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  1. Lost Colony Frequently Asked Questions - Link
  2. Lost Colony Indigenous Groups - Link
  3. Inside a Cell - Link
  4. DNA Testing and the Melungeons  - Link  
  5. What Do I Do With My DNA Results….in 10 Easy Steps - Link
  6. Time to the Most Common Recent Ancestor and Mutation Rates - Link
  7. Time line for the Development of the Lost Colony - Link

  8. How dna is inherited -

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  9. County Coordinators - Link
10. DNA Testing for Genealogy - What Can It Do For You??Link
12. Heraldic Visitations - Link
13. Native Americans, Slaves, Free Persons of Color  Index - Link


17. Why use FTDNA as Your DNA testing company? - Link
18. on reviewing Dr. William Powell - Link




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