Fabius Township Fair

Fabius Township Fair

Prairie Farmer, Nov 8 1873


This association was organized among the farmers of this township, in Marion county, Mo., a year ago, and has held two annual fairs, both in the wood’s pasture of James B. Redd, a pleasant spot four miles north of Palmyra and eight from Quincy, Ill.

The exhibition last year was quite creditable and successful, and the one just closed still more so. The society is conducted on the self-supporting plan. On all entries of fruit, grain, vegetables, sheep and hogs a fee of 50 cents is charged, and on cattle and horses, $1 for each entry. Ten per cent is deducted for expenses, and the remainder, with the gate receipts—10 cents on each person—is applied to the payment of premiums.

Special premiums on bread, cake, jellies, preserves, pickles and poultry were offered by the merchants of Palmyra.

The exhibition last year was held one day, this year two; and the programme was crowded. The officers are WM. Baxter, president; Rufus M. Brown, secretary; C. S. Wright, assistant, and Wm. H. Hickerson, Joe Gash, John Smith, Thomas Pulliman, Marcus Dingle and Nelson Lovelace, directors.

The show in each of the departments was very good for a township exhibition, competition, however, being “open to the world”. The fair was to have been held one week sooner, at which time there was considerable amount of fine steak from abroad on hand; but it was postponed on account of unfavorable weather and the stock could not remain.

The attendance was large and very orderly, the people seeming to enjoy the occasion hugely, the colored population included. No liquors, side shows or peddlers marred the occasion. Many “Grangers” were present. The admission receipts, at 10 cents, amounted to $175.

First premiums were payable in cash; second received “certificates.”

There is some prospect of this society becoming a bigger thing before the next exhibition. Your reporter tenders his thanks to the officers, and to Mr. Wm. R. Leflet, editor of the Palmyra “New Era”, for kind courtesies. Mr. L. took three premiums in different classes on his buggy horse.

Palmyra, Mo., Oct 25

R. E. Arden