Palmyra Fall Races

Palmyra Fall Club Races

Spirit of the Times: A Chronicle of the Turf, Agriculture, Field Sports, Oct 2 1841

The races over the Central Course at Palmyra, commenced on Thursday 2d Sept., and continued three days. The following gentlemen comprise the officers of the Club: Robert Stewart, Esq., President; Stanton Bucknor, Esq., Vice President; P. C. Lane, Secretary; G. A. Hudson, Esq., and Dr. W. O. Peake, Timers; Col. Taylor, Uriel Wright, and Richard C. Martin, Esqrs., Judges.

There were but two entries for each purse, consequently the attendance was limited; but from appearances I am inclined to the opinion that this section of the country will, at no very distant period rival many of our racing districts which are now occupying an exalted station in that particular.  The “Spirit” has begun to move them; and the effect of “the STEVENS’ purchase” made some 8 years ago, is already beginning to show itself, to the no small annoyance of the old racers. I saw African—he is in fine health and spirits, and has had two extraordinary seasons—his colts are remarkably fine, resembling their sire much, particularly in color.  Bonny Black looks extremely well—she lost her last year’s final by African, and is now stinted to him. They are the property of Wm. G. Overton, Esq., the senior proprietor of the race course—for whose kindness during my stay, I cannot too warmly express my thanks.

The following is the result of the races—

THURSDAY, Sept. 2, 1841—Proprietor’s Purse $100, ent. $10, free for all ages, 3 yr. olds carrying 86 lbs. –4, 100—5, 110—6, 118—7 and upwards, 124 lbs.’ 3 lbs allowed to mares and geldings. Mile heats.

H. L. French’s b. c. Pickwick, by Pacific, dam by Pacolet, 4 yrs. . . . . 3  1  1

Thomas W. Lane’s bl. m. Ethiopia, by Dashall, dam by Imp. Expedition, aged 2   2 dist.

R. W. Sinclair’s ch. c. Sir Payton, by Partnership, dam by Marmon, 4 yrs . . . 1 dist.

Time, 2.00 – 1:58 – 1:59.  Track heavy.


Pickwick “laid up in lavender” the lst heat, and won the last two heats easily. He is a fine colt, of good size and form, easy action, and great stride. I prophecy he will one day be better known “to some one’s hurt” – remember it.


FRIDAY, Sept. 3 – Jockey Club Purse $200, ent. $20, conditions as before. Two mile heats.

R. W. Sinclair’s b. h. Vidocq, by Modoc, dam by Stockholder, 5 yrs . . . 1   1

H. L. French’s b. f. Fortune, by Imp. Tranby, dam by Galatin, _ yrs . . .  2  2

Time, 4:10 --- 4:02. Track heavy.

The filly was entirely off—it was no contest.


SATURDAY, Sept. 4 – Proprietor’s Purse $100, ent. $10 (handicap). Mile heats, best 3 in 5.

H. L. French’s b. c. Pickwick, pedigree above, 4 yrs. 100 lbs . . . 1   1   1

R. W. Lane’s bl. m. Ethiopia, pedigree above, aged 100 lbs. . . .   2   2   2

Time, 1:56 --  1:58 – 1:59    Track heavy.