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This site was last updated July 17, 2016.

We are glad that you are interested in UDC and our chapter. The Sterling Price daughters are proud to be part of an active chapter serving Lafayette County Missouri. We support the objectives of the state and national organizations and are enthusiastic about the work of our chapter.

Members participate in food drives, provide comfort and leisure items to senior citizen, medical and veterans homes, volunteer in numerous community programs and participate in historical and genealogical programs.

We actively support the Children of the Confederacy and encourage youth in the study of history and the values of good citizenship. We are proud of our work and cherish the friendships we establish along the way.

Come and be part of our chapter and its activities. We meet six times a year. Please contact us for more information about our chapter, the meetings and the work of the Sterling Price Chapter. 

If you share our pride in your heritage and UDCís commitment to community and country, please consider becoming a member of the Sterling Price Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy.
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