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Land Grants

Grant No. 1621, west southeast Sec. 28 Twp 59, 80 acres to Simeon Poston. Personally signed by President Andrew Jackson


Courts & Government


Hannibal Court of Common Pleas September term 1881, petition regarding the need of a court building.

Grand Jury: Signed by William Bird, C.N. Clark, J. B. Price, J. R. Dudley, M. A. Bell, Thomas K. Collins, George A. Collins, D. C. Fry, John K. Dowling, A. J. Settles, H. Q. Humphreys, and L. Bragg.


Notice of passing of a law, by election, of an ordinance restraining hogs from running at large. Was passed 2 November 1886


A petition regarding the inefficiency of the court house building and equipment. Febrary term 1886 Signed by 160 voters


A plat of the original seat of justice of Marion County (Palmyra) October 10, 1829 E. Whaley, surveyor of Marion County, presented to county clerk by Hemp Anderson and Franklin Whaley.




A plat of the cemetery of the United Baptist Church in Hannibal, dated 23 December 1857


Another plat of the Old Baptist Cemetery: We, the undersigned trustees of the First Church of United Baptists of the City of Hannibal file thisplat of the United Baptist Cemetery in accordance with the provisions of the one hundred fifty eighth chapter of Revised Statutes of Missouri. Dated 20 Feb 1858 Signed: W.H. Robinson, S.M. Carter, and B.F. Hixson, Trustees


Another plat of Baptist Cemetery filed May 11 1844 by Wm. T. Bridgford


Plats of Towns and Communities


        Plat of town of Warren 11 Jan 1841

        Plat of Palmyra 1827, called the Plat of the town laid off for the seat of justice January 1828 filed

        Plat of Hannibal and South Hannibal filed by Zachariah Draper 1834

        Plat of Outlot No. 60, Hannibal, subdivided into 16 lots, bounded by Collier, Ninth, church and Tenth Streets. Filed by George C. Light 16 May 1856

        Plat of Stouts Addition, Hannibal filed 2/24/1845 bounded by 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th streets, Walnut Street and Laurel included

        Plat of West Philadelphia, Mo., filed 10 April 10 1857 by Albert G. Anderson

        Plat of the Gano subdivision, Hannibal bounded by Church, Water, Collier, Spring, Glascock, and Market Streets, includes A street

        Plat of Outlots 73, 74, 75. An addition to Hannibal, filed by Zachariah Draper

        Plat of subdivision outlots 73, 74, 75 by Henry Von Phul, Theo. L. McGill and Zachariah Draper, filed Oct 10 1846

        Plat of William Frosts subdivision of out lot 48, filed Jan 13 1858 bounded by the Hannibal and St. Jo RR and Collier St., Eighth St. Ninth St., and 20 block alley between them. Ends at a public roading

        Plat of Palmyra August 10 1819

        Plat of Houston, Mo Jan 21 1837

        Plat of Philadelphia MO Dec 23 1835

        Additional plat of Palmyra June 12 1832,  Ross addition

        Plat of Hannibal May 24 1828, Edward Whaley

        Plat of Dickerson Addition, Palmyra Nov 11 1831

        Part of a plat of West Ely, Mo, no date

        Plat of New Market, Mo. Nov 29 1836

        Plat of West Ely filed by Edmund Rutter June 23 1836 includes west of S of Sec 27, Twp 57, Range 6

        Plat of Outlot No. 89, Palmyra June 24 1847

        Addition to Palmyra, north end August 5 1856

        Plat of Hoard Tract of Hannibal Twp 57, R4w, Sec 20 June 1839 filed by Stephen Glascock Not filed

        Plat of outlots 73 74 74 July 13 1853, Hill to Broadway, 7th to 8th st. Center street from 7th st. on west which was only road width

        St. Pauls College Tract, Palmyra Feb 20 1888

        Plat of Scipio Tract filed Oct 4 1847 by Stephen Glascock

        Plat of Subdivision of Outlot 88, filed Octo 20 1851, north of Palmyra Ave in Hannibal

        Plat of R.S. Felps subdivision of 12 acres in Palmyra filed 1/14/1854


Other Records


Box 1


Births: 1883, 1884, 1885, 1886, 4887, 1888, 1889, 1890

Deaths: 1883, 1885, 1886, 1887, 1889

Merchants Statements: 1880, 1881, 1882, 1885


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Citizenship Records: 1840s  1850s

Inquests: 1830s, 1840s, 1850s, 1860s

Freed Negroes: 1840-1850


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Deeds: 1830s 1870s


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Box 5


Deeds of Emancipation: 1840s 1850s


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Marriage Certificates: 1830s (s folders)

Merchants Certificates: 1860s, 1870s, 1880s