all had ROGERS surname: Hester Maranda (1863-1927) married John Wm. BREWER, Olivia born abt. 1866 unknown what became of her., George Buhler (1867-1899) married Lula REDDICK (Lula later married John BREWER's brother William), Elizabeth (1871-1944) married Wm. BRASSELL, and Wesley WILSON (poss. married Ivory LANE.) Elizabeth and John ROGERS divorced in 1874 in Quincy, IL. Elizabeth soon married WIlliam E. LANE of Hannibal. He died abt.1899. He had a brother Joseph W. LANE who lived Hannibal and died there in 1905. Both LANE's worked for the rail road.

NAME: Judi Gilker

E-MAIL: jgilker@adams.net

DATE: 16 July 1998


Judi Gilker --- jgilker@adams.net -- or 2039 College, Quincy, IL. 62301 Seeking contact anyone with information regarding the family of Joseph Michael KELLER born Aug. 8, 1859 in Ohio. (Father was also Joseph Michael) died March 6, 1934 in Woodland , Mo. Married twice. Unknown 1st wife. 2nd. wife, Lottie VENGHAUS TUTTLE KELLER born March 3, 1878 in Quincy, IL. died April 30, 1942 Quincy, IL. Lottie was married previously to William E. TUTTLE and had a daughter Hazel born Sept 20 1898 and died Oct. 24, 2975 Quincy, IL. married William "Henry" GILKER. What became of William E. TUTTLE? Did he died or did they divorce? Joseph M. KELLER's children: Arthur, Lawrence, Robert, Leo, Louis, Oscar, Francis (married Ora SHELTON), Mary (married William HENRY), and two other daughters who married Roy KEE, and Lester RATHBUN. Children all born Marion Co. Mo.

NAME: Anita Gettler Rainey

E-MAIL: anitagettler@webtv.net

DATE: 17 July 1998


I'm searching for information on the Gettlers, who lived in Marion Co from the 1800's on into the 1900's. They were farmers. These are the names of some of their children, Warren Roy, Carl, Howard and Agnes. Any information important.

NAME: Mark White

E-MAIL: kerryw@swbell.net

DATE: 20 July 1998


Looking for descendant of William & Rebecca Wilsene White. They had a large plantation in the township of Fabius, Marion Co., Missouri. I have found W. White in the 1840-1860 Census. I am looking for his children which numbers 10:

1. Jefferson Milam married Caroline Adams. Great great grandfather & grandmother.

2. William M. b 1836

3. Pamela b 1838

4. Caroline M. b 1840

5. Ambrose b 1842

6. Theodrick b 1844. died in Oklahoma

7. Eliza b 1846

8. Robert b 1849

9. Ellen b 1853

10. Jennie b 1855

Possible list of sites to visit, books etc. Appreciate the help. Thanks

NAME: Ken Jackson

E-MAIL: ken@score.com

DATE: 23 July 1998


.I have been looking for some time now for the names of william perry jackson's parents. I know that william perry was born in missouri in 1851, and that there was a william p jackson listed on the missouri marion county federal census for 1860 who was 9 years old. The next census of 1870 doesn't list him, but he would have been 19 yo and probably out in the world making it on his own. I searched the IGI records and found that a James Walls Jackson of Marion COunty made a will out 16 Jul 1851, listing a william as one of his heirs. How would I find out if the william p jackson in Marion county is the william perry jackson I am looking for? Is there someone in the marion county area with an e-mail address who has access to births/probate records/wills that would be kind enough to look for me? I am located in San Diego, California. Thanks for listening.

NAME: Gilbert Parton

E-MAIL: Partonme@email.msn.com

DATE: 23 July 1998


I am looking for any information on ancestors of John Wesley Parton , born Dec. 28, 1874 in Hannibal, Marion Co., Missouri. He later went to Pike Co.Illinois. His father was James Wiley Parton.

NAME: Don Johnson

E-MAIL: 1951dude@missvalley.com

DATE: 27 July 1998


I'm looking for a Big Creek Cemetery located somewhere in Marion County Mo... Could you tell me where one might one post such a query? Thanks.

NAME: Donna Fisher


DATE: 27 July 1998


James Brady b. about 1834 in Ireland ended up in Hannibal, MO, maried 10 Aug 1855 to Bridget Daly (she was b. about 1836 in Ireland, possibly lived in St. Louis). They had children: Mary Ann b. 1856; Hugh b. 1858; William b. 1860; James b. 1861; Michael b. 1863; Katherine b. 1865; Daniel b. 1866; Alice b. 1870; Edward b. 1871; John & Bridget (twins) b. 1873. James & Bridget were on 1860, 1870 census, then Bridget as widow on 1880 census, all in Hannibal, MO. Bridget along with 3 of her sons and Katherine and Alice moved to Kansas City. The girls married and rased families in Kansas City. Family lore says Bridget moved to St. Louis with her sons, but no trail after about 1900 of family in St. Louis. Email me if you can help with this line.


E-MAIL: GerrieGid@aol.com

DATE: 30 July 1998


I am looking for Emma Lorrainne BELL born in Hannibal, Mo. around 1889. She had a brother, Daniel BELL and and sister Fern BELL. Daniel is rumored to have served on Truman's Cabinet in the 40's and I believe Emma married a fellow with the last name of HUSTEAD.

NAME: Mona

E-MAIL: monahale@rollanet.org

DATE: 30 July 1998


My name is Mona Hale, I am searching for The Rush cemeteries, also Kizer/Keiser and Grisham  Margaret Rush m Jacob Sinnit Grisham 1837 Marion County Missouri Most of the Rush family came to MO from KY 1830's. They are buried there. There are my GG grandparents I'd like a map of Marion County with the cemeteries on it. If you know of such please tell me how much and where to send money. I am a member of MOSGA and Northeast Reporter

NAME: Anita Gettler Rainey

E-MAIL: anitagettler@webtv.net

DATE: 6 Aug. 1998


I'm still trying to find The Gettlers from Marion Co Mo. They were farmers near Hannibal.They had 6 children, Warren Roy, Howard, Joseph, Carl, Agnes and another girl whose name I don't know. Does anyone out there know these people? Thanks

NAME: Mona Hale

E-MAIL: monahale@rollanet.org

DATE: 8 Aug. 1998


My name is Mona Hale, I am searching for The Rush cemeteries, also Kizer/Keiser and Grisham  Margaret Rush m Jacob Sinnit Grisham 1837 Marion County Missouri Most of the Rush family came to MO from KY 1830's. They are buried there. They are my GG grandparents I'd like a map of Marion County with the cemeteries on it. If you know of such please tell me how much and where to send money. I am a member of MOSGA and Northeast Reporter among others.

NAME: Ron Pyle

E-MAIL: piguy@goldrush.com

DATE: 9 Aug. 1998


Looking for info concerning T.L. Mack married to Alice Morgan in Marion County Mo or Shellbina in Shelly County, Mo around the year 1915. also looking for Mack, Harvey, Ward

NAME: Cyndi Hanson

E-MAIL: Csh42@aol.com

DATE: 9 Aug. 1998


Is anyone out there researching names in Palmyra or Marion County? I'm hoping to make contact with anyone looking for the following surnames: VOEPEL, BROSS, MENGER, KEMPF All are Germans and belonged to Zion Luthern Church in Palmyra. When I was little, Grandma would take me to the old cemetary and tell me about the relatives buried there. I wish I had listened better!!!!


E-MAIL: Jtuly@aol.com

DATE: 11 Aug. 1998


i am looking for information on my husbands grandfather, possibly born in Hannibal, Mo. on or around March, 6, 1874. His name is recorded on his death certif. as Robert R. Wistcox , but his family always knew his name as Robert Younger Wistcox. He is believed to be the son of a native american ( his mother ) and father is unknown. I believe he did serve in the military but do not know when or where. Can you tell me where I can go for information on local native american births, what tribe is common to the area etc.?The only name I have for his mother is Sally?! unknown maiden name.

NAME: Shaunee Power

E-MAIL: Shauneeh@AOL.COM

DATE: 13 Aug. 1998


I am looking for descendants of George Howell Shields (1842-1924) and Mary Harrison Leighton of Hannibal, Marion County, MO and St. Louis. George Howell Shields was a lawyer and judge for the circuit court in St. Louis. They had four children: John Leighton Shields, George Howell Shields, Jr., Sarah Bainbridge Shields m. William Marshall Warren, dean of Boston University and son of the founder, William Fairfield Warren and Marion Leighton Shields m. Harriette L. Krause. I have a lot of information to share and would love to talk to descendants. Thanks for any help.

NAME: Rebecca Coons

E-MAIL: beckycoons@hotmail.com

DATE: 13 Aug. 1998


I am researching the descendents of Conrad Mette. The first Mette to come from Germany was Fredrich Mette who settled in Marion County. He was married to Elizabeth Schaeffer. They settled in Marion in 1884. They had ten children; Christianna Alma, Fredrich H, Wilhelm Fredrich, Elizabeth Rosina, Henrietta Sophia, Johannes Reinmund, Margaretha Louise, Carolina Clara, Benjamin Gottfried, and Emma Wilhemina. I am looking for any information about the children, including whom they married, when they died, where they lived, and any children they had.

NAME: Dave Schleinkofer

E-MAIL: schlnkfer@FWI.COM

DATE: 14 Aug. 1998


Looking for anyone with an index to Hope Cemetery. Looking for any Steele's, including Louise who died in 1915 buried here. Need location for cemetery as well.

NAME: Anita Rainey

E-MAIL: anitagettler@webtv.net

DATE: 17 Aug. 1998


I'm searching for the GETTLER family who lived in Marion Co Mo near Hannibal in the 1800 and 1900's. They were farmers. I have some of the names of the children: Warren Roy, Howard, Joseph, Carl and Agnes. There was another girl, but I don't know her name. I need the names of their parents. Thanks.

NAME: Claudette Caisse

E-MAIL: NCCaisse@aol.com

DATE: 17 Aug. 1998


My Marion Co., Surname unfortunately is a female and I don't know her fathers given name. I am hoping someone can help me out. Her name was Virginia Glascock (Glasscock) and she was born in Marion Co., Mo. on Aug 5, 1835. Married James Hendricks Apr 5, 1855 in Parris, Monroe Co., Mo.

NAME: Ken Jackson

E-MAIL: ken@score.com

DATE: 24 Aug. 1998


I am currently trying to find the parents of William Perry Jackson. He was born in Missouri in 1851. The only listing I could find for Missouri in 1860 was in the Marion County census. It listed a William P. Jackson, age 9, father James W. Jackson of Warren Twp. The 1870 census did not list William P. Jackson as a member of the James W Jackson household, but he would have been 19 years old, and probably moved elsewhere. The dilemna is this....the census for Marion County only shows the middle initial, not the middle name. The birth records for Missouri prior to 1860's are almost non-existent because of the war. If anyone has access to records (probate, etc) which may list the middle name, could they please check them and let me know?

NAME: Brenda

E-MAIL: BLandT@worldnet.att.net

DATE: 25 Aug. 1998


I am wondering if you might be able to help me or direct me to someone who could do a 1900 Marion County Census look up for James Howell and Robert Howell. James Howell would be 43 and would have a wife Lavinia. Robert would be 50, I don't know if he would have a wife or not. Any help will be appreciated.

NAME: Don Hopke

E-MAIL: dhop@itis.com

DATE: 26 Aug. 1998


Please enter SHRECKENGHAUST surname to your Marion Co MO surname list. George and Hannah Shreckenghaust lived and died in Mapleton Twnship, Marion Co MO in late 1800's.

NAME: Carolyn Hinton Klueppel

E-MAIL: klueppel@clas.net

DATE: 26 Aug. 1998


I recently found that my great-great grandfather, Vachel Hinton, obtained a land grant in Palmyra around 1853. We have been trying to locate where he may be buried. I have found that his will was probated in St. Clair County, IL. This information was found in Belleville and there is no record of his buriel. Since he obtained the land grant the same year that he died I was hopeful that he may have been buried at Palmyra. Would it be possible to obtain this information? I have called the library there and was told the cemetery records were not indexed but  they hoped to have them done sometime in late September. I understand that there is no genealogical society there as well. She also gave me a web page address of Pbpl@nemonet.com and I have been unable to access it so I wondered if it may be an incorrect address. If you could be of some help with this I would be grateful.

NAME: Don Hopke

E-MAIL: dhop@itis.com

DATE: 30 Aug. 1998


Looking for information on Conrad Rotschka and family. Conrad taught school for many years in the Palmyra area in Marion County, MO. The Fed US 1850 census lists Conrad, wife Josephine (Niericker) and sons,, Otto, age 8; and Eugene, age 4. Thank you.

NAME: Carolyn Johnson

E-MAIL: cj@syv.com

DATE: 3 Sept. 1998


It is my understanding that my great grandparents, Laura Marie FROST and William Kenton STAGGS came from Nelsonville, Marion County, MO. They travelled in a caravan of 300 wagons (according to family lore) to Colorado, where my grandmother was born in Greeley in 186?. I have a land patent report for William Staggs dated 12/1/1851 at Palmyra for 40 acres in Township 59-N. I don't see Nelsonville mentioned in the list of townships. Do you have any information that might help my research?


E-MAIL: VRGINN@aol.com

DATE: 3 Sept. 1998


Looking for information on families who moved to Marion County, MO, into the Union Township, in the early 1850's, from Logan County, MO. Namely, EDWIN DUNN, born about 1811, and his wife JACOBINA/JACKALINA SIMMONS, born 1816/1817. They had following children: William b: 1841; Morgan b: 1843; Susan b: 1845; Eli, born 1848; Dorcas, born 1852; George E. born 1853, married Mary Snodgrass 20, Dec. 1879; and Robert B., born 2 Apr. 1855, married Martha J. RAGAN 15 Apr. 1877. Robert B. Dunn is my ancestor. He and his wife had a son, Willie, born 1879, but apparently Martha and Willie must have both died, as Robert Dunn moved to Erath County, TX and later to Hood County, TX and became a doctor. He eventually married 3 more times and had one daughter, Mattie Levenia Dunn (Meeker). The name TRIPLETT is associated with the DUNN and SIMMONS family, mainly by UNCLE WILLIAM TRIPLETT who lived in Marion County, Mo. in the 1870's and later is shown in 1900 census as living with Dr. Robert Dunn in Hood County, Texas. Any information on these families would be much appreciated!

NAME: Frankie Carlin Meyer

E-MAIL: fjmeyer@4state.com

DATE: 4 Sept. 1998


Searching for information on Andrew Jackson FEE and his wife Abigail CARLIN who lived in Marion County in the early 1800's. Several other brothers of Andrew as well as brothers of Abigail also lived there. The FEE and CARLIN families are later recorded mostly in Clark and Lewis Counties that formed from Marion.

NAME: Ken Jackson

E-MAIL: ken@score.com

DATE: 4 Sept. 1998


I am currently trying to find the parents of William Perry Jackson. He was born in Missouri 20 April 1851. The only listing I could find for Missouri in 1860 was in the Marion County federal census. It listed a William P. Jackson, age 9, father James W. Jackson of Warren Twp. The dilemna is this....the census for Marion County only shows the middle initial, not the middle name. The birth records for Missouri prior to 1860's are almost non-existent because of the war. If anyone has access to records (probate, etc) which may list the middle name, could they please check them and let me know?  Thanks

NAME: Patricia Kantzer

E-MAIL: mkdoc@nemr.net

DATE: 9 Sept. 1998


Fountain Mullins, bn abt 1785 Albermarle Co VA died May 1846 Marion Co Mo was married on 31 Jul 1810 inPendleton Co KY to Mary D. Turner bn 12 Aug 1794 Albemarle Co Va died ? Lentner, Shelby Co MO Their children were:

1. Lucinda bn abt 1836 married Stephen Fee Thrasher

2. Richard married Elizabeth Strode

3. Nancy bn 17 !pr 1814 married to Henry Kidwell

4. Susannah bn 1819 married to John R. Brownfield

5. Louisa Elizabeth A bn 1826

6. Stephen bn 1829

7. Martha bn 1831

8. Mary bn 1833

9. Milton

Am looking for the cemetery that Fountain is buried in and if anyone knows if there is a will for him.

NAME: Laurie Turner

E-MAIL: laurie.turner@bpc.com

DATE: 10 Sept. 1998


Robert H. COURTNEY married Permelia ALLEN 27 Oct 1831 Marion County, MO. Did they have daughter, Henrietta P. COURTNEY born circa 1834? Henrietta was residing in the household of Christopher G. and Lucinda (COURTNEY) SIMPSON in the 1850 Montgomery County, MO census. Lucinda was a sister of Robert H. COURTNEY.

NAME: Dave Schleinkofer

E-MAIL: schlnkfer@fwi.com

DATE: 16 Sept. 1998


Looking for information on the descendents of William Steel and Esther Anspach who moved to Hannibal approximately 1878. Their children included John William Steel (1859-1947) who married Louise Michael, Solomon Steel (1862-1912), Ellen Steel who married Oscar Trussell, Elzabeth Steel who married John Gimble, Malinda Steel (1868-1925) who married Charles C Rudd, Jennie Steel (1872-1963) who married Hezekiah Rhodes, and Emma Steel (1877-1960) who married Richard Trussell.

NAME: Linda Winters

E-MAIL: lwinters@edge.net

DATE: 20 Sept. 1998


I am looking for someone who would be willing to look up and copy a newspaper article for me from an old Hannibal paper. It would have appeared sometime around Oct/Nov 1949 or a little later. The single column article is headed: "PFC Brawley in U.S. After Being Wounded in Korea," followed by a picture of Brawley, then the article.  Also, I'd be interested in being contacted by anyone researching the Brawley and Perkins names. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks. Linda Brawley Winters, 223 Cave Circle Drive, Manchester, TN 37355. E-mail: lwinters@edge.net

NAME: Judy Eaton

E-MAIL: emc@pacbell.net

DATE: 21 Sept. 1998


EATON: In 1837, Jacob EATON of Marion Co. obtained a parcel of land, 80 acres at Palmyra. I am not sure which Jacob he was but I think he came from Mason Co. KY with several of his children who settled in other counties. His wife was a DAWSON

NAME: Laurana Holman Schamma

E-MAIL: loll@mcmsys.com

DATE: 27 Sept. 1998


I am Laurana Holman Schamma and I live in Moberly, Missouri.  I research the Family name. I know that Joseph Holman, Jr. - who married Rebecca Barnes in Madison County, Ky migrated to Randolph County, Missouri namely near Moberly at Yates, Missouri and his brother and her sister migraged with them. William C. Holman and Eleanor Banres. I do not descend from either Joseph Jr or William C. but I do descend from their mutual brother James Holman who m. Sarah Wilson in Madison County, Ky and migrated north to Campbell County, Kentucky when their respective Father, Joseph Holman, Sr. who m. Elizabeth Wilson died. After 1815 when Joseph Sr. died the family broke up and two came to Randolph County, mo. 1819. James remained in Kentucky. Joseph Holman Jr. (now Sr.) with Rebecca Barnes as his wife moved to HANNIBAL, MISSOURI and joined the Big Bear Baptist Church, (that is the best I could find). I know who their long list of children are and that is about it. I am attempting to put the Holman family together this coming winter I know Joseph Holman, Jr. - later Sr.- d. at Hannibal, Missouri about 1836. Is there any published work on this Holman line that you know of? Laurana Holman Schamma. Thank you. loll@mcmsys.com 501 East Logan Street, Moberly, Missouri 65270-2224

NAME: Elizabeth Heal

E-MAIL: lizh@imt.net

DATE: 2 Oct. 1998


My surnames for Marion County, Missouri are: GEORGE SEE, wife SARAH; THOMAS COBBS, wife ELIZABETH SEE; JOHN BURCH, wife CYNTHIA COBBS; SAMUEL HERCHEL VANCE, wife LUCINDA POND; ROBERT W. VANCE, wife NANCY ELIZABETH BURCH. These families were in Missouri from the mid 1820's into the late 1800's. ROBERT W. VANCE family moved to Montana around 1885.

NAME: Elizabeth Heal

E-MAIL: jgilker@adams.net

DATE: 3Oct. 1998



I am seeking information on William Franklin and Anna May BREWER TURNER. William Franklin TUNER was born Jan 22 1868 in Taylor, Marion County, Mo. died June 4 1959 in Camp Point, Adams County, IL. He married Anna May BREWER in Metropolis. IL. on Apr 26 1893. He was the son of Louis P. and Meslia L. JACKSON TURNER Anna May BREWER TURNER was born Seb 3 1874 in Nashville, Tenn and died Dec 11 1951 in Quincy, IL. Her parents were George and Agnes GREER BREWER. William Franklin and Anna TURNER had 9 children- 3 sons ( Davis Andrew, James & William Harrison) died around 1900 in the Taylor Marion Co. Mo. area. the other children were 4) Gladys Emma died Mar 1928 married Ivory JONES & lived Hannibal Mo. 5) Marie Maine born May 9 1898 in Metropolis, IL. died Oct 25 1993 married Clyde F. BOURNE & lived Palmyra, Mo area ^) Marguerite Flora (still living) married June WHITE, Lloyd RILEY, and Denver JACKSON & lives Ariz. 7) Thelbert Russell Oct 2 1906 died Mar 21 1993 in Huntsville Mo. married Ellen TUCKER 8) Oscar Herman born Sept 4 1912 in Elms Co. Mo. died Dec 10 1991 married Lebeta Louise HOOVER & lived Quincy, IL. 9)Raymond Franklin born May 15 1915 marion Co. Mo. died June 24 1976 Quincy, IL. Any help will by appreicated. You can reach me at jgilker@adams.net

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