United Daughters
    of the Confederacy®.

Missouri Division

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Our Patriot Ancestors

Joseph C. Armistead, KY

James R. Ashley, MS

Green C. Brammer, MO

James M. Bramer, MO

John H. Bramer, MO

James W. Calvert, MO

S. Newton Camp, GA

Joshua Carney, KY

Elias C Clark, MO

Soloman Colston, TN

Adolphus Cornelius, MO

Reuben Cornelius, MO

Robert A. Cornelius, MO

William Cornelius, MO

Willis Creason, MO

James Cummins, MO

Joseph A. Douglass, MO

Robert H. Douglass, MO

James E. Dry

Richard B. Foley, MO

Richard J. Hamlin, GA

James Daniel Hall, MO

John House, MO

John William Kite, VA

Samuel Leslie, AR

Azariah Lundy, VA

James G. W. Noland, MO

Joel Roy O’Dell, MO

Franklin K. Pence,VA

James B. Phillips, MO

Jeremiah P. Phillips, MS

Samuel J. Ray, MO

Benjamin F. Ray, MO

James W. Ray, MO

Samuel Jackson Ray, MO

William A. J. Ray, MO

Sol M. Richardson, MO

Morris Riley, MO

Pinkney Riley, MO

William Riley, MO

Allen Romine, AL

Jonathan B. Romine, AL

W. Romine, AL

James Sacre, MO

Jeremiah M. Sacre, MO

William Sacre, MO

James Edgar Sexton, MO

James W. Simcoe, MO

Reuben B. Simcoe, MO

John Stull, MO

Zachariah Tippett, MO

Charles D. Turner, MO

James M. Turpin VA

Thomas M. Turpin VA

John Varner, MO

George W. Vaughn, TN

Samuel Vaughn, TN

John C. Watkins, MO

William W. Watkins, MO

William T. Watts, GA

John P. Webb, MO

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