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DeSoto's Journeys, and Others
Donated by Roberta Estes



Night Burial in the Mississippi River

burial painter  unknown

The Lost Colony search is not limited to just the colonists. Hernando DeSoto explored this area before the colonists were lost, as did others. In the DNA tests so far, we are not finding many Native American haplogroups, which leads me to ask the question, where are the Indians? We know that people lived there, but perhaps, based on some of the DNA haplogroups we are seeing, the Native people were already admixed to some extent? If that was the case, where might that admixture have come from? While I am offering no answers, and clearly at this point, only speculation and questions, those questions do need to be answered.

These two links to the DeSoto journey information are exceedingly interesting. The first is to the reports of his expeditions and the second is to a wonderful site chronicaling the journeys themselves throughout primarily the southeastern US. However, exploratory journeys were not limited to that area. Take a look for yourself and see. These are exceptional resources.




I don't know if I should claim a relationship with DeSoto even if his descendant was my step grandfather. DeSoto's journey exposed a lot of Native American's to diseases they had no natural immunity to.
see at:

Nelda, I think that is very cool.

"The book 1491"  by Charles Mann says it was the hundreds of pigs traveling with the Spanish explorers to furnish meat on the hoof, that caused the diseases that devastated the indigenous populations. The Spanish were immune having lived in close proximity to livestock for many hundreds of years.

Proof of this theory is that European groups traveling into the areas 50 years later found a deserted land. Those few who had survived had fled the area. 




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