Bible Records

Jackson County Bible Records


In the summer of 2000, while moving into a very old house in Ventura, CA., a man found a Bible. The Bible was sent to the Genealogy Branch of Mid-Continent Public Library in the hope that someone would be interested in family information it contains. 

One page says: This Certifies that Georgette Gabrielle Babin and Carl Olaf Rickter were united in Holy Matrimony on the 4th day of May in the year of our Lord 1920 at Independence, MO., by ? - Witnesses ?. 

Another page says: Deaths Father Georges Babin, January 1919, Mother Bertha Babain on April 14, 1956. My husband, Carl, on March 13, 1962, Lisa Brunander, April 16, 1978, Lee Shippey, December 30, 1969.

Also in the Bible was a clipping which is a death notice in Swedish. The translation says: Out beloved Mother and Father's mother (grandmother) Lisa Brunander (born) July 18, 1892, (died) April 16, 1968, has left us, relatives and many friends in deep sorrow and sadness. (signed) Anders and Maja-Stina Ragnar Burial ----- room in-----. 

The Bible is the Self-Pronouncing Edition: The Holy Bible …published by The World Publishing Company, Cleveland and New York 

(no date). If this is your family, please contact JCGS, PO Box 2145, Independence, MO 64055.


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