Gold Rush Letters-ca. November 1849

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ca November, 1849

From letter published in the Missouri Whig , Palmyra January, 1850


Three letters were received in this place last week from Mr. C. F. Kirtley, of which we made brief mention in our last paper. Two of them were to his wife, residing in this place, and one to his brother-in-law, Stanton Buckner, Esq. We make such extracts as we think will be interesting to our readers. Mr. Kirtley writes to S. Buckner, Esq.

"I want you to come out and bring Louisa, Virginia, Fanny, Bill and John. be certain to bring Bill and John (negro boys.) I want one of them, and will pay you as soon as you get here what either of them would be worth in the States ............Stanton, the world has never presented such a picture as California now presents. You may travel back with history to the beginning of time, and you will find nothing to equal the reality. The mines are considered inexhaustible, and are yielding finely. This city is located right at the junction of the American and Sacramento rivers, and pretty much in the centre of the mines. If you can, sell all your property and bring all the money you can. I will write again shortly and instruct you how to cross the plains.

Transcribed courtesy of Kathleen Wilham