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Taken from the Palmyra Spectator, February 28. 1895.
The St. Louis Republic is giving a list of those from Missouri who died in the Confederate Service.  The following regarding Marion County people will be of interest to our readers.

Co. K

Lieutenant Wm. Shumate, Palmyra, Mo, killed at Kennesaw Mountain, Ga., June 18, 1864.
Lieutenant Thomas J. Dobyus, Palmyra, Mo., killed Baker's N Creek, May 16, 1865.
Sergeant Wm.  McCullough, Marion Co. Missouri, killed at Corinth, Miss.,October3, 1863.
Sergeant Carey A. Crane, Marion Co., Missouri, died at Vicksburg, Miss., July 27, 1863.
Corporal Wm.E. Nichols, Marion Co., Missouri, killed Baker's Creek, Miss., May 16, 1863.
John W. Jones, Marion Co., Missouri, died Macon Ga., on December 6, 1864.
John Fogle, Palmyra, Mo., died of wound, Allaroona, Ga.  October 8, 1864.
James S. Curtis, Ralls Co., Missouri, died Montgomery, Ala.  November 8, 1864.
James H. Martyn, Monticello, Mo., died of wounds at Baker's Creek, Miss.  May 19, 1863.
Thomas Steaggall, Batesville, Ark. died in Alton Prison, Ill., January 1863.
Z. Feagan, Marion Co., Missouri,died Mobile, Ala., December 26, 1864.
L. F. McLane, Hannibal, Mo.,died of wound, Bakers Creek, Miss., June 7, 1863.
Henry Furniss, Marion Co. Missouri, died Camp Rogers, Miss.  December 15, 1862.
Josh S. Sharp, Marion Co. Missouri, died Franklin, Tenn.  December 3, 1864.
Lewis T. Cobb, Woodlong, Ind., killed Bakerís Creek, Miss., May 16, 1863.
Charles Wolf, Marion County, Missouri, Died Jackson, Mies., September 1, 1863,
James Carrico, Monroe County, Missouri, killed Baker's Creek.. Miss-May 16, 1863.
James Young, Sharpsburg, Missouri, died Enterprise, Miss. August 1, 1862.
Wm. T. Shackleford, LaGrange, Mo., died of wound, Baker's Creek, Miss.  May 21, 1863.
Wm. Hanna, Santa Fe, Missouri, killed at Corinth, Miss., October 3, 1862.
Preston Byrd, Marion County, Missouri, killed Corinth, Miss., October 3, 1862.
Henry Thomas, Marion County, Missouri, killed Baker's Creek, Miss., May 16, 1863.
M. Bender, Marion County, Missouri killed Vicksburg, Miss, Nay 20, 1863.
Joseph A. LaFon, Palmyra, Mo. died Saltillo, Miss., September 14, 1862.
Hampton Baker, Palmyra, Mo., died Camp Rogers, Miss. December 30, 1862.
R.C. Ryan, Sharpsburg, Mo., died Camp Rogers, Miss., on January 25, 1863.
William Amick, Hannibal, Mo., killed Baker's Creek, Miss.  May 16, 1863.
Geo.  Marshall, Marion County, Missouri, killed Baker's Creek, Miss., May 16, 1863.
D.W. Hopewell, Louis County, Missouri killed Vicksburg, Miss., May 22, 1863.
Henry Coffee, McDonald Co. Missouri, killed Lattemore Farm, Ga., June 18, 1864.
N. Hight, Missouri Died Camp Morton, Ind., January 14, 1863