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FAQs File
FAQs File index                 Board for Certification of Genealogists    Roberta Estes on reviewing  Dr. William Powe ll. (2)

Surname file on Demographic researchAndy Powell          

Roberta Estes on reviewing  Dr. William Powell. (1)    County & Surname Coordinators  

Surname file on Demographic researchRoberta Estes       

 Visitations in England DNA Testing for Genealogy         
What Do I Do With My DNA Results      Lost Colony Indigenous Groups      Lost Colony   Inside a Cell
DNA Testing and the Melungeons Information and Frequently Asked Questions        Citi of Raleigh timeline      
Most Common Recent Ancestor and Mutation Rates       Welsh Patronymic Naming System   The Library
Lost Colony story  -  index                       SHIPS USED IN THE ROANOKE VOYAGES..
Publications and Forms File

Publications & Forms - index

DNA Project Test Use Policy Statement Flyer for handout
Y-Line DNA participant letter MT-DNA family worksheet  (Maternal line only) MT-DNA participant letter

Proving Your Native American Heritage  

Autosomal DNA Testing

Genealogical Proofs Table  

Creating Your Personal DNA Pedigree Chart  

Y-DNA family worksheet  (Paternal line only)

Hatteras Island DNA Project

History of the North American Continent file

History of the North American Continent - index

Spanish Galleon Trading Ships in the Pacific

DeSoto's Journeys,

Juan Pardo

Tracing Ancestors in Barbados

Virginia Records, 1606-1737

Hatteras History

Germanna Colonies 

Roanoke Island in 1669

County Research Information file

Eastern USA County Research info. index

English Counties thought to be connected


Early Land Grants file

Early Land Grants index

Broad Creek Research Information

Province of North Carolina 1663-1729

Clubfoots Creek, Bath

The First Land Grant in North Carolina

Broad Creek Patients per County


Maps and Articles Index file

Maps and Articles Index

'Tindall Map'

Zuņiga Chart

Virginia 1610

Brethren archies map

Ring  Article

 Captain John Smith

Hariot - White 1585-86

English men in Virginia

White's OBX drawing

Map of England today - and research placement 

UK Locations in Hakluyt's America 

Hatteras PlaceNamesMap    

Native Americans, Slaves, Free Persons of Color file

NA-S-FPC Section index

Lumbee surname list

Native American Autosomal Marker

Thoroughfare, NC

Saura Indians in Stokes Co., NC.

Lost Colony Descendants

Native American Research

First Slaves -1619

Early Slavery

The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty 

African American genealogy research Slaves and Slaveholders in Bermuda 1616- 1782
Slavery, Rice and South Carolina Cape Fear Indians

Where have all the Indians  gone


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Genealogy Research Sources file
Genealogy Research Sources index English Research links Five Quick Steps 
General Research Links Genealogy Research Books LC research books
Wiregrass Georgia Pioneer Lost Colony books  

Staff Biographies

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Public Relations file
Public Relations index Founding Fathers' theory Barnstable Devon - DNA
General Primary Research Documents  and  Sources
Krauss's Collection on Drake - Link Hariot, Thomas,1560-1621 Queen Elisabeth's Charter to Sir Walter Raleigh - 1584 

Discourse of Western PlantingRichard Haklyt - 1584

Original letters of William Herle project With Dare references

The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation. Vol. XIII. America. Part II. by Richard Hakluyt

Secondary Sources or Transcriptions  on Primary Resources

1584 Reconnaissance mission - by Scott Dawson

Appleton's magazine, Alexander Hume Ford -Lost Colony 

The Lost Colony by Hamilton McMillan - 1888

Arthur Barlowe's Journalby Scott Dawson

John White's letterThe Roanoke Voyages Vol 2 by David Beers Quinn

A New Voyage to Carolina by John Lawson - 1984

Hon. John D. Bellamyremarks to House of Representatives

1587 Journal of John White by Scott Dawson

1585 Tyger ships Journal by Scott Dawson

Hening's Statutes at Large

"Plea for the Croatan Indians" - link

Stories about  "The Lost Colony"
  Roanoke: A Tale of Raleigh's Colony  
DNA Studies

Y-DNA Project - LC

MTDNA Project - LC Family Finder Project - LC
Y-DNA Project - Hatteras MTDNA Project - Hatteras Family Finder - Hatteras
Archaeological Digs For The Citi of Raleigh or The Lost Colony
  Archaeological Dig Index  
The Lost Colony - National Outdoor Theatre - Link




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