The Men of 1812 - Veteran's Reunion of the War of 1812

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The Men of the War of 1812

The Last Reunion

There were present 28 soldiers from Linn, Monroe, Marion, Boone, Randolph, Audrain, Shelby, Livingston and Macon counties. There was a drum and fife corps composed of the old veterans. Nearly every man present was over 70 years of age. The occasion was somewhat pathetic, as it was realized by all that it was the last meeting of the soldiers of 1812 that would be held in Missouri. A picture was taken of the group. A copy of this picture is now held by a family in Montgomery county.

The Linn county soldiers represented in the photograph are John Burnett, who was born in Kentucky in 1795; W. B.  Woodruff, born in Kentucky in 1788; Henry Sipple, born in Virginia in 1791, and Frederick Nestor, born in Virginia in 1799. All of these men were living in Linn county at the time of the last reunion of the soldiers of the war of 1812.

Other Linn county citizens who served in that war were as follows: Peter Fore, who was a private in Captain Josiah Pinnock’s company, Cox’s Brigade, Virginia; was engaged in the defense of Washington.

Seth Botts, of Captain William Hamilton’s company, Colonel Lillard’s regiment; served on the Coosa river, Alabama.

Jethrow Dodson, served under Captain James Lanier, eastern division.

James Moore, Captain Hay’s company, western frontier; was in the siege of Fort Erie.

George Crist, Captain James Hannah’s company; served at Norfolk, Va.

William I. Ballow, second sergeant in Captain Robert Cameron’s company; served at Camp Washington, Miss.

Abijah Woods, Captain Caldwell’s company; western frontier.

Jacob G Bailey, Captain Charles Harney’s company, Colonel Renick’s Tenth Rifle Regiment; was in the battle of the Thames, Canada; witnessed the rifle duel between Tecumseh and Colonel Whitley, and was so close that he could see the flash of both of the duelists’ weapons, which were fired simultaneously each shot proving fatal; was also present when Colonel Johnson’s horse was shot from under him, and assisted in talking him out front under the animal.

David McCollum was the commanding officer in the Kentucky militia from 1807 to 1820.

Milton Parmlee, Captain Hawkins’s company; northern frontier, Ed P. Dodge, Captain Bean’s company; served at Fort Washington, N. H.

Joseph Auberry, of Captain Patterson’s company.

Randolph Bobbitt, ‘Captain John Trimble’s company of the Virginia militia; served at Norfolk.

Hasten Shifflett, Captain Christopher Irvin’s company of Kentuckians; served on northern frontier and was at Colonel Dudley’s engagement on the River Raisin, Mich.

James Sportsman and William Southerland; no legal record of their service.

Joseph C. Moore, sergeant in O’Fallon’s company of riflemen. Served through the war of 1812 in Canada and on the frontier. He was granted a patent to N. W. ¼ Section 9, Township 58, Range 20, upon which he resided from 1842 until his death.