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Linn County Newspapers

1875: there were only two newspapers

1912: there were ELEVEN newspapers


(Updated: Friday, August 05, 2011)


Brookfield Gazette

Brookfield Daily News (website link no longer valid.)

Brookfield Weekly Argus

        September 28, 1882 Vol. 1 No. 1 NEW

Bucklin Herald

        Bucklin Herald - Excerpts: Fri. 25 Nov. 1989 & Fri. 09 June 1899

        Bucklin Herald Obituaries Updated

Laclede Blade

        Laclede Blade Feb. 1904

Linn County Budget

        Budget July 17, 1917 NEW

Linn County News

        Bush Creek Wreck 1881 NEW

Linneus Bulletin

Marceline Press

The Press of Linn County

        The Press of Linn County: History of



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Newspaper Abstracts~Linn County (listed in date order of occurrence)

        The Macon Telegraph and Messenger - May 8 1877: Negro Lynched for "Voudou"

        Grand Forks Daily Herald - May 12 1894: Missouri Tragedy. An Entire Family Except One Little Girls Murdered in Cold Blood.

        The Bulletin - May 1899: Lieutenant H.J. WEST has returned to Marceline...

        Linn Republic - 1900 Christmas of Old

        Kansas City Star - May 1, 1904: Think It is George TAYLOR. Tacoma Officers Believe They Have the Fugitive Missouri Murderer.

        The Brookfield Gazette - September 3, 1910: F.M. Beers a former well known resident and prominent farmer..

        Linn County Budget - November 25 1913: M.A. Cooley sustained a severe scalp wound Monday by being struck...

        The Bulletin - May 1919: Miss Gladys Bradley went to Kirksville...



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