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Roanoke Island in 1669

Donated to site by Linda (Lamb) Monticelli :)
From: [email protected]  
Sent: Sunday, May 04, 2008 2:25 PM
Subject: Ownership of Roanoke Island in 1669

Roberta & Nelda,

I found the following information about the sale of Roanoke Island in 1669 while doing some research at Ancestry.com yesterday. What a coincidence--the man who purchased Roanoke Island was a LAMB, my maiden name!

It's a very interesting story but I couldn't find it posted anywhere else on the Internet except at Ancestry.com and you have to have a subscription with Ancestry to access the article. If you would like, I can type the rest of the article and send it to you. Let me know.

Linda (Lamb) Monticelli :)


From: North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. II
January, 1901, pp. 101-108:


Governor SAM'L STEVENS died in 1669, leaving the Island to his wife, who in 1670 married Sir WM. BERKLEY, Governor of Virginia, among the papers in the Court House, at Edenton, N.C., appear the following showing some of the transfers made of the property since that date, the first of which is a deed from Governor BERKLEY to JOSHUA LAMB, of Roxbury, Mass., and reads as follows:

"To All Christian People to whom these presents shall come,
Know ye that I Sir WILLIAM BERKLEY Knt Captain General and Chief Governor of Virginia & one of the Proprietors of Carolina and Albemarle send Greeting, Know yee that I the said William Berkeley for and in consideration of the sum of £100 Sterling to me in hand already paid or secured to be paid have Bargained, sold, agreed, alienated, enfeoffed, and confirmed and by these presents Do fully Clearly and absolutely bargain sett Alienate enfeoffe and confirm unto JOSHUA LAMB of New England, Merchant, the whole Island of Roanoke Scituate and Being in the County of Albermarie in the Province of Carolina, Together with [sic ] is thereon standing Growing or being with all the Profits privileges and advantages, thereunto belonging, or in any wise appertaining and also all the Cattle hoggs and other Stock with the Marishes houses and Buildings thereon, he the said JOSHUA LAMB, To have and to hold the premises and every part and parcell thereof to him his heirs, Executors, Administrators and Assigns forever free from any lett hindrance or molestation of me the said Sir WILLIAM BERKLEY or any other person or persons Whatsoever, And I do hereby further Authorize and Impower the said JOSHUA LAMB his heirs Executors, Administrators and Assigns to enter upon & possess himself of all and every of the premises and to oust Eject and Expell any person or persons whatsoever pretending any right, Title or Interest thereunto. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Seventeenth Day of April, 1676.


Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of JAMES BRAY, DARBY MAGUIRE, JOHN CULPEPPER

This 20th Day of December, 1676, p me PAUL LATHAM Clerk Cout. JOHN CULPEPPER this 19th December 1677, that he was present and saw Sir WILLIAM BERKELEY sign and seal the above mentioned Deed to which his name is Subscribed as a witness. Taken before us SIMON BRADSTREET, EDWARD TYNG assistants p ISA ADDINGTON Cler.

A true copy as is entered with the Records of Deeds for the County of Suffolk, MA Libre 13, folio 180, etc; Examined p JOHN BALLENTINE Regr.

(Next follows the deed from JOSHUA LAMB of Roxbury, Mass., to NICHOLAS PAIGE of Boston, Mass., for one Moiety of Island, as follows.)

To all Christian People To whom these presents shall come JOSHUA LAMB of Roxbury, in the County of Suffolk in New England, Merchant, sendeth Greeting Know ye That I the said JOSHUA LAMB for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred and fifty pounds sterling by the value thereof fully Clearly and absolutely give grant bargain sell assign Set over and confirm unto NICHOLAS PAIGE of Boston in the County above sd Merchant one Moiety or a full half part of that his Island called Roanock situate and being in the County of Albemarle in the Province of Carolina which he lately purchased of Sr. WILLIAM BERKELEY one of the Proprietors of Carolina and Albemarle according to a Deed or writing for the same under his hand and seal bearing date the 17th of April, 1676, with one half part of the Marishes houses and buildings and what is thereon standing growing or being as also the half part of all Cattle Hoggs and other Stock upon the same and all profits privileges and advantages thereto belonging or in any wise appertaining with a full and good estate right Title & Interest of and into the same so I the said LAMB have from Sr. WM. BERKELEY and no otherwise.

To Have and to Hold the above bargained promises and Every part and parcell thereof unto him the said NICHOLAS PAIGE his heirs Execrs and Assigns, To his and their sole use benefit and behoof forever free from any Lett hindrance or Molestation from me the sd JOSHUA LAMB my heirs, Executors, Admrs or any other person or persons whatsoever from by or under me by my Means, Title, Consent or procurement. In Witness whereof I the said JOSHUA LAMB have hereunto put my hand and seal this nineteenth day of September in the 29th year of his Majesties Reign Annoy Domini 1677.

JOSHUA LAMB, (Signeth.).
Signed, Sealed & Delivered in presence of us ROWLAND BUTLER, ISA ADDINGTON.
This instrument was acknowledged by JOSHUA LAMB to be his Act & Deed the 19 Sept., 1677. Before me

A true copy as is entered with the Records of Deeds for the County of Suffolk Lib 10 folio 180.

(Source: Ancestry.com)


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