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Article Author Issue - Link
The Dare Stones, 1-48 Roberta Estes January 2012
The Inglis Fletcher Dare Stone Letter  Baylus Brooks, Jennifer Sheppard, Roberta Estes January 2012
"The Lost Rocks" David La Vere,  Roberta Estes January 2012
All About GENUKI Nancy Frey January 2012
William Howard - Blackbeard's Quartermaster Roberta Estes January 2012
A Little Bit About Old London Nancy Frey January 2012
Conclusions and Jumping to Them Roberta Estes January 2012
Robeson County, NC - 1790 Census - All Other Free People Joy King January 2012
Onslow County, NC - 1790 Census - All Other Free People Joy King January 2012
Tyrrell County, NC - 1790 Census - Lost Colony Surnames Sharon Brace January 2012
Tyrrell County - 1790 Census - Lost Colony Families of Interest Surnames Sharon Brace January 2012
Hyde Co, NC - 1790 Census - All Other Free People Sharon Brace January 2012
Where is 'Sollep'? Andy Powell, Roberta Estes January 2012
. . .
Richard Hakluyt  Nancy Frey  February 2012
Croatan - From the Burlington, Vermont Free Press  Dawn Taylor  February 2012
The Old Indian Mound  Dawn Taylor February 2012
In the Beginning  Roberta Estes February 2012
Letter From William Evans Regarding the Henry Berry Lowery Family  Sandy Lowery and Shirley Cozo February 2012
Polly Lowery Oxendine  Roberta Estes February 2012
Tuscarora Populations  Collaborative Effort Pg1February 2012     Pg2Pg3
Valentine Wallace  Roberta Estes, Baylus Brooks February 2012
Native American Haplogroup X  Roberta Estes February 2012
"It's All Over Ancestry In So Many Trees"  Roberta Estes February 2012
Raleigh, a Wynganditoian  Andrew Powell February 2012
Tyrrell Co., NC - All Other Free - 1790  Roberta Estes February 2012
Native Heritage Project  Roberta Estes  February 2012
Tyrrell County Genealogy and Historical Society Meeting  Jennifer Sheppard Pg1 February 2012,   Pg2
The Scientist Magazine  Roberta Estes February 2012
ECU and the LCRG Collaboration  Roberta Estes February 2012
. . .
Lighthouse Keeper - Jevaney "Pop" Jennette Dawn Taylor March 2012
Jennette Family DNA Results Roberta Estes March 2012
Wallises, Wallaces, Quakers and Commerce Baylus Brooks March 2012
Col. Thomas Byrd, the Hatteras Indians and more Quakers Baylus Brooks March 2012
Geography in UK Genealogy Nancy Frey March 2012
Thomas Spencer's "Molatto" Wife in 1726 Roberta Estes March 2012
William Eaton's Muster Roll - Granville Co. 1759  Roberta Estes March 2012
Hatteras Indians in New Bern, NC??   Roberta Estes March 2012
Ye First Council of Bideford   Andy Powell March 2012
Wrecking on Hatteras: A Long Tradition Baylus Brooks March 2012
Au Revoir, Baylus Roberta Estes March 2012
. . .
Special Edition  LOST COLONISTS FOUND Roberta Estes SP-March 2012
Changing Horses Roberta Estes SP-March 2012
. . .
Missing Colonist Families in England  Roberta Estes April 2012
The Common Stream Rowland Parker and Roberta Estes April 2012
Late Breaking News - Video of Bideford Roberta Estes April 2012
. . .
Hyde Co., Native Surname Marriage Records Baylus Brooks, Roberta Estes, Kay Lynn Sheppard May 2012
Census Assumptions Roberta Estes May 2012
Line Marker Mutations Roberta Estes May 2012
What does the MCRA really mean Roberta Estes May 2012
The Meherrin and the Susquehanna Indians Roberta Estes May 2012
The Amadas Fmily Andy Powell May 2012
Wandering off while researching your family history Nancy Frey May 2012
Anson Co., NC 1790 census - all other free   May 2012
Bladen Co., NC 1790 census - all orther free   May 2012
North and South Carolina 1790 census   May 2012
Native Heritage Project Rill Calkl Beaufort Co.,    May 2012
Angle Awards Roberta Estes May 2012
. . .
Does CRO = Chowan? Roberta Estes June 2012
CHOWAN INDIANS Fletcher Freeman June 2012
John and Thomas Hoyter, the Chowan Indian Chiefs Fletcher Freeman 
with intro by Roberta Estes
June 2012
Raleigh's Lost Fort Found???  Roberta Estes June 2012
More about the Chowan Fort on the John White Map Roberta Estes June 2012
. . .
The Indian Path in Buncombe County  by Dr. Gail [Gaillard] Tennent July 2012
Bideford 1641 Protestations Andy Powell/Roberta Estes July 2012
First Instance of Word "Machepongo"   July 2012
Blunt - an Indian Interpreter   July 2012
Fort  Branch on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation Baylus Brooks, Roberta Estes July 2012
The Wrath of Good Queen Bess Nancy Frey July 2012
Who Am I  Related To?  Roberta Estes July 2012
Live  Forked Oak Stump Roberta Estes July 2012
. . .





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