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Biographies of the Volunteer Staff

Roberta Estes


Project Administrator



Colony Research Group 

Genealogy ~ DNA ~ Archaeology


Roberta Estes has been a professional scientist and business owner in the information technology arena for 

25+ years, (BS Computer Science, MBA, graduate work in Geographic Information Systems), as well as an obsessed genealogist since 1978.  In 2005, reflecting her interest and expertise in genetics for genealogy, she formed DNAeXplain, a company providing individual analysis of DNA results and genealogical assistance.  

Please visit the web site at    


Roberta speaks publicly on the topic of DNA and genealogy and has been interviewed by the New York Times for 

multiple publications, appearing on Voice of America, National Public Radio, ABC News, TACC9-TV “Down East Today”, as well as in other national and international radio, television and news publications and conferences.  Recently, Roberta has launched the DNA search for the Roanoke Lost Colonists.  


Roberta’s genealogy specialty is southern colonial records, focused primarily in Virginia, Tennessee and NC.  Minority records, reflecting her mixed heritage are of particular interest, specifically Native Americans, slaves, and other indentured individuals.  



Her “colorful” family history has allowed Roberta to participate in every aspect of DNA testing for genealogy, revealing unexpected surprises.  It’s amazing to find the blood of European royalty, Slaves and Native Americans, all converged in an individual within the past few hundred years.   


Many of Roberta’s ancestors seem to have either disappeared into or appeared during the confusing Revolutionary War era on the new Western Frontier that would one day become Eastern Tennessee, an area more appropriately nicknamed “Scrabble State”.  Records are scarce to nonexistent, leaving DNA testing as the only viable avenue to recover one’s heritage, although she hasn’t given up hope completely for that family Bible listing on E-bay.  


In 2000, thanks to FamilyTreeDNA, the infant scientific field of DNA for genealogy emerged, allowing DNA to be used to trace individuals to common ancestors.  With traditional genealogical records already researched to no avail, and several brick walls needing to fall, Roberta was one of the early DNA surname administrators and pioneer adopters of DNA analysis for genealogy.   


Roberta manages over 20 surname projects and is the founder of the Lost Colony Yline and mitochondrial DNA research projects.  Her regional Cumberland Gap Yline and mitochondrial DNA projects have several hundred participants.  The Cumberland Gap mitochondrial project is the largest mitochondrial DNA project in the world and the yline is the second largest.  She also co-administers the American Indian project and serves in an advisory capacity for the Melungeon project and other groups. 





Andy Powell


Mayor of Bideford, England 2009-2010, joins us in our endeavors to find the Lost Colonists.  

Andy has this to say about his passion for the search:


“I first became interested in the Lost Colony some 30 years ago and was privileged back then to privately view John White’s 



Time passed and all was forgotten until about three years ago when I discovered the link my home town of Bideford has with the 

founding of America. Since that time the Lost Colony has become an obsession; so much so that I have been encouraged to write 

a book on my research. What I hope to bring to the quest is my years of research into the project and a conviction that out there 

somewhere is the key to re-writing the history of America.”


"I chose to join the LCRG because I felt it essential that in order to further the quest here in England for 
Lost Colony descendants and to establish exactly what happened to them, we needed to ensure that any affiliation 
with a research group in America had to be with one that was based on sound scientific principals, and operated with a 
high moral and ethical standard. We here in England, have not been dissapointed."


Anne Poole




Principal Researcher


Anne Poole has been involved in Lost Colony Research for thirty years. She continues to do active research in all facets of what may have happened to the colonists and is now researching the Chowan, NC area, for information that may connect to the colonists. 


Anne is also an affiliate of the prestigious Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC, where she frequently lectures on Criminal Profiling. 


She also is founder of Carolina Ghost Hunters, and was featured in the 2005 fall issue of OUR STATE magazine on her ghost research in the NC Capitol in Raleigh, NC. 


She has two adult daughters and two grandsons, and is also a professional pianist.

To Contact Anne Poole [email protected] 

If you are interest in visiting anything that she is connected with, Please contact her at the above email address



Robert Noles


Co Admin The Lost Colony DNA Project


Robert B. Noles

Rob retired from McDermott, Inc. (The Babcock & Wilcox Company) in 1994 after a 31 year career involving the design and manufacture of nuclear power plant components, primarily for the U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program for the Navy's fleet of nuclear powered submarines and aircraft carriers. He is a 1963 graduate of the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in mechanical engineering.

Rob has spent the past 13 years as a full time genealogist. In addition to the traditional family genealogies in his database, Rob has added genealogies for the U.S. Presidents, Western Civilization Royalty, the Pilgrims, Magna Carta signers, Bible personalities, etc. A major effort for Rob's database has been the addition of all known genealogies for the southeast Georgia region known as Wiregrass Georgia.

Rob serves as the Director for the national Knowles/Knoles/Noles Family Association ( ), the 1st Vice-President of the St. Tammany (Parish) Genealogical Society in Louisiana (, and as a member of the Board of Directors for the Huxford Genealogical Society and Library in Homerville, Georgia ( ).

Rob is the Project Administrator or a Co-Administrator for the following Surname and Regional DNA Projects with Family Tree DNA:

Surname Projects: Bagley, Beha, Bicksler (Bixler), Courson, Finnell (Fennell), Hersey (Hursey), Knowles (Noles), Knox, Marvel, Noble(s), Paulk, Prettyman, Pulley, Rowell and Spell(s).

Regional Projects: Lost Colony, Lumbee Tribe, West Florida Parishes (southeast Louisiana), Wiregrass Georgia (southeast Georgia and northern Florida).

Wiregrass Georgia / Lumbee Tribe Regional DNA Projects

The Wiregrass Georgia DNA Project is for the living descendants of the pioneers of the Wiregrass Region of Georgia (southeast Georgia) and the neighboring area of northern Florida. The pioneers of this region in the 1800s were primarily from the Carolinas, who were seeking their claim for the land opening up for new settlers in Georgia. This DNA project permits comparisons of Y-DNA test results across the spectrum of Wiregrass families in conjunction with the use of the Wiregrass Family Database maintained by Robert B. Noles and the resources of the Huxford Genealogical Society Library. The Wiregrass Georgia Database contains the genealogies for approximately 175,000 people including the original pioneers and their descendants. 

The Lumbee Tribe DNA Project was initiated because the Wiregrass Georgia DNA Project was identifying participants who were likely the descendants of the Native American tribes from the Carolinas. Genealogies for these descendants are being added to the Wiregrass Georgia Database. 



Janet Crain



Co Admin for the Blog, retired Librarian, looks up sources for the Group.


Janet Crain


Retired Public School Librarian

Interests: Grandchildren, reading, computer, genealogy, DNA, history, writing, arts and crafts, sewing, Lost Colony.

Live in Texas in the country and raise Boer Goats in my spare time.



Nancy Frey 




United Kingdom Research and Genealogy


Nancy’s specialty within the Lost Colony Research Group is UK research and genealogy. Her focus will be finding and reconstructing the families of the colonists in the British Isles with the goal of finding current day descendants.


Nancy was born in East York, a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada to middle-class parents who, lacking formal education, insisted that every life experience should be a learning experience. As a family they travelled to historical places in Canada, the U.S.A. and the U.K. As a teenager, Nancy sailed to London, England with four others girls and didn’t come back until she was 21. In Canada Nancy worked her way up from Collection Clerk to a Law Clerk with a specialty in real estate. Along the way she pursued the hobbies of motorsport and philately and turned her passion for photography into a small company. She retired from motorsport in 2010 after having served as both volunteer and professional including the organization of two F1 races in Canada and the Shell 4000 Car Rally, an FIA Event.


Retired since 1993, Nancy has kept herself busy doing whatever, including as much travel as possible. In 2008 she went on a 37-day UK Genealogy Tour by herself, renting a car in Reading, Berkshire and driving over 1000 miles around England visiting all the places her ancestors came from, meeting relatives she never knew she had and genealogy friends, and doing some research at several Record Offices.  Talking to the local people gave her a wealth of knowledge about the places her ancestors lived in.  Nancy is currently the Online Parish Clerk (a volunteer position) for the villages of Ansford & Castle Cary, Somerset.  Nancy keeps a database for the surname DAVIDGE and variants worldwide.  Anyone interested in the surname may apply to become a member of Yahoo! DAVIDGEConnections at


In 2011, Nancy participated in the Lost Colony Research Group archeological dig in Buxton, Hattaras, North Carolina.  It was her opportunity to meet other members of the team and to see first hand how one went about unearthing the past.  It was an experience she will always remember.


Nancy has been researching her Family History for over 20 years now, both on the internet and hands on while in the UK. As a member of many Rootsweb Lists, and a member of many and moderator of a few Yahoo! Groups, she is in contact with other genealogists all over the world. After retiring, her computer skills were honed thanks to a retraining grant, and she graduated with Honours from the Desktop Publishing School in 1995. Nancy maintained her car clubs website for several years, edited Newsletters and Magazines as well as having edited one published book.


In 2010 and 2011 Nancy completed distance learning courses at the Pharos Institute of London, England on the topics of “Researching in Devon”, “Becoming a Professional Genealogist”, and “Genealogy & DNA”, the latter being very helpful in her work with the Lost Colony Research Group.  Recently Nancy has delved into the study of Heraldry becoming more familiar with grants of Arms in England and is finding this a fascinating part of her genealogical research.


Nancy is regular contributor to the Lost Colony Research Group Newsletter with full length articles and her very popular "Snippets"  The Lost Colony project is Nancy’s idea of the perfect ‘jigsaw puzzle’. She feels that putting it together is an amazing experience to look forward to.


6 Jan 2012




Jennifer Sheppard



Genealogy Research Experience – 1974 – Present

Professional Researcher – 1985 – Present




(Society was formed on December 26, 1941 by a group of men who’s main goal and interest was to collect, preserve, share and promote North Carolina history)


Member Board of Directors – September 2011 – Present

Newsletter Editor – September 2011 – Present




(A group looking for descendants of the Lost Colonists of 1587)


Staff Member – Lost Colony Genealogist - 2007 - Present




Chair – Planning Committee, Volunteer, Lost Colony Center for S&R, Open house -  2006

Event Co-ordinator for event planning – 2006 - 2007

Director of Genealogy Research – 2006 – 2007




Perform Deed Abstracts for Martin County Historical Society 2008 - Present

Videographer for Martin County Historical Society (filming oral histories) 2009 - Present




Diploma -  Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, Family History Research, Professional Research Option,  – 1996

Effective Teaching Certificate, Martin Community College, Williamston, NC 1997

Basic Genealogy Course – Senior Center,  Burbank, California – 1974




Book Reviewer,  The National Archives, the United Kingdom – 2006 – Present

Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD 21211 – 1993 – Present


Grant Writer – Friends of the Old Martin County Courthouse, Williamston, NC 2004 – 2005

                          Martin County Genealogical Society - 1997


Editor: - Martin County Genealogical Society Newsletter – 1995-1997.


Published Author, Heritage Quest Magazine, an International Genealogy Magazine – 1993 – Present


Newspaper Columnist, “Everything is Relative” – The Enterprise, Williamston, NC 1989 – Present


Committee/Board Membership: 


North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc. Board of Directors – 2011- Present

Martin County Genealogical Society Executive Board – 1997 – 2000

Martin County Historical Society Executive Committee – 1997 – Present




Beginning Genealogy, Martin Community College (Windsor, NC Campus) - 2002

Intermediate Genealogy, Martin Community College, Williamston, NC – 2001

Beginning Genealogy, Martin Memorial Library, Williamston, NC – 2000

Beginning Genealogy, Home Course in Residence, Williamston, NC – 1996

Beginning Genealogy, Martin Community College, Williamston, NC – 1991

Beginning Genealogy, Martin Community College, Williamston, NC – 1990



Offices Held in Societies:


Editor, North Carolina Society of Historians Official Newsletter, From The Quill, 2011- present

North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc., Board of Directors – 2011 - present

Editor, Martin County Historical Society Newsletter – 2008 – present

Martin County Historical Society Executive Board Member – 1997 – Present

Publications Chairman Martin County Genealogical Society – 1996 – 2000

President, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Theodore Hassell Chapter, #437 – 1996 - 2000

Registrar, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Theodore Hassell Chapter, #437 – 1997 – 2000

President, Martin County Genealogical Society (MCGS) – 1995 – 1997

Editor, MCGS Newsletter – 1995-1997

Vice President, Martin County Genealogical Society (MCGS) – 1993-1995

The National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, Treasurer  - Manassas Virginia #175, 1987 – 1988


Membership in Societies:


Martin County Historical Society  (Life Member) – 1997 - Present

Theodore Hassell Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) – 1996 – Present

Martin County Genealogical Society – 1993 - Present

Manassas Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), 1988 - Present

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution,  (DAR) 1986 – Present


Other Related Activities:


President – Gurkin Family Association –Williamston, NC – 1996-2000 (Responsible for planning all aspects of reunion).


Special Recognition:


Biography published in Marquis’ Who’s Who of American Women, 2007.




1.                    Genealogy and Self-Publishing, A Guide to Researching, Writing and Self-Publishing Your Family History 2000.


2.                    The Spruill Family of Martin County, North Carolina – 1997.   (Alex Spruill, a former slave)


3.                    Price Family and Related Lines of Beaufort, Martin, Pitt and Washington Counties, Volume Two – 1997.


4.                    Martin County Genealogical Society Newsletter, Editor – 1995 – 1997.


5.                    Price Family and Related Lines of Beaufort, Martin, Pitt and Washington Counties, Volume One – Completely Revised – 1994


6.                    My North Carolina Ancestors of Beauport, Bladen, Columbus, Martin and Washington Counties, NC and Isle of Wight County, VA – 1990


7.                    Price Family and Related Lines – 1986




        1. The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc., The Paul Green Multimedia Award for Oral         History DVD – Deborah Brown and Gloria Hassell, Cousins After All – October 2011.


        2.  The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc., Joe. M. McLaurin Newsletter Award for Martin         County Historical Society Newsletter, Jennifer Sheppard, Editor official newsletter of the Martin         County Historical Society, Williamston, NC – October 2011


        3.  The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc., Joe M. McLaurin Newsletter Award for Martin         County Historical Society Newsletter, Jennifer Sheppard, Editor official newsletter of the Martin         County Historical Society, Williamston, NC – October 2010.


                4.  The North Carolina  Society of Historians, Inc. D. T. Smithwick Newspaper/Magazine Article                 Award  for the following article: “Be Cautious When Using Deed Indexes” Published in the                 Everton’s Genealogical Helper,Issue November/December 2008 – October 2009.  


                5.  The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc. D. T. Smithwick Newspaper/Magazine Article                 Award for the following article:  Was The Lost Colony Really Lost?  Published in Everton’s                 Genealogical Helper, Nov/Dec 2007 Issue – October 2008.


                6.   The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc.- D. T. Smithwick Newspaper/Magazine Article                 Award for the following two articles (1) Learn to Research Courthouse Records and (2)                 Unique                 Research Facility Available – October 2007.


        7.  The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc.- D. T. Smithwick Newspaper/Magazine Article         Award for the following five articles (1) Genealogists Highlights Excerpts from Cherokee Census;         (2) The Lost Tribes of North Carolina; Old Albemarle and its Absentee Landlords; (3) Was the         Lost Colony Really Lost?; (4) Tracing Ancestors Among the Five Civilized Tribes; (5) The Lost         Tribes of North Carolina; and  (6) Looking for Your Revolutionary War Ancestor Pensioner? –         October 2006.


        8.  The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc.- D. T. Smithwick Newspaper/Magazine Article         Award for the following five articles (1) Case of Mistaken Identify for County Man, (2) Book         Features North Carolina Black History, (3) Revolutionary War Records Now Available, (4) NC State Library Makes Addictional Microfilm Available, and (5) More Changes at the NC state         Archives. – October 2005.


        9.  The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc.- D. T. Smithwick Newspaper/Magazine Article         Award for the following five articles: Be Wary of Indexes, Preserving North Carolina History,         Some Little Known Sources in the Courthouse, Figuring the Dates When No Birth or Death         Records Exist, Just in Time for Christmas & Local Book Reviews and Five New Books Donated         to Library’s Francis Manning Room. – October 2004


10.     The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc.- Paul Green Multimedia Award for Genealogy and Self-Publishing, A Guide to Researching, Writing and Self-Publishing Your Family History – 2000.


11.     The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc., Willie Parker Peace History Book Award for Records of Marks and Brands, Register of Deeds No. 1, Martin County, NC – 1999.


12.     The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc. – Robert Bruce Cooke Family History Book Award for book entitled Price Family and Related Lines of Beaufort, Martin, Pitt and Washington Counties, Volume Two – 1998.


  1. The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc. – Joe M. McLauren Newsletter Award for Martin County Genealogical Society Newsletter, Jennifer Sheppard, Editor official newsletter of the Martin County Genealogical Society, Williamston, NC – Nov 1997.


  1. The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc. – D. T.  Smithwick Newspaper and Magazine Article Award for My Illusive Ancestor and Photographs: Our Window to the Past, (Heritage Quest Magazine) – 1997.


  1. The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc. – Award of Prestigious – Robert Bruce Cooke Family History Book Award – The Spruill Family of Martin County, North Carolina – 1997.


  1. The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc. – Award of Special Recognition – Family History Book Award for Price Family & Related Lines of Beaufort, Martin, Pitt & Washington Counties, NC, Volume 1 – 1995.


17.     The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc. – Award of Special Recognition – Historical Article for Port O’Plymouth Roanoke River Museum Records Hold Surprise for County Genealogist – 1994.




Dawn Taylor 



Dawn has been a dedicated genealogy for over 14 years. She is the founder of the Hatteras Island Genealogy Society, which evolved from a desire to preserve the heritage and culture of the people whose ancestors emerged from the sands of Hatteras Island, her people. Dawn also hosts the Society's Facebook page where the 400 members can stay up to date on events, post photos, and submit genealogical queries.!/group.php?gid=245433063719&ref=ts 

Dawn is an author whose works may be seen in Lighthouse Digest Magazine and the Outer Banks Lighthouse Society's newsletters. Her articles tell of her family's many lighthouse keepers who spent their lives tending the lighthouses up and down the Atlantic coast.

Within the past year, Dawn has become very much involved with tracing her ancestors back to the Croatoan Indians and the Lost Colonists of North Carolina.
She is currently working with Roberta Estes, Anne Poole, and Baylus Brooks, on the Hatteras Island Family Reconstruction Project under the umbrella of the Lost Colony Research Group.

In addition Dawn co-administers the Hatteras Families DNA projects with Roberta. 

Ana Oquendo Pabon, MD 




Doctor, Advisor, Graphic Artist, Manages the Lost Colony Store, 


Dr. Ana Oquendo Pabón, MD, is an advisor to the Roanoke Lost Colonies Research project relative to both DNA and Spanish Research.  Dr. Oquendo Pabón specializes in Internal Medicine.  In addition to Dr. Oquendo Pabón’s private medical practice, she has developed a specialty in mitochondrial DNA. 


Her DNA and research interests include the Native Population of Puerto Rico as well as that of the United States and the African Diaspora. 


In 2003, as early genetic genealogy pioneers, she co-founded the Puerto Rican Geographical DNA project with her brother, Rev. Father Jose Antonio Oquendo Pabón, a humanities professor, island historian, genealogist, and researcher. Through the project and the collaboration of their members, they have successfully determined the ancestral haplotype of many of the oldest surnames on the island such as the Maldonado, the Rivera de Mathos, Ramírez de Arellano and others.


From the outset, Dr. Oquendo Pabón vigorously encouraged mitochondrial DNA testing of DNA participants, corroborating the results of previous scientific studies which have shown the extremely high ancestral frequency of the purportedly extinct Native American/ Taíno people of Puerto Rico. 


In mutual collaboration, Dr. and Father Oquendo Pabón combined have contributed over 40 years of research between Puerto Rican, Spanish and other related island archives.  This led to the discovery and translation of thousands of documents directly relevant to the history of the colonists and creoles, pardos and slaves in the post Columbian period of Puerto Rico and critical to the understanding of the diverse genealogy of the descendant Puerto Rican families of today.  This landmark project was featured in the bestselling book, “Tracing Your Roots With DNA”. 


In addition, Dr. Oquendo Pabón, a descendant of many of the first Spaniard colonists on the island, African, and Taíno Native American ancestors, founded the Amerind Founder mitochondrial DNA Project, the geographical African DNA Project, the Casa de España DNA Project, and other DNA surname projects. 


Dr. Oquendo Pabón’s extensive knowledge of mitochondrial DNA, Native American and African DNA, genealogy and early historical documents is a welcome resouirce.


Personal Information:


Graduate of Univerity of Michigan, Michigan State University-College of Human Medicine, University of South Florida - Bayfront Medical Center, Affiliate

Fellow of American Academy of Physicians. Three children, 4 grandchildren.


DNA Projects:

Administrator/ Founder:


African DNA Project

Casa de España DNA

Amerind Founder mtDNA


Co Adminsitrator/ Co Founder

Puerto Rican DNA Project - 1st public Geographic DNA project of the Island


Co Administrator



Co Administrator

Flores DNA Surname Project


Administrator - Surname Projects:  Quiñones, Blanco, Villa, and others too many to count.


Co Founder with her brother (Padre José Antonio Oquendo Pabón, STL) of Muertito Heaven - 1995 to present. The first and most well-known and visible Puerto Rican genealogy sites on the web. Brother is professor of English, Humanities, Philosophy and Ethics at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, PR.


Member of:

Hispanic Genealogical Society of New York

Sociedad Puertorriqueña de Genealogía of San Juan

International Society of Genetic Genealogists


Web site:






Penny Ferguson




Co manager of Blog, Co Admin  The Lost Colony DNA Project


Penny was born in Hyden Kentucky, Leslie County. Her family has been in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky for 200 years, her many surnames can be found in Knox, Harlan, Clay, Letcher, Owsley, and Perry Counties, usually the counties changing, the families not moving. 


Penny was the 13th child in her family; she mentions that she was lucky they gave her a name and not a number. 

She attended Eastern Kentucky University studying music and business. 


Penny has two beautiful daughters, two wonderful sons-in-law and four grandchildren (another grandson due soon).

A Realtor for 21 years, she spends her spare time being an Appalachian and Melungeon researcher. She is co administrator for the Melungeon DNA, Goins DNA, Minor DNA, Cumberland Gap DNA and Lost Colony DNA Projects.
She made the  website (a new one is now being made), and combined some of her research in a TimeLine:  




Joe Chandler



Co Admin  Lost Colony DNA Project


Joe Chandler, an attorney by profession, has had a lifelong interest in the Lost Colonists as well as early North Carolina history.  He has played an active role in his Chandler family DNA project and participates in early English records research.



Nelda L. Percival



Owner of Aircastles Internet Marketing

Lost Colony Web mistress, Researcher, and DNA project assistant administrator 

Personal Information:  I love Graphics, Color and Mysteries.

Nelda attended school in Grays Harbor County, Washington, USA. She acquired a GED in 1969, before attending Tacoma Technical College, Tacoma, Washington 1969 - 1970, for a secretarial degree. 

She attended Jacksonville Community College 1995 - 1996 for accounting. Acquired an AA in Commercial Art and Advertisement at Texas State Technical College, Waco, Texas, 1997 -1999.

She was a member of the U.S. Army for close to 14 years, enlisting in 1973 in the Women's Army Corps - WAC, converting to the US Army in 1976, acquiring the rank of E6, before medically retiring in 1987. 

1984-1985 she served as the first female Advanced Individual Training Platoon Sergeant at the US Army Chemical School, at Ft. McClellan, Anniston, Alabama. 

Over the years, not only was she stationed in the lower continental United States, she was stationed in Germany, South Korea and Japan. Nelda believes that you can learn more about a country if you visit the areas that are not geared to the military. She spent most of her off duty time among the natives of each country.

In 1989, she was certified by Duncan Ceramics and served as the Ceramics Instructor at Ft Stewart, Georgia's Craft Shop from 1989- 1991.

She is a member of International Society of Genetic Genealogists, 20005 - Present

Her hobbies are Genetic Genealogy, and Ceramics and doing volunteer work designing websites. 

Family and Friends are important to her.




music playing let there be light - composer/musician unknown



Contact Information: 

Electronic mail

General Information/Project Membership: [email protected] 


The Lost Colony Research Group is in NO WAY affiliated with The Lost Colony Center for Science and Research.  The Lost Colony Y-DNA and MT-DNA projects at Family Tree DNA are NOT IN ANY WAY  affiliated with The Lost Colony Center for Science and Research, regardless of what their links imply.


"Please notify us of any claims to the contrary."


There is no fee to join our group and no donation of monies or objects are needed to participate in "The Lost Colony Research Group".


As with any DNA project, individuals pay for their own DNA testing, but the
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