RESEARCHER(s) for Linn County, Missouri.


Howard and Sandy Sappington

1310 Miller Avenue

Chillicothe, MO 64601

[email protected]


Howard and his wife Sandy have been working on genealogy since they were married 33 years ago.  Both of their lines come from Linn, Sullivan, and Chariton Counties and of course before that they came from almost everywhere.  People laugh that what they do for fun is visit cemeteries, and they have a well marked map and have visited most all of them.  The Sappington’s have restored an old abandoned cemetery North of St. Catharine, the Stephen S. McCollum Cemetery, est. 1840 and have maintained it since 2004.


Howard and Sandy have a room dedicated to all of their genealogy resources.  It includes printed census for Linn, Sullivan & Chariton Counties 1830-1870, Cemeteries of Linn County, History of Linn County, History of Sullivan County, and Linn County Marriage Records 1842-1870 printed.  They have gone to the Linn County, Missouri Courthouse and transcribed marriages, from 1870-1890 so far.  They also have various other family, town and church histories of the area.  Howard and Sandy do use the Internet but only use the information that can be proven.  They have made out-of-state trips to do research in libraries, courthouses and of course cemeteries.  They have posted their GEDCOM on Rootsweb.  Some of their work can be seen by looking at Howard’s great grandfather's page at:  and Sandy’s grandfather at: . 


The Sappington’s have had two books printed on their Overstreet family.


Howard has just retired from the Post Office and since they really enjoy genealogy, decided to use the expertise gained to assist others in locating family ancestors. 


The Sappington’s charge $20.00 an hour and are available to do out of town research.  Please contact them for a quote.


(Note: May Bartee Couch contacted and informed me that she as retired from doing research, which had included Linn and Chariton Counties.  She kindly forwarded the Sappington’s ad to me, which was printed in the Linn County Leader.  Upon contacting the Sappington’s, the above is submitted.)


Endorsement(s) received: 


Howard and Sandy recently did genealogy research for me about my wife's family as a surprise gift for her.  Both my wife and I were very pleased with the results.  The notebook report was very professional and we were amazed with all the information they were able to find.  The family history went back many generations with birth, death, marriage and children information from birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as obituaries and newspaper articles and even pictures of tombstones. There The software they use as part of the report made it easy to follow the various family lines all the way back to her family's first relatives arriving in America.  This is an outstanding product for people who are interested in their family's history and I would highly recommend it.  Also, their work is very cost efficient, a real bargain for what you get with the final product.”   Ed and Marla Douglas, Chillicothe Mo. [email protected]



From: "Antoinette Guynes" <[email protected]>

Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2009 10:35 AM

Subject: Re: H. and S. Sappington


Howard and Sandy Sappington recently did some research for me in Linn  County.  They located obituaries for my g-grandparents and my
 g-g-grandparents and also took photos of their tombstones.  They were G-R-E-A-T:  Got right at it, Reasonable rates, Energetically efficient,   A whiz at finding  what I needed,  Truly  professional!     Antoinette Guynes-Garrison



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