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LOST AND FOUND FOUND - In two issues of THE PIONEER WAGON we published information from the Lewis TYER family Bible, a Bible that had somehow ended up in the Genealogy Branch of Mid-Continent Public Library. Librarian Martha Meyers (Henderson) copied the record. In both issues, we said that Mid-Continent hoped to reunite the Bible with a family member. 

After it was first published in Volume VI, No. 3, 1986, a JCGS member recognized the family as that of a schoolmate from years ago, Dalton Tyer, who was the grandson of one of the persons in the Bible record. She contacted Mr. Tyer, who was living in California. Because Mr. Tyer had no children or other living relatives and because the Bible was large and heavy, and in poor condition, Mr. Tyer was content to have only photocopies of the family records. 

So the Bible remained at Mid-Continent, to perhaps be claimed later. We reprinted the record several years later, hoping a Tyler family member would see it. And that finally paid off. Someone saw those references on PERSI, the index to genealogical periodicals. The person who saw it notified a TYER researcher whom they knew was from this family, and he contacted the library. After he identified himself and his relationship to the family, the Bible was sent to him. 

He is Delmer Eugene "Gene" Tyer, 76 Hummingbird Lane, Oceanside, CA 92057, e-mail…[email protected] Here again is a summary/abstract of the information from that Bible: 


John W. Tyer, January 16, 1839 Amanda J. Tyer, February 2, 1847 Francis Napoleon Tyer, Septmeber 178, 1869 Mary Elisabeth Tyer, Feb. 9, 1871 A son, July 28, 1872 Luther Wilson Tyer, Aug. 22, 1873 Mary E. Tyer, January 28, 1839 Mag(g)ie M. Tyer, July 31, (no year) In a different handwriting: Lewis Tyer, March 10, 1814 Mary Tyer, July 14, 1816 John W. Tyer, Jan. 16, 1839 Congrave E. J. Tyer, March 1, 1841 Fristoe C. M. Tyer, May 5, 1843 Maryetter V. Tyer, Nov. 4, 1845 Howard F. E. Tyer, Feb 12, 1849 Sarah Hester Tyer, May 16, 1851 Mandy Francis Tyer, Nov. 6, 1854 Congrave C. I., II Tyer, Sept 26, 1856 Missouri Bell Tyer, Aug 5, 1858 


Lewis Tyer and Mary his wife was married A.D. Feb 1, 1838 John W. Tyer and Amanda J. Tyer, Feb. 27, 1868 John W. Tyer and Mrs. M. Fausler?/ Fansler?/ August 3, 1904 maiden name Mag(g)ie Mcintosh John W. Tyer and Bettie E. Tyer, November 13, 1879 


Francis N. Tyer, January 28, 1879 a son, July 28, 1872 Amanda J. Tyer, March 16, 1879 The following death is entered in a different handwriting: M. E. Tyer, December 5, 1903 The following is written on a loose piece of paper: Bettie Tyer, 

December 5, 1903 

From family group sheets supplied by Gene Tyer and from information in Rootsweb's "Family Trees" listings, we know that Lewis Tyer was the son of Frederick Tyer, who was born in 1772 or 1773 in North Carolina, and Catherine Galbreath Tyer, also born in NC, about 1775. Frederick is said to have died in Howard County, Missouri, ca 1853 and Catherine in the same county ca 1830. 

The children of Frederick and Catherine Tyer were: Thomas, born 1800 in NC, married Phebe Riggs; Martha Ann, born 1801 NC, married William S. Bowyer; Needham/Nedum/Needam Tyer, born 1802 in NC, married Sarah Bowyer; Elizabeth, born 1803, married Jesse Bowyer; John married Sarah Nancy Turner; Pearson Tyer, born 1808, married Francis Street; Spencer, born 1812 NC; Lewis (the subject of the Bible) born March 10, 1814, married Mary White Wilson; Polly, born 1820, married Samuel Johnson; Catherine, born July 10, 1822, married Benjamin Thomas Tolson. 

Three of the children married Bowyer family members and lived in Linn County. Both Frederick and Catherine died in Howard County. Most if not all of the children came to Missouri, and their sons are easy to find in census records. They seem to have settled first in Linn County and then moved out into neighboring Sullivan and Chariton counties. One moved to Buchanan County, and Lewis, eventually, to Jackson County. 

In 1840, Lewis, John and Nedum (Needham) were all living in Linn County; in fact John and Nedum were listed one after another on the census, and Lewis was listed on the preceding page. By 1850, John was still in Linn County, Lewis and Pearson were in neighboring Sullivan County, Needham was in Buchanan County, and Spencer was in Chariton County. Lewis' oldest brother, Thomas Tyler, was in Chariton County in 1850 with his four children, his wife, Phebe Riggs Tyer, apparently having died. By 1860, John was still in Linn County, Pearson still in Sullivan, and Lewis in Jackson County. 

By 1870, John was still in Linn County, and Lewis was in Jackson, but I didn't find the others in the indexes. Lewis Tyer's family is first found in Jackson County, Missouri in the 1860 census, which lists Lewis Tyer, PO Westport, age 46, farmer, born in North Carolina. His real estate property was valued at $6120, personal property at $5000. 

In the household was his wife, Mary, 43, born in VA, and John, 21, laborer, $800 real estate, $100 personal property; Fristoe C., 16, Mariata (female) 14, Howard, 11; Sarah E., 9; Amanda, 6; Congry J. (male), 3; and Missouri B (female) 10/12 of a year. All of the children were born in Missouri. The Farmers' census for that year shows that Lewis Tyer owned 120 improved acres and 84 unimproved, for a total of 204, with a value of $6120, as the census showed. 

He owned 6 horses, no mules, 4 oxen and 4 cows. By 1870, the family is still living in Jackson County, in Ft. Osage township in the northeastern part of the county, with the town of Napoleon shown as the nearest post office. Listed in one household are Lewis, 56, with real estate valued at $10,000 and personal property $3000; his wife, Mary, 52, and sons John, 27; and F. C., 23. 

Both of the sons are also listed as farmers. Then, in the next house and household are the other children: Howard H. 20, farm laborer, Sarah E., (should apparently be Sarah H.), 18, Amanda, 16, Congrave, 13, and Belle, 9. Sarah is listed as keeping house for Howard, so perhaps these younger siblings were living in a second house on the same farmstead as the parents. The Farmers' census for that year shows Lewis Tyer owning 140 acres, all improved, plus 83 acres of woods, for a total of 223 acres, for the $10,000 value. In 1870, a Congrave W. Tyer was living in Clinton County, Missouri. 

This Congrave was the son of Lewis' brother, Needham. Both Congraves in the Bible listing were Lewis' sons, the first one having died before the second one was born and given the same name. Lewis' daughter, Mariata/Maryetta/Mary E V. Tire/Tyer, was married on March 30, 1870, to James L. H. Franklin (March 30, 1842 - August 5, 1908). Hickman's "History of Jackson County", describes her as the daughter of Lewis Tyer of Fort Osage township. The couple had one son, James L., who died at the age of one. Maryetta Tyer Franklin herself died in 1874 in Denver, Co., having gone there "in the hope of regaining her health." 

James L. H. Franklin then married Laura Turner, who also died leaving no children. Mr. Franklin's third marriage was to Virginia Lee Barnes, daughter of Michael and Elizabeth (Smith) Barnes. James L. H. and Virginia Lee Barnes Franklin had one child, a daughter named Maryetta, following a common custom of that time of naming the child of a later marriage for a previous wife who had died. Manda (Amanda) Tyre married Daniel Pardue/Perdue November 29, 1877. On February 18, 1872, S. H. (Sarah) married William W. Twyman. According to Hickman's history, Sarah Twyman died in 1909 and is buried in Lee's Summit Cemetery. 

John W. Tyer married Amanda J. George on February 27, 1868. She died in 1879, according to the 1881 Jackson County history, and he was married that year to Betty Tucker of Lafayette County, Missouri. Third, John W. Tyer (recorded as Tyler in the marriage records published by JCGS) married Maggie Fansler August 3, 1904. Note that the Bible seemed to say Fausler. Lizzie Tyer married Willie W. Ewing, September 2, 1894, and Luther W. Tyer married Paulina A. Dalton, Decmeber 2, 1896. 

In the book "Jackson County Wills and Administration 1863-1910" the abstract of Lewis Tyer's probate record says that he died intestate - that is, without a will. His son, John W. Tyer, was appointed to administer the estate on the January 29, 1877. (Record B-136) Then in B-163, John W. Tyer, administrator, with William R. Kirby, T. G. Hall, N. H. Morrow and James H. Owens as Securities, made bond of $7000 to administer the estate. The heirs were: John W. Tyer, C. F. Tyer, H. F. Tyer, Sarah H. Twyman, Amanda Tyer, C. J. Tyer, and Belle Tyer. 

The Lewis Tyer family intermarried with several well-known Jackson county families, both in the 2nd and 3rd generations. If you have any family connections to the person named in the Bible record or here, I'm sure Gene Tyer would be happy to hear from you. He has 1700 Tyers in his genealogy program and some of them may be yours! 


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