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A View of Marion County's Past

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marion16.jpg (61496 bytes)Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Hannibal, MO
marion11.jpg (186032 bytes)Christian Church in Hannibal, MO


marion1.jpg (47122 bytes)

Holiday Hill-Looking north on Main St, Hannibal, MO

marion8.jpg (34394 bytes)Main Street, looking South, Hannibal, MO
marion9.jpg (114882 bytes)Main Street, South from Broadway, Hannibal, MO


marion78.jpg (44704 bytes)Star Shoe Company, Hannibal, MO, 1912
marion5.jpg (85995 bytes)Sinclair Restaurant - Hannibal, MO
marion77.jpg (41925 bytes)Hannibal Country Club


marion50.jpg (61570 bytes)City Hall,  Hannibal, MO
marion19.jpg (59222 bytes)Another view of Marion County Courthouse,  Hannibal, MO
marion15.jpg (67349 bytes)Courthouse - Marion County - Hannibal, MO
marion14.jpg (67961 bytes)Garth Memorial Library, Hannibal, MO
marion6.jpg (57917 bytes)Hannibal Post Office


marion12.jpg (65748 bytes)Hannibal High School, Hannibal, MO


marion61.jpg (32874 bytes)Mississippi River Bridge,   Hannibal, MO
marion70.jpg (28838 bytes)Mark Twain's Swimming Hole, Hannibal, MO
marion55.jpg (36534 bytes)Down River from Mark Twain Statue, Hannibal, MO
marion56.jpg (55129 bytes)Down River from Cardiff Hill ~ Hannibal, MO
marion58.jpg (49669 bytes)Lover's Leap Hannibal, MO

marion2.jpg (19555 bytes)

Hannibal Lock & Dam, Mississippi River

marion4.jpg (32514 bytes)

Lime Kiln along the Mississippi River

marion57.jpg (54149 bytes)Mark Twain Memorial Bridge, Hannibal, MO
marion62.jpg (41432 bytes)Another View of Lover's Leap, Hannibal, MO


marion68.jpg (34128 bytes)Mark Twain Lighthouse, Cardiff Hill, Hannibal, Mo
marion67.jpg (41568 bytes)Entrance to Mark Twain Cave, Hannibal, MO

marion64.jpg (39199 bytes) Mark Twain Cave, Hannibal, MO

marion65.jpg (27255 bytes)Mark Twain Cave, #2 Under the Cross Hannibal, MO
marion10.jpg (85553 bytes)A view from Cardiff Hill, Hannibal, MO


marion72.jpg (28461 bytes)Riverview Park, looking south, Hannibal, MO, 1916
marion60.jpg (26666 bytes)Looking north from Riverview Park, Hannibal, MO
marion54.jpg (57283 bytes)Looking south from Riverview Park, Hannibal, MO
marion51.jpg (70450 bytes)Indian Mound Park, Hannibal, MO


marion76.jpg (39716 bytes)Birthplace of Samuel Clemens, Florida, MO
marion74.jpg (29402 bytes)Becky Thatcher's House, Hannibal, MO
marion75.jpg (29648 bytes)Huckleberry Finn Cooper Shop, Hannibal, MO
marion24.jpg (29502 bytes)Birthplace Home of Mark Twain - Florida, MO
marion73.jpg (33164 bytes)Mural of Huck Finn & Jim, depicted on mural by Thomas Hart Benton
marion71.jpg (23254 bytes)Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum, Hannibal, MO
marion25.jpg (38934 bytes)Home of the Clemens Family Hannibal, MO


marion7.jpg (54723 bytes)Union Depot - Hannibal, MO

marion3.jpg (37779 bytes)

Mark Twain Zephyr along the Mississippi River