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Marion County, Missouri
Obituaries from the Palmyra, Missouri "Whig"


These obituaries were abstracted from microfilm copies of issues of the above paper from 7 August 1851 through 22 December 1853.  The paper was published weekly on Thursday.  The obituaries are of residents of many different counties.  Not all issues carried obituaries.  The date of the newspaper is in parenthesis.

John REED, aged about 60 yrs. died at  residence of Mr. Benjamin DUNCAN.  He was a resident of this county for the past 16 or 17 years, and came from Fauquier Co, VA, where he may have some relatives.

Miss Eliza J. KIDD, aged about 15 yrs, dau. Of William & M. J. Kidd, formerly of Palmyra, died of cholera in Hannibal a few days ago. (7 Aug 1851)

Thomas H., son of Mr. Francis LEFLET of Shelby Co, died on the 6th inst., age about 3 yrs. (21 Aug 1851)

William R. Allen, formerly a resident of Palmyra, died in Oregon City, O. T. on 7th June. (21 Aug 1851)

Mrs. Mary J. Brown, age 23, wife of George A. Brown, died 31st Aug at the residence of William P. Brown, Esq.  Left an infant daughter.

Judge Ellis WILSON, aged 56 yrs., died in Adair Co, on the 23rd ult. (4 Sept 1851)

Mrs. Mary Jane BOWER, age 26 yrs, wife of Maj. Joseph C. Bower of Hannibal, Mo., died at the residence of Dr. G. M. Bower in Monroe Co, on the 27th ult.

Julia, dau. Of William & Mary J. SHOOT, died in Hannibal on the 28th ult
Phebe Almyra, infant dau. Of John & Adeliza B. COOPER, died in Palmyra on Friday last.

Died at West Ely, 21 Aug, Benjamin Tucker, age 2 yrs; on Aug 26th.

Ann Eliza, age 5 yrs 9 mos; on Aug 30th, Ellis, aged 6 mos, children of Benjamin F. & Susan GREEN.

Died in this place, Mr. Ignatius ELDER, age 69, born in Baltimore Co, Md, and for the past 14 yrs a resident of Palmyra.

Capt. John REDD, age 75 yrs, died in this county on the 10th.  (11 Sept 1851)

Died on the 10th inst., Miss Jane TURPIN, age 21 yrs.

Died Tues. last, Francis Riddle, son of Rev. William T. DICKSON of West Ely, aged 18 mos 4 das. (18 Sept 1851)

Died in St. Louis on the 21st ult., Mrs. Emily A., wife of William COHEN of Hannibal, Mo., age 23 yrs.

Died on the 22nd at the residence of her father, Henry PRITCHETT in Warren Co,, Mrs. Elizabeth M. COTTON, wife of Rev. Joseph Cotton of the Mo. Annual Conference.

Died 25th Sept, Mrs. Josephine V. LAFON, wife of Thos. V. Lafon.

Died Monday last, Arthur, infant son of Col. Benj. & Mrs. Mary Jane DAVIES of this county.

Died on the 8th inst., Mrs. Sarah SPIEGLE & infant, wife of Dr. A. Spiegle, of this place. (9 Oct 1851)

Died at the residence of her son Mr. Moses Gentry, Mrs. GENTRY, a very aged lady. (16 Oct 1851)

Johnathan L. HYDE, age 61, died last week.  Native of New England.  Spent some 8 years in Portland, Maine, in the book publishing business; then to Georgia.  To Missouri in 1835 and settled in this vicinity. (30 Oct 1851)

Died in Hannibal on the 21st ult, Phillip HEISS. (6 Nov 1851)

Died in Weston, Mo, 21st ult., Julia Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Rev. W. G. CAPLES, aged 15 months. (13 Nov 1851)

Died 21 Nov, John Stephen, age nearly 12 yrs, son of Col. James CULBERTSON of Ralls Co. (27 Nov 1851)

Died in Monroe Co, 22nd ult, Mr. Charles ALLEN, one of the oldest citizens of that county, aged about 50 yrs.

Died in Hannibal on the 1st inst, Thomas N. WARREN, aged 41 yrs, 10 months. (4 Dec 1851)

Died 16th inst at the residence of William P. BROWN, Mrs. Caroline HAWKINS, wife of Maj. David C. Hawkins of this county.  Left husband and three small children.

Died at Hannibal on the 17th inst, C. L. KOENEMAN, an old citizen of that place.  (25 Dec 1851)

Died on the 21st ult. In Marion Co, Abraham McELROY, born in Va., 17 May 1782.  In 1787 with parents to Washington Co, Ky.  Mother soon died.  In 1814, he married.  In 1835 to farm where he died.  Parents were Presbyterians.

Mrs. Margaret JOHNSON, wife of William Johnson ( a Revolutionary soldier) died on the 25th ult. At residence of her son, Albert G. Johnson, in this county.  She was 81.

Died 29 Dec 1851, Mrs. Amanda M., wife of William H. LEE, of this place, age 26 years. (1 Jan 1852)

Died on the 5th in Fabius Twp., Mrs. Margaret LAFON, wife of Atwell Lafon, age about 42 years.
(8 Jan 1852)


Josephine, age 4 yrs, dau. of J. H. & Amanda WINE, died the 25th ult. in LaGrange.

Mr. Benjamin BRADSHAW died on the 29th in Knox Co, Mo.

Died on the 29th ult. in Florida, Mo, Francis, wife of W. M. POAGE and dau. of Judge QUARLES.

Died in Florida, Mo. on the 1lth ult, Mrs. Sarah POWEIRS, age 90 yrs.

Died at his residence 1 1/2 miles west of Monticello on the 8th inst, Nathaniel RICHARDSON, age 86 yrs.
 (19 Feb 1852)

Died in Hannibal on Friday last, Mrs. Margaret Morton HARRISON, wife of William P. Harrison, aged about 30.  Had lived there about seven yrs.  Member of Catholic Church.

Died at his residence in Shel1by Co, Feb 23rd, William McMURRY, age 56 yrs.

Died in this place on Friday last, Mr. William SANDERS.

Died in Washington D. C., 18th Jan, Margaret H. PEYTON, dau. of the late Col. Wm.  C. ELGIN of Hannibal, age 5 yrs.  Within the past 18 months, mother, father & daughter have died.

Died in Lewis Co., 2 1/2 miles west of LaGrange on the 20th ult., Mary BARCLAY, dau. of William & Sarah Barclay, age 14 yrs, 4 mos, 9 days. (4 March 1852)

On the 11th inst.  Miss Mary Ellen, only dau. of  Henry PATTERSON of near this place, age 20 years.

Died on the 25th Dec 1851, in Sacramento, Calif., Augustus P. TISON of Ralls Co., Mo.

In Ralls Co. on the 11th inst, Mr. Stephen SMITH, age about 48.

On the 3rd inst. at the residence of Mr.. Thomas D.  REED in Hannibal, Mrs. Mary BUFORD, wife of Abraham, age 75 yrs. (ll Mar 1852)

On the 18th inst, Miss Elizabeth P. RANKIN, age about 33 yrs.

Mr. James LEAR of Newark, Knox Co, died the 16th inst.  Born 16 Mar 1801 in Mason Co, Ky.  To this county with his father and family in the fall of 1820.  Resided on South River in Marion Co for several years, then moved to Shelby Co, and to Newark in 1846.  Baptist Church.  Leaves a family. (25 Mar 1852)

Died near Taylor's Mills, this county, on the 23rd ult, Mr. Enoch HANSBROUGH, Senr., in his 80th year.

Died on the 22nd ult at his residence near Taylor's Mills, Mr. Evan WARD, age about 70 years.
(1 Apr 1852)

James F. MAHAN died in St. Louis on the 27th ult before he could reach his home in this vicinity.  He had just returned from a business trip to Kentucky.  Age 57 yrs.  Moved here from Kentucky about 1819. (8 Apr 1852)

Died in this place on the 13th of typhoid, Miss Ann Frances P., eldest dau. of Emanuel & A. C. THOMAS, age about 20 yrs.

Died in this county on Monday last, Mrs. Rebecca FRY, widow of the late Dr. Jacob Fry, at a very advanced age.

Died on the 2nd inst at the residence of his grandmother in Audrain Co, Christopher C. BLUE, eldest son of D. G. Blue, age 16 yrs, 7 mos.  An accident. (15 Apr 1852)

Died in Greenwood Valley, Calif, on 17 Feb after a long illness, John M. BRADY, son of James & Honor Brady of Hannibal, age 26. (20 April 1852)

Died in St. Louis on 3rd ult at the residence of his fathers, Col. J.J. Montgomery, Timoleon MONTGOMERY age 24 yrs.  (6 May 1852)

Mr. Nathaniel SHANNON, an old citizen of this county died in Calif. On the 21st of March last. (20 May 1852)

Died on the 21st  ult in Hannibal, Sarah M., age 7, dau of Z.G. DRAPER. (3 June 1852)

Died on the 1st inst, Willis MARSHALL, age 56 yrs.

Died at the residence of his father, Jesse John, Esq., at Edina, Mo. (Knox Co) on 27th May, Thomas N. JOHN, age 19 yrs 9 mos 19 days (10 June 1852)

Mr. St. Clair PAGE, an old and highly respectable citizen of Fayette, Mo, commited suicide by hanging on 9th inst. (17 June 52)

Miss Margaret S. GLASSCOCK died on the 21st.  Born 24 Mar 1837 in Shelby Co, Mo. dau of Ezeliel  & Mary Ann Glasscock.  Parents from Va. After her fathers death, her mother was married to James PORTER of Lewis Co. (1 July 1852)

Died on the 1st inst, Isaac BOWLES, age nearly 70, an old resident of this county.

Died on the 22nd June 1852 at the residence of his father near Newark, Knox Co, Mo , Mr. Wm SEARCY age 23 yrs 1 mo 14 das, son of Bartlett & Elizabeth Searcy, formerly Lexington, Ky. (8 July 1852)

Died on the 25th inst at his residence in South River Twp,-Marion Co., William Willett JAMESON, age 46 yrs 7mos 25das.  Leaves wife & 7 children. One son is enroute to Calif. (29 July 1852)

James GALLAHER died in Newark, Mo, on the 17th inst.  Left parents, sisters & brothers.
(29 July 1852)

Died in Hannibal on the 30 ult, Mrs. Catherine G, wife of John W. STAVELEY, age 28 yrs 12 das.
(2 Aug 1852)

Died in St. Louis on the l5th inst, Mrs. Adeline Butler SAMUEL, wife of Dr. G. G. Samuel of Hannibal.

In Lewis Co. on the l2th inst, James Millard, son of John C. & Cynthia McPHETERS, age 8 months.

At the National Hotel in this place on the 13th inst, Harrie, youngest son of J. M. & Mary W. SHELTON, age 6 months, 8 days. (26 Aug 1852)

Died at residence of Mr. J. B. HUGHES in Keene, Jessamine Co, Ky on the 15th ult, Mrs. Lucy DUDLEY, widow of the late Capt. William E. D. Dudley, in her 78th year.

Died on Sunday last, Miss Marion Wallace WASSON, age about 21.

Died on the 9th July at Dr. John R. SUDLER's in Bridgeville, Sussex Co, Del., Mr. William Joseph LAYTON age about 23 years. He was at school there.

Died in Hannibal on the 31st ult, Dr. J. H. HUMPHREYS. (2 Sept 1852)

On the 26th at the same place, Shelton J., infant son of John Sarah Jane SILVERTOOTH. (2 Sept 1852)

Died in Palmyra on the 25th inst, Mrs. Mary J. BROWN, wife of Wm. P. Brown, age 40 yrs.  Born in Kentucky.  Early with parents to MO. Left husband & several children.

Died Monday last, Mary, daughter of Judge Anderson BROWN of this county, age about 16 years. (30 Sept 1852)

Died in this place Monday last of  whooping cough, Isabella, dau. of Alexander & Sarah LEIGHTON, age 3 yrs.

In St. Louis l9th ult, Ann, eldest dau. of Col.  J. J. MONTGOMERY, age 22 yrs.

On the 29th ult in Hannibal, Mrs. Maria J., widow of Dr. F. H. ANDERSON.

In this countv on the 22nd ult, Mrs. Louisa HANCOCK, wife of Austin Hancock, age 34 years.

Died at Marion City on Saturday, last, of cholera, Mary, dau. of James I. LITTLE; and in this place on Sunday last, Mary Ann LITTLE, wife  of  James I. Little, age about 30 years.

In this county on 3 Sept, Charles, son of George F. & Sarah CAMPBELL, age 5 years. (7 Oct 1852)

Died yesterday at the residence of his brother-in-law, Hon.  C. H. ALLEN, near this place, Mr. Richard GATEWOOD, a citizen of Lexington, Ky., age about 69 years. (28 Oct 1852)

Thom as TURPIN, Senr. , died 3 Nov at his residence 1 1/2 miles south of Houston, Mo., age 65.  Leaves wife & several children.

Died in this place on Monday last, Helen Jane, dau. of Peter J. & Mary P. SOWERS, age about 2 years.  (11 Nov 1852.

On Nov 22nd, Mrs. Elizabeth BARKLEY, wife of Levi Barkley, age about 40 yrs.  Leaves husband & 8 children.  Asks Louisville, Lexington & Richmond, Ky. papers to copy.

Died in Sacramento, Calif, 2nd Oct, of cholera, Mrs. Sarah E., wife of James W.  DEXTER, age about 43.  (25 Nov 1852)

On Nov 27th at his residence in Palmyra, Thomas SMOOT, age 46 yrs.

Died in Booneville on the 10th ult, Rev.  William T. CADWELL, late a member of the St. Louis Conference of the M.E. Church, age 23 years. (2 Dec 1852)

Died Saturday last Mr. Thomas M. SMITH, age about 60 years.

Died at his residence near Palmyra on the lith inst, Mr. James G. JOHNSON, age 34.

Died 12th Jan at the residence of Perry B. MOORE just north of Palmyra, Mrs. Cornelia MOORE, his wife, age 35 years 25 days.  Left husband & children. (14 Jan 1853)

Died at residence of Mrs. Caroline MEANS in Palmyra on the 22nd inst, Miss Susan MASSIE, age 31 yrs 1 mo 9das. (27 Jan 1853)

Died 8 Jan, Thomas M. SMITH age 59 yrs.  Moved from Fauquier Co, Va. in 1836 to Marion Co. Left a family. (3 Feb 1853)

Died 30 Jan at age of 40 yrs 11 mos, Mrs Juliet Ann HAYNIE, wife of Thornton Haynie of this county.

Died in Pike Co., Ill, on 26th ult, Joseph TOPHAM of Hannibal.

Died near Hannibal on 28th ult, J.R. GARNETT.

Died in Hannibal on the 29th ult, J. M. MINTER, age 49 years.

Died at the residence of Dr. SPIEGEL in Palmyra on the 2nd inst, Mrs Margaret KOENAMANN, age 58 years. (10 Feb 1853)

Died last week in this vicinity, William P. BROWN, who had lived in Marion Co. About 30 years. Wife died a few months ago.  Left children. (17 Feb 1853)
Died in Washington, Texas, 9th Feb, Dr. Benjamin LAFON on this place. (3 Mar 1865).

Died on the 26th inst. Sarah W., dau. Of Thomas L. & Fanny M. ANDERSON, age 2 yrs 4 mos. (31 Mar 1853)

Died near Jackson, Clavatis Co., Calif, on the 28th Jan, Oliver Perry ANGELO, formerly of this place, age 37 years.

Died in this place on Thurs last at residence of his son, B. S. Summers, Walter W. SUMMERS, age 66 yrs, recently of Ky. (31 Mar 53)

Died Monday last, Jacob Creth MYERS of this county. (21 Apr 1853)

Died Friday last, William, son of Mr. Alexander LEIGHTON, age about 18 months.

Died on the 14th inst in Paris, Monroe Co., Frank HOLLINGSWORTH, a member of the Bar.

Died at his residence in Marion Co, 24 Apr, Mr. Aaron BRIGHT, age 44 years.  Left wife & children.
(28 Apr 1853)

Died May 1st at the residence of her son, Walter W. ELGIN in Palmyra, Mrs. Catherine ELGIN, wife of William A, age 66 yrs.  Had lived in the vicinity of Palmyra the past 22 years.  Was on a visit to her sonís house. (5 May 1853)

Died at his residence in Shelby Co, Mo, 14th ult, James D. PARSONS, age 42 years. (12 Ma 1853)

Died Tues last, Mr. James W. ROY of this place. (19 May 1853)

Died in Lewis Co, about 3 miles from Monticello, 25 May, Phillip HALEY, age about 60.  Many years a magistrate.  Christian Church.

Died at Sacramento, Calif. of smallpox, William B. CAREY, age 28.  He was a citizen of this county and went to Calif spring of last year. (2 June 1853)

Jonathan FLEMMING, age 59 yrs, one of the oldest citizens of the County.  Born Richmond, Va.  A soldier in the war of 1812.  Came in 1815 to Mo and in 1818 built the first house in the present City of Hannibal.  Wife & several children. ( 23 June 1853)

In this place on the 3rd inst, William PITTMAN, Senr., age 64. Native of Chesterfield Co, Va.    To Ky. in 1812.    Lived more than 30 yrs in Adair Co, Ky.  Here 5 yrs.  Christian Church. (7 July 1853)

Died in this county Sunday last, Mrs. Elizabeth RICE, wife of William Rice, age 19 years.

Died in Ralls Co. on 14th, Parker DIMMITT of consumption.

Died 23th ult at the residence of his mother in this county, John Newton OíCONNER, age 21 years. (21 July 1853)

Died 8th Aug in Palmyra, Mrs. Emily HESSER, wife of George Hesser, age 45.  Member of  M. E. Church.

Died on the 10th inst, Miss Mary Susan BARKLEY, dau. of Levi Barkley, age 19 years.

Died in this county on 25th, Mark BIRD, Sr., age 71. (11 Aug 53)

Died on the 18th inst, Franklin Virginius, son of Virginia and Columbus F. KIRTLEY, age about 11 months.  (25 Aug 1353)

Died at the residence of his brother, S. P. Vannoy in Canton, M0. on the 23rd ult, John W  VANNOY, age 15.

Died on the 14th ult at residence of her father in Edina, Knox Co, Mo, Anna Hill, age 5 yrs 16 das, dau. of Col.  Warner PRATT.

Died near Lydesville, Ralls Co, 26th last month, Mrs. MONROE, wife of Rev.  A. MONROE, Presiding Elder of this district. (1 Sept 1853)

Died in this county on 3rd, Mrs. Maria Catherine DUMBECK, widow of the late Prof.  DUMBECK of the city of ,
Heidelberg, Germany, age 62 years. (8 Sept 1853).

Died on 7th in this county, John WRIGHT, son of Dr. Wright, decd.

Died at his residence in this place, Col.  Parker DUDLEY, an old and important citizen.

Died on the 15th inst, Sarah E. SNELL, dau. of Lewis & Ann M. Snell of this place, age 14 years. (22 Sept 1853)

Died at his residence in Marion City the 17th inst, Rev.  Mr. KELLY. (29 Sept 1853)

Died in this place on the 25th Sept, John W., only son of f William Cole & Annie BAYLEY,
age 1 year 5 months 10 days.

Died on 1st inst, Mrs. Lizzie C., wife of Mr.  J. P. RICHARDS.

Died at the residence of  Col..  L. P. HALLACK in this place, Saturday last, Mrs. Elizabeth C. RICHARDS, wife of Mr. Joshua P. RICHARDS. (6 Oct 1853)

Died in St. Louis on the 9th   John H., eldest son of John H. & Harriet BOWEN, age 2 years 11 months 29 days. (20 Oct 1853)

Died in Ralls Co 28th Oct, age 21, Jeremiah V., son of Col.  James CULBERTSON.  Baptist Church.

Died on the 30th ult, Edwin J., son of L. L. & Mary Jane HAWKINS, of Hannibal, age 4 years.

Died on the 26th ult at his residence in this county, Shadrack WOODSON, age 69 years one month 24 days. (3 Nov 1853)

Died on the 5th Oct at the residence of her husband near Huston, Mo., Mildred B., wife of B. YOUNG, age 34. (10 Nov 1853)

Died in St. Charles on 30th Oct, Mrs. Mary Frances, wife of John B. BOWLES and dau of William F. ELDER, formerly of this place.

Died on the 2nd inst in Hannibal, Capt. Samuel A. BOWEN, age 65 years, one of our oldest & most esteemed citizens. Left a family.

Died in Hannibal on the 28th ult, Mr. Henry SCHNEIDER. (10 Nov 53)

Died in Monroe Co. On the 1st inst, Mrs. Doratha SHOOT, widow of the late L.B. Shoot.

Died in Monroe Co on the 2nd, Thomas J. BOUNDS, age 43 years. Left wife & 7 children. (17 Nov 1853)

Davie HAMLINGTON, son of Robert & Ruth Hamlington, died 11th inst. Born Jefferson Co., Va., 11 Feb 1797. His wife just a few years younger, survives.

Died in Hannibal on the 17th, Mrs. Mary Ellen BUCHANAN, wife of Robert Buchanan, age 23 years 6 months, 11 days. (24 Nov 1853)

Died in this place Friday last, Catherine, dau. of Rev. John P. & Elizabeth BEST, age 5 years 16 months. (22 Dec 1853)