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Marion County, MO
Township Maps of 1920
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Marion County Missouri is divided into eight townships. The below shown map shows the Townships themselves, and the Township and Range numbers for Marion County. Clicking on the township and range will take you an image of a six mile by six mile square divided into 36 sections. Clicking on any section of the will take you to that one mile by one mile square showing who owned that property in the 1920's. We don't have an exact date on this plat map, nor publisher information, but this may help you in narrowing down a search on census records. Below is a brief description on Sections and property layouts within each section.

Range & Township block

Clicking on any Range & Township block will take you to a 1920's era map of that block.


Round Grove





South River



Section Numbers within a Range & Township block

This 6 mile by 6 mile grid holds true for Marion County townships, although many of the south and eastern borders of the townships follow rivers. As a result, the edges of the section blocks are not square and the blocks themselves are not complete.

Layout within a Section

The above is a sample of how a typical section might be laid out. If you know the description of the land from a title deed or a land grant, you can find the specific section on the township grid, and the location of that plot of ground within that section by looking in the proper spot on that square.

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