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In January, 1995, a member of my church, Abiding Savior Lutheran Church in Independence, died. She was Margaret (Sartorius) Walters of Independence. Last year her only surviving sister died, and some of their books, including a very large Bible printed in German, were given to our church. The Bible, titled "Die Illustrite Familien-Bibel" was published in 1872 by Union Publishing Co., Chicago, IL., and has LUCK/LUKE, SCHWANDT and WALTERS names on it.

Margaret Sartorius Walters was the widow of Victor Walters, who died in the early 1970's. The Luck/Luke family connection seems to be through Mr. Walters, because Enza M. Walters married Leo C. Luke on January 27, 1914. According to the Bible, their wedding took place in Independence. But a trip to the Courthouse Annex here in Independence and a look at the license showed me that the groom was from Pottawatomic County, Kansas and the bride from Shawnee County, Kansas. The marrige was performed by a Justice of the Pece, so one wonders if it was an elopment of sorts. The frustrating thing is that I have not been able tofind any of these people in the 1900 or 1910 or 1920 KS or MO census Soundex/index. So I still don't know how Enza Walters and Victor Walters were connected.

The Bible record, except for the Leo Luke-Enza Walters marriage, is written in old German handwriting. The penmanship is poor and very difficult to read, and the spelling is sometimes incorrect. It is primarily the record of the Luck/Luke family. Only two locations are given. One is the birthplace of August Luke's wife, Wilhelmina/Minna, and even that has at least three possible interpretations.

One page of the Bible says only: Minna? Schwandt was born June 29, 1851, born in Sukau or Sukow or Sukow. (Sukow is in Prussia, in Brandenburg in Westprignitz Kreis (county); Sukow is in Mechlenburg-Schwerin in Wolfenbuttel Kreis).

Heinrich August Luck, August 20, 1872
Johann Friedrich Luck, June 18, 1874
Cristiana? Luck, November 15, 1876
Minna Mude? Luck, November 14, 1878
Emma Henrietta? Luck, April 19, 1881

On another page of births:
August(e)? Harmiene? Luck, May 6, 1883
Lio? Kardel? Luck, September 4, 1885 (Could this be Leo C. - perhaps Leo Charles or Carl?)
August Wilhelm Luck, September 21, 1888

August Luck and Wilhelmina Schwandt , August 9, 1877
Mude? Luke and Georg H? David married May 29, 1910
(Written in English): Leo C. Luke and Enza Mae Walters married January 27, 1914 at Independence MO.

August Luke, died Decmeber 11, 1888, age 58 years
Crist? Luke, died November 24, 1876
Wille? Willi? August Luke, died May 2, 1894 (age) 5 years, 7 months, 11 days
(in English) Mrs. Enza Mae Luke died August 9, 1918, age 25 years, 10 months, 6 days born Oct 7, 1892, at Marshal, Clark 

County, IL.

I have searched the 1900, 1910 and 1920 census Soundex indexes for Kansas and Missouri without finding anyone in this family. I have not yet checked the Ilinois 1900 census Soundex for the Walters family, but that should be done.

Can anyone identify these families? The Bible is in very poor condition. The church would probably be very happy to give it to a family member. Please contact JCGS, PO Box 2145, Independence, MO 64055


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