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Hannibal Newspapers on Microfilm

Daily North Missouri Courier 1863-1871

Continued by Hannibal Courier

Absorbed Hannibal Daily Messenger 

Evening Post 1886-1891

Merged with Hannibal Courier to form Hannibal Courier-Post 

Hannibal Courier 1871-1891

Continues Daily North Missouri Courier, Merged with Evening Post to form Hannibal Courier-Post 

Hannibal Courier-Post 1891-

Continues Hannibal Courier, and the Evening Post 

Hannibal Courier-Post 1892-1918

Merged with daily Hannibal Journal and became Hannibal Courier-Post and Journal 

Hannibal Courier-Post and Journal 1918-

Supersedes Hannibal Courier-Post and Daily Hannibal Journal 

Hannibal Daily Messenger 1858-1865

Continues Tri-Weekly Messenger, absorbed by Daily North Missouri Courier 

Hannibal Gazette 1846-1848 

Hannibal Journal 1840-1850

Continues Hannibal Journal and Native American. Continue by Western Union 

Hannibal Journal & Native American 1842

Continues Journal  

Hannibal Labor Press 1916-1972 

Hannibal Weekly Messenger 1856-1865

Continues Whig Messenger, absorbed by North Missouri Courier 

Missouri Courier 1832-1855 

North Missouri Courier 1863-1871

Absorbed Hannibal Weekly Messenger 

Tri-Weekly Messenger 1852-1858

Continued by Hannibal Daily Messenger 

Western Union 1850-1853

Continues Hannibal Journal, 1843-1850, absorbed by the Whig Messenger 

Whig Messenger 1851-1856

Continued by Hannibal Weekly Messenger, absorbed the Western Union