Smith Cemetery, Linn County, MO

Smith Cemetery, Linn County, MO

This small cemetery is located on the Harley Smith farm. To reach it, from Laredo travel east on Route E approximately 3 miles. Turn south on Atom Drive and travel 1/2 mile to Afton Road. Turn east and travel 1/2 mile to the first farm entrance on the north side. The cemetery is located about 100 yards off the road and is accessible by the road running by an abandoned farmhouse. The cemetery is fenced and is overgrown with broom grass. Many stones have been set upright, but many are down and covered. (1998).

Update: in June 1999 the cemetery was cleaned and mowed by Neil Smith and others. Updates and corrections to the cemetery information are also courtesy of Neil Smith:

BROOKS Infant 26 Sep 1880 23 Nov 1880 son of M.E. and Amelia
BUERK Hugo 13Nov 1822 09 Oct 1910 husband of Christina
BUERK Christina 12 Mar 1832 09 Jun 1899 wife of Hugo
BRUCE Osker P.
17 Nov 1873 aged 5y 4m 28d; son of O.R. & M.J.
08 May 1891 aged 34y 11m 5d
01 Jul 1873 aged 54y; wife of J.G.
GILLESPIE Thomas 10 Jun 1835 27 Jul 1867 brother to William H.
GILLESPIE T.R. 16 Mar 1853 12 Oct 1880 aged 27y 6m 26d, "Farewell friends"

14 Sep 1876 aged 1y 10m 14d, dau of R. & M.C.; grandchild of T. & M.J.
GILLISPIE Margaret J. 14 Feb 1838 12 Feb 1915
10 Apr 1853 aged 1y 3m 27d; dau of W. & N.H.
GILLISPIE Mary J. 1863 1913 wife of M.W.
GILLISPIE M.W. 1842 1921 husband of Mary J.
05 Feb 1863 aged 10m 20d; son of W. & N.H.
GILLISPIE William 04 May 1831 12 Oct 1878 husband of Nancy H.;
Brother to Thomas
GILLISPIE Nancy H. 01 Sep 1834 17 Feb 1902 wife of Wm.; sister to
Margaret J. GILLISPIE and Maria LESLEY
06 Aug 1847 aged 8y 2m; (nice old broken stone)
16 Sep 1880 aged ?y 5m ?d; wife of Isaac (stone broken)
31 Jul 1880 aged 18y 2m 5d; son of I. & L.J.
LANGDON Donald W. Smith 1925 1926
LESLEY George A. 18 Dec 1849 29 Aug 1919 husband of Maria (Mariah B.)
31 Jan 1852 wife of George; sister to Nancy GILLISPIE and Margaret J. GILLISPIE
NORVELL Fredda A. 11 Oct 1877 14 Mar 1902 son of J.S. & E.B.
NORVELL Hattie O. 5 Feb 1881 26 Jul 1881 aged 6m 27d, child of John T. and Mary S.
NORVELL Henryetta
09 Jan 1877 aged 5y 9m 8d, dau of J.S. and E.B.
11 May 1893 child of John T. and M.E.
16 Jul 1881 aged 21y 4m 2d; accidentally shot by husband John T.
RENTFROW Margaret E.
27 Feb 1877 aged 19y 8m 13d; wife of James
22 Sep 1868 aged 11m 4d, dau of S.C. and A.
SMITH Calvin G.
20 Nov 1887 aged 32y 8m 18d
SMITH Edith Kathleen 1921 1923
SMITH Edward B. 1866 1940 Brother to William H.
SMITH Edgar C. 1898 1922
SMITH Eliza J.
15 Jun 1869 aged 1y 6m 1d, dau of D.C. and D.
SMITH Infant

child of Albert & Lula; metal marker destroyed

child of Harry & Ruth; metal marker destroyed
SMITH Infant

child of Mr. & Mrs. Fred
SMITH Joseph R. 17 Jul 1840 11 Mar 1923 Co G 18th MO Vol. Inf.; husband of Angeline
SMITH Angeline 03 Dec 1840 18 May 1926 wife of Joseph R.
SMITH J.Y. 06 Jan 1841 06 May 1925 husband of Mary A.
SMITH Mary A. 27 Oct 1841 24 Jan 1917 wife of J.Y.
SMITH Margaret A.
01 May 1863 aged 16d; dau of D.C. & D.
SMITH Mariah J.
09 Dec 1898 aged 78y 11m 11d; wife of W.B.
SMITH W.F. 1851 1885 husband of M. J.
SMITH M.J. 1853 1923 wife of W. F.
SMITH Vivian W. 1914 1937
SMITH William F.
26 May 1849 aged 39y 9d
SMITH William H 1863 1934 Brother to Edward B.
SMYTH James 13 Jul 1849 10 Nov 1866 son of Robert & Jane
SMYTH Robert 3 Jul 1808 07 Mar 1887 aged 78y 8m 4d; husband of Jane
SMYTH Jane 27 Jun 1811 15 Oct 1867 wife of Robert
YOUNG Mary 07 Dec 1812 22 Feb 1899 from Tazewell Co, VA.; Tombstone moved to Haseville Cemetery in 1988; Wife of Richard
YOUNG Richard 15 Jan 1811 19 Nov 1860 aged 49y 10m 4d; from Tazewell County, VA; Tombstone moved to Haseville Cemetery in 1988; Footstone remains; husband of Mary
This information provided by Neil Smith and presented with our thanks.

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